Date: 9/7/2015 8:46:51 PM



They say that there are times the fastest car may not win. On Sunday September 6th, Big Diamond Speedway ended the year with the Coal Cracker and Brian Carber ended his night pulling his motor.

Carber would be the only car to break the 18 second mark by winning a heat along with Skylar Sheriff and DJ Hunt. This was Huntís first heat win in his rookie year. After a spectacular firework show, the field filed onto the track.

Richie Hitzler and DJ Hunt led the 26 car field to the green and by the first turn they were four wide. Major shuffling had Hitzler mid pack with Sheriff on the point. Carber, along with Korey Inglin, battled for the top spot over Sheriff.

The caution flag changed the dynamic of the race with Sheriff sent to the rear after contact with Inglin.

Aaron Bowes had made his way to the runner up over Josh Pepe and Tim Van Horn jr. with Carber in the captainís chair.

The second half of the race saw Carberís Conti Enterprises powerplant  on a rail. Meanwhile, Pepe and Van Horn jr. passed Bowes by lap 17 and both had the radar on Carber.

Another battle raged from fifth to eighth, Current points leader Jon Josko made a lot of ground from deep in the field. Josko wanted to keep Hitzler and Nathan Brinker within arms length. Only 57 points separated the top three coming into the nightís events.  Brinker finished fifth,Hitzler sixth with Josko crossing the line in eighth.

Jon Josko keeps the points lead over Nathan Brinker by five points. Richie Hitzler gained some and is 44 points out.

During tech, Brian Carber and owner Luke Harrar were informed that a fellow competitor had claimed the motor. Xcel Chassis rule is both cars must finish in the top seven, run the same year,make and model engine and put up $1250. Brian Carber talked of the engine claim at the end of the claim. ďIím all in for the rule and have no qualms that it was done.Everybody knows how rumors fly when you win. After tonight, the rumors will be done and we can go on racing. It went smooth with the help of Joe Josko. I liked the fact that two representatives along with an Xcel official and the competitor supervised the pull so there can be no questions tomorrow morning.Ē

Next weekend will have the Xcel Chassis modifieds at Thunder Mountain Speedway September 12th and 13th. The Saturday portion will be a tour points race along with the final points night for Thunder Mountain Speedway.Sundays portion will be a Xcel/Deyo mini series race. Check on the website for all your information.


1)BRIAN CARBER 2)Josh Pepe 3)Tim Van Horn jr. 4)Aaron Bowes 5)Nathan Brinker 6)Richie Hitzler 7)Michael Burrows 8)Jonathan Josko 9)Dakota Barlet 10)Shawna Schibilia 11)Brian Blankenbiller 12)Bryan Care 13)Wyatt Harrar 14)Billy Koch 15)Julie Tich 16)Korey Inglin 17)Sklar Sheriff 18)Barry Breidegan 19)Chris
Eckert 20)Tyler James 21)Travis Fichter 22)DJ Hunt 23)Tyler Brehm 24)Steve Sterner 25)Kyle Inglin 26)Josh Bewley​

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