Jr. Slingshot Twin 15’s Highlight Borgers KidsFest

Date: 6/6/2010 10:17:14 PM

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Borgers Results Saturday June 5, 2010. 

Jr. Slingshot Twin 15’s Highlight Borgers KidsFest

Joseph Infante jumped to an early lead and never looked back to notch his second Jr. Slingshot win of the 2010 season at Borgers Speedway.  Infante wasted no time in opening a straightaway lead but the real battle was for the bridesmaid spot.  John Dvorscak, Bobby Kibler Jr., and Amber Oraschin battled lap after lap with Dvorscak coming in second followed by Amber Oraschin.

In Jr. Slingshot feature number two Bobby Kibler Jr. ran a strong race to also win his second Jr. Slingshot feature of the year.  The high flying Kibler was chased to starter Bobby Stull’s checkered flag by Joseph Infante who came from the rear by virtue of the invert from feature number one to finish a close second.  Dvorscak also having a stellar night finished third. 

Derek Krum has been knocking on the door of a Rookie Sprint feature win the entire season and tonight the door opened.  Krum who has been running stronger each race ran a flawless race and entered Borgers Speedway victory lane. Rachel Godusky came on strong during the closing laps but was no match for Derek.  Godusky settled for second with Zach Weidner third.

The AllStar Slingshot main had to be the “Edge Of Your Seat” race of the night.  It appeared to be a battle of the veterans as Terry Fry jumped to an early lead.  Soon Richie Hissim and Stan Friedman were in “Hot Pursuit” locked in a three car battle for the lead.  As the laps wound down and the five to go was given the youngster Zach Azzalina in a breathtaking move dove under the three cars racing down the backstretch and came out on top to the delight of the screaming fans who by now were on the edge of their seats.  Azzalina made his second trip to victory lane this year followed by Terry Fry and Stan Friedman. 

Ed Kenderdine once again made his way to victory lane in the Hoosier 270 Sprints.  Kenderdine drove a masterful race but it was not an easy job.  Bruce Leote led the early go arounds but was soon chased down by Kenderdine.  Pat Bealer joined the hunt and got by Leote for second spot.  Bruce Leote who is having an outstanding season and has a feature win in his future  finished third.

Joel Smith continues to make his home in victory lane in the Stage One Modifieds taking the laurels tonight.  Kyle Rohner chased Smith the entire distance but did not have quite enough to get around Smith.  Rohner came in the runner up spot with Bobby Smith Jr. third. 

Jr. Slingshots Race 1…Joseph Infante, John Dvorscak, Amber Oraschin, Bobby Kibler Jr., Kyle Gruber, Ashley Sullivan.

Jr. Slingshot Race 2…Bobby Kibler Jr., Joseph Infante, John Dvorscak, Amber Oraschin, Ashley Sullivan, Kyle Gruber. 

Rookie Sprints…Derek Krum, Rachel Godusky, Zach Weidner, Melissa Seip, Nicole Quinter, Raymond Groff, Hayden Miller, Ryan Neil, Austin Gulich, Jess Coons, Tiffany Wambold, Zach Farleigh.

AllStar Slingshots…Zach Azzalina, Terry Fry, Stan Friedman, Richie Hissim, Brandon Azzalina, Justin Zucal, Brandon Berger, Bob Camps, Mike Moyer, Eric Snyder, Ryan Raidline, John Drake, Maureeen Rindgen. 

Hoosier 270 Sprints…Ed Kenderdine, Pat Bealer, Bruce Leote, Dave Dornblaser, JJ Uliana, Kaitlyn Oswalt, Tony Scerbo, Jess Coons, Clint Provaznik, Derek Krum, Steve Metzgar, Chris Oraschin, Tim Quinter, Steve Walters, Kyle Rochelle.

Stage One Modifieds…Joel Smith, Kyle Rohner, Bobby Smith Jr., Jin Hendry, Pat Vanvarik, Richie Hissim, Nicole Smith, Brandon Berger.

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