Oraschin, Oraschin, Glass, Snyder Visit Borgers Victory Lane

Date: 6/5/2010 1:41:10 PM

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Borgers Results Friday June 4, 2010.

Oraschin, Oraschin, Glass, Snyder Visit Borgers Victory Lane

Chris Oraschin continued his winning ways to capture his 4th Wingless 600 Sprint feature of the 2010 racing season at Borgers.  In only her second appearance at Borgers Geordan Farry proved to be a thorn in Oraschin’s side as she turned in an outstanding performance challenging Oraschin the entire 20 lap distance.  In a last lap effort to grab the lead her car got out from under her but Geordan will be a lady to be reckoned with in the future.  Rhett Long who is also having a tremendous season finished second with Tex Snyder third.

Michael Glass jumped into the lead at the drop of the green and led every circuit to win the Wingless 270 Sprint main at Borgers Friday night.  Kurt Bettler ran a strong second but could not catch the high flying Glass.  Bettler settled for second while Jeff Ubel rounded out the top three.

Nick Snyder was like a rocket ship from the drop of the green and easily won the AllStar Slingshot feature.  Snyder kept increasing his lead while the real battle was for second place.  Last week’s feature winner Mike Glass came from deep in the pack to challenge second place Kurt Bettler.  After some tight racing Glass got by Bettler for second with Kurt having to settle for third.

Amber Oraschin continued her winning ways winning the Jr. Slingshot feature.

Wingless 600 Sprints… Chris Oraschin, Rhett Long, Tex Snyder, Colton Rex, Geordan Farry.

Wingless 270 Sprints…Michael Glass, Kurt Bettler, Jeff Ubel, Tim Quinter, Todd Singley, Steve Dzienis, Louie Horvath, Melissa Seip, Eric Trautman, Chris Oraschin.

AllStar Slingshots…Nick Snyder, Michael Glass, Kurt Bettler,

Gregg Zellman, Jim Basset, JR Fulper, Jim Conroy, Richie Hissim, Cory Haab, Dan Shafer, Jim Peters, Tom Hennesey, Scott Miller. 

Jr. Slingshots…Amber Oraschin

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