Date: 8/10/2015 9:34:11 PM


One word can sum up a season. The word that comes to mind for Richie HItzler is “Intensity”. The veteran brings it on and off the track. This past Friday, August 7th, at Big Diamond Speedway that intensity topped 23 cars on the fast oval.

Hitzler is having the season that dreams are made of. The determination and drive that the father son combo have carried are showing the results. The mid summer slump period is over and Hitzler is still hitting his stride. He may have lost some time from heats to feature but there is no denying what his focus is on. Nathan Brinker,current points leader, has his hands full with Hitzler and Jonathan Josko on his bumper.

Logan Diehl topped the time charts with a 18.645 over Hitzlers’ best of the night with a 18.646 time. Many wondered how the feature would have played out if Diehl hadn’t gone pitside early in the race.

Three wide and high put notice how the race would play out with 23 cars running like they stole it. Hitzler laid back for the first five laps watching the top runners choosing their lines and then made his move.

By watching the drivers, Hitzler knew where to run as he came up on each driver. He knew their best line and their worst lines. Jonathan Josko took the lead early and quickly found himself in a battle with Hitzler. Josko is also having a breakout season and looked to keep Hitzler at bay.

A late caution would bring the top five together. Barry Breidegan was having his best race to date and looked to hold off Brinker for the fourth spot. Aaron Bowes had the best advantage over the top two of Josko and Hitzler. He wanted a door to open with the two battling for the top spot. Bowes settled in the third spot with Josko ending the night in second. Hitzler continues to bring home the checkered. His focus is now to bring home a championship.

The rookies are having a race of their own. Billy Koch, the current top rookie, is battling some gremlins in his car. DJ Hunt had the best race of his 600 modified season. He broke into the top five for speed during the race. Hunt shows continued improvement  everytime he climbs into the car. He ended the night in 11th place but ranked sixth on the speed charts.

The Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds switch directions next Friday, the 14th of August.,to Jonestown Pa. Many consider it to be the “Bristol” of the Xcel tour. Lindas Speedway takes the saying “Rubbin is Racing” to a whole new level. Will Hitzler continue to be the man to beat. A first time winner may hold the checkered flag or will a rookie grace victory lane. Check out the race results on




    1)RICHIE HITZLER 2)Jonathan Josko 3)Aaron Bowes 4)Barry Breidegan 5)Nathan Brinker

6)Josh Pepe 7)Jonathan Pepe 8) Tim Van Horn Jr. 9)Charles Bowers 10)Josh Blewley

11)DJ Hunt 12)Korey Inglin 13)Chris Eckert 14)Dakota Barlet 15)Dylan McCrone 16)Kyle Inglin

17)Bryan Care 18)Shawna Schibilia 19)Wyatt Harrar 20)Vincent Varano 21)Logan Diehl

22)Jamie Hess 23)Billy Koch

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