New Faces In Borgers Friday Night Victory Lane

Date: 6/19/2010 1:55:58 PM

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Borgers Results Friday June 18
New Faces In Borgers Friday Night Victory Lane
Bobby Butler scored his first win of 2010 in Borgers Wingless 600 Sprints.  Butler took the lead from pole sitter Rhett Long and quickly opened a half a straightaway lead.  In the later stages of the race Chris Oraschin tried to track down Butler but fell short at the checkered flag.  Oraschin settled for second with Rob Vivona third.
While being almost unbeatable in Wingless 600 Sprints Chris Oraschin has not had the same success in Wingless 270 Sprints.  Tonight that all changed as Oraschin won his first Wingless 270 Sprint  event of the 2010 season.  Oraschin and Pat Bealer staged an exciting two car wheel to wheel battle the entire distance with Oraschin taking the checkered flag with Bealer on his rear bumper.  Kurt Bettler finished third.
After his third place Wingless 270 Sprint finish Kurt Bettler jumped in his AllStar Slingshot and took the laurels in his third AllStar Slingshot win of the year.  Jr. Fulper coming from the rear tried to run Bettler down but it was not to be and Fulper finished a strong runner up spot.  Gregg Zellman had another strong run to finish third.
TJ Lilly edged out Amber Orachin to take the Jr. Slingshot main event and score his first 2010 win.
Wingless 600 Sprints…Bobby Butler, Chirs Oraschin, Rob Vivona, Geordan Farry, Tex Snyder, Colton Rex, Keith McIntyre, Rhett Long. 
Wingless 270 Sprints…Chris Oraschin, Pat Bealer, Kurt Bettler, Steve Dzienis, Joe Fink, Joe Yaccarino, Mark Manieri, Jeff Ubel, Tim Quinter, Louie Horvath.
AllStar Slingshots…Kurt Bettler, JR Fulper, Gregg Zellman, Jim Peters, Richie Hissim, Brandon Berger, Ton Hennessy, Scott Miller, Jim Bassett,  Joe Nemeth, John Drake, Corey Haab.
Jr. Slingshots…TJ Lilly, Amber Oraschin.

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