Kline and Kibler Win Slingshot Tour At Borgers

Date: 6/20/2010 10:50:24 PM

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Borgers Results Saturday June 19.
Kline and Kibler Win  Slingshot Tour At Borgers
2009 AllStar Slingshot National Champion Cody Kline took starter Bobby Stull’s checkered flag to win the 2010 edition of the Speedway Entertainment Slingshot Tour at Borgers Speedway.  Brandon Azzalina jumped to the early lead but was soon overtaken by JR Fulper.  Fulper set a blistering pace and was soon joined by the 59 of Cody Kline.  Fulper and Kline swapped the lead back and forth with Kline going ahead for good just before half way.  Fulper finished a close second with Kim Glass on his tail for third.
Bobby Kibler Jr. scored win number 4 in Jr. Slingshot action.  Kibler quickly opened a half  straightaway lead but the real battle was for second spot.  Joseph Infante who was involved in an early race tangle charged through the pack to set up a tight race for second place.  Friday night winner TJ Lilly joined the hunt with John Dvorscak close behind.  The three cars staged an exciting duel with Infante prevailing for second and Lilly third.
Tony Scerbo who has been plagued with problems all year had it all together and picked up his second Hoosier 270 Sprint win of the season.  Scerbo took over the lead from Steve Walters early in the race and was soon joined by Pat Bealer.  Bealer was glued to Scerbo’s back bumped the entire distance with Scerbo edging Bealer  out at the finish line.  Kaitlyn Oswalt ran a strong third the entire race bringing it home for Grandad Bill.
Zach Weidner backed up last week’s win in Rookie 270 Sprints by once again visiting Borgers Speedway victory lane.  Ryan Neil took the early lead but was soon in a two car battle with Weidner.  Weidner had to go to the rear because of an early wreck charged through the pact to take over the lead and was gone.  Weidner in another spectacular performance opened a straightaway lead over Tiffany Wambold who lost a motor in the heat and came from the rear to finish second.  Rachel Godusky was third.
Kyle Rohner who is having great success in big car racing still has his heart with the small cars.  Rohner charged to the lead and put the Gary Phillips 11X in victory lane in Stage One Modified action.  Rohner jumped to an early lead and was soon joined by Joel Smith who was sidelined with mechanical problems.  Rich Hissim was in the runnerup spot with John Coon third.
Bill Weand, grandfather and owner of Kaitlyn Oswalt’s number one 270 Sprint, missed his grandaughter’s first race ever.  Bill underwent major surgery on Friday and we are happy to report the surgery went well and Bill is expected to be back at Borgers shortly.  Bill, affectionantly known as “Grumpy” kept in contact by cell phone of the night’s action and was proud of Kaitlyn’s run.
The Borgers Speedway management and everyone at Borgers Speedway wishes Bill a fast and complete recovery and a speedy return to his friends at Borgers Speedway.
Speedway Entertainment AllStar Slingshot Tour…Cody Kline, JR Fulper, Kim Glass, Brandon Azzalina, Mike Glass, Matt Mertz, Matt Dealaman, Jim Peters, Anthony Schlosser White, Scott Miller, Zach Azzalina, Clint Miller, Ryan Raidline, Joe Nemeth, Bill Weaver.
Jr. Slingshot tour…Bobby Kibler Jr., Joseph Infante, TJ Lilly, John Dvorscak, Tyler Dippel, Amber Oraschin, Matthew Gaughan, Kyle Gruber, Michelle Campbell, Ashley Sullivan.
Hoosier 270 Sprints…Tony Scerbo, Pat Bealer, Kaitlyn Oswalt, Brett Conkling, Kim Glass, Mike Glass, Brayden Winters, Bruce Leote, Steve Walters, Zach Weidner, Nathan Hahn, Clint Provaznik, JJ Ulinan, Dave Dornblaser, Steve Metzgar, Rachel Godusky, Chris Oraschin, Louie Horvath, Ed Kenderdine.
Rookie 270 Sprints…Zach Weidner, Tiffany Wambold, Rachel Godusky, Derek Krum, Raymond Groff, Zach Farleigh, Austin Guelich, Melissa Seip, Ryan Neil, Nichole Quinter, Jess Coons.
Stage One Modifieds…Kyle Rohner, Rich Hissim, John Coon, Joel Smith, Bobby Smith Jr.

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