Brandon Azzalina Wins Drake Memorial and Steve Walters Picks Up First Hoosier 270 Sprint Win

Date: 6/27/2010 9:54:53 PM

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Borgers Results Saturday June 26.
Brandon Azzalina Wins Drake Memorial and Steve Walters Picks Up First Hoosier 270 Sprint Win
When Borgers Speedway lost John Drake eight years ago Brandon Azzalina was six years old.  In his wildest dreams Brandon could not imagine that eight years later he would be one of the top AllStar Slingshot drivers at Borgers Speedway and win the most prestigious Slingshot event at Borgers Speedway the John Drake Memorial in memory of a man he never knew.
At the drop of the green flag Rich Hissim took the lead from pole sitter Mike Moyer.  Soon Brandon Azzalina and JR Fulper were hot on his tail.  In the later stages Matt Dealaman would also join the chase.  Lap after lap the top four cars were locked in position evenly spaced for the duration of the race.  Rich Hissim took the checkered flag but failed to pass post race tech giving the win to Azzalina.  Since his move from the Jr. Slingshots Azzalina’s rise to the top has been nothing short of phenomenal making this race the highlight of his career.  JR Fulper finished second with defending 2009 point champion Matt Dealaman third.
Since  moving  from  Rookie 270 Sprints to the Hoosier 270 Sprints Steve Walters had not achieved the success he had enjoyed in the Rookie class.  Numerous times Steve had victory in sight only to have Lady Luck deal him a crushing blow.  Tonight that would all change.  From lap one Walters set  a blistering pace with JJ Uliana hot on his tail.  Soon Tony Scerbo and Pat Bealer would make their presence known.  As the laps wound down Bealer got by Scerbo but there was no catching Walters and Uliana. 
Coming out of turn 4 on a late race restart  it appeared the unthinkable was going to happen again as Walters motor sputtered.  Walters recovered and took starter Bobby Stull’s checkered flag and made his way to victory lane.  JJ Uliana finished second with Pat Bealer third.
Rachel Godusky took the lead on lap one in Rookie 270 Sprint action and soon opened up a straightaway lead.  Coming from the rear point leader Tiffany Wambold quickly closed the gap but did not have enough for the high flying Godusky.  Wambold had to settle for the bridesmaid’s spot with Raymond Groff in his best run of the year third.
The last few week in Jr. Slingshots it has been a Kibler, Infante, Dvorscak, Oraschin show and this week would be no different.  Joseph Infante led the parade with Bobby Kibler Jr. and John Dvorscak in hot pursuit.  Soon Amber Oraschin would join  the hunt.  This is how it would stay with Infante picking up his third win of the year and increasing his point lead.  Bobby Kibler Jr. finished second with Amber Oraschin sneaking by Dovrscak for third.
In the make up feature for the Stage One Modifieds it was Joel Smith all the way.  Soon Pat VanVarik and Kyle Rohner would make their way to the front but would be no challenge for Smith.  Smith took the win followed by VanVarick and Rohner.
In feature number two for the Stage One Modifieds Pat VanVarick took the lead from pole sitter Rich Hissim.  Soon a three car battle developed between VanVarick, Kyle Rohner, and Joei Smith.  Rohner jumped into the lead with Smith on his tail.  A few laps later Smith would head to the pits with mechanical problems putting VanVarick in the runner up spot.  Bobby Smith Jr. would round out the top three.
AllStar Slingshots…Brandon Azzalina, JR Fulper, Matt Dealaman, Stan Friedman, John Drake, Matt Massone, Terry Frey, Marty Reinsmith, Bob Camps, Matt Kocher, Mike Moyer, Justin Zucal, Ryan Raidline, Brandon Berger, Zac Azzalina, Cory Haab, DQ Rich Hissim.
Hoosier 270 Sprints…Steve Walters, JJ Uliana, Pat Bealer, Tony Scerbo, Rachel Godusky, Clint Porvaznik, Bruce Leote, Kaitlyn Oswalt, Chris Oraschin, Kyle Rochelle, Dave Dornblaser.
Rookie 270 Sprints…Rachel Godusky, Tiffany WAmbold, Raymond Groff, Derek Krum, Alex Reinsmith, Zach Weidner, Ryan Neil, Austin Guelich, Zach Farleigh.
Jr. Slingshots…Joseph Infante, Bobby Kibler Jr. Amber Oraschin, John Dvorscak.
Stage One Modified Make Up…Joel Smith, Pat VanVarick, Kyle Rohner, Rich Hissim, Bobby Smith Jr.,
Stage One Modified…Kyle Rohner, Pat VanVarick, Bobby Smith Jr., Matt Mattern, Rich Hissim, John Coon, Joel Smith.

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