Date: 8/18/2015 12:32:52 AM


Built for safety - Driven to win

    On August 14th, at Lindas Speedway, 30 Xcel Chassis modifieds signed in for the night’s events. Jon Josko not only looked to better his average at the tight bullring but park it in victory lane. Josko posting a lap of 13.5 over the competitors did just that.

Brian Blankenbiller,Ryan Higgs, Andrew Ace started the night with heat race wins with fan favorite Eric Whitby winning the consi race.

24 cars and 25 laps later had the spectators still on their feet.  Some were still shaking their heads after the multiple car wreck at the start of the race. A car in the front had turned sideways on the backstretch  leaving no room for the field. Tim Van Horn Jr. and Charles Bowers went end over end while Josh Bewly,Barry Breidegan, Joe Carter all going under the pair. When the dust cleared, eight drivers were able to walk away.

Josko took the lead with Andrew Ace and Billy Koch dueling for the 2nd spot. The lead Josko had gained was lost on lap 22 with Barry Blankenbiller, breaking coming out of turn four, sending him into the frontstretch wall. Blankenbiller was on his way to his best finish of the year.

The three lap shootout had Josko taking the inside groove. Koch set himself to take advantage if the top two got tangled. Ace would put the front wheel to the door of Josko but couldn’t finish the move.Jon Josko crossed the checkers for the second time of the year. He is in points contention will Nathan Brinker and Richie Hitzler.

“I knew something big had happened early in the race. I’m glad everybody was ok”,stated Josko,”Thanks to my brother Joe for everything he does.

Everybody had gathered at the car of Tim Van Horn Jr. to see the extent of the damage. Van Horn was smiling when he talked of the wreck. “The safety crew thought I was screaming but I was laughing. That felt like more of a roller coaster ride then a wreck. Yea I’m sore and I know it’s gonna be worse in the morning. The way I look at it, the car kept me safe like it was built to do. It will go back to the shop and be ready for next week.”

You can see 2 videos of the wreck. One is from the stands and the second is the in-car of Kyle Inglin. Go to the Facebook page Xcel Modifieds and check them out.

Next stop on the tour will be the second appearance for the mighty modifieds. Mahoning Valley Speedway will be the final appearance on asphalt for the 600 modifieds this Saturday August 22nd.



        1)JON JOSKO 2)Andrew Ace 3)Billy Koch 4)Aaron Bowes 5)Dylan McCrone 6)Michael Burrows 7)DJ Hunt 8)Nathan Brinker 9)Josh Pepe 10)Scott Peters11)Logan Diehl 12)Brian Blankenbiller 13)Tyler James 14)Eric Whitby 15)Richie HItzler 16)Dakota Barlet 17)Josh Bewley 18)Tim Van Horn jr. 19)Charles Bowers 20)Joe Carter 21)Korey Inglin 22)Kyle Inglin 23)Barry Bridegan 24)Ryan Higgs 25)Jason Mills 26)Wyatt Harrar 27)Chad Zornek 28)Shawna Schibilia 29)Travis Fichter 30)Bruce Mills

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