VanHorn, Bealer, Oraschin Repeat Winners and Bassett First Time Winner At Borgers Friday

Date: 7/4/2010 3:11:36 PM

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Borgers Results Friday July 2.
VanHorn, Bealer, Oraschin Repeat Winners and Bassett First Time Winner At Borgers Friday
Chad VanHorn has taken a liking to Borgers Speedway Wingless 600 Sprint racing. In his first visit Chad won the Battle In The Burg and on his return trip found himself in victory lane once again.  Brett Smith who was a familiar name in Slingshot racing at Borgers outdrug pole sitter Tex Snyder to grab the lead going into turn one.  Soon point leader Chris Oraschin made his way through the pack and got in a two car duel with Smith.  Smith and Oraschin racing for the top spot tangled coming out of turn two and  VanHoirn slipped by.    Smith recovered and challenged VanHorn in a two car battle to the checkered flag with Van Horn coming out on top.  Smith finished second with Josh Dalrymple third.
Pat Bealer who is no stranger to Borgers Speedway victory lane found himself on the concrete checker board once again.  Bealer jumped into the early lead but was overtaken by Louie Horvath on a restart and it appeared Horvath was on his way to his second Wingless 270 Sprint win of the season.  With Bealer hot on his tail Horvath got sideways in turn four allowing Bealer to slip by.  Brayden Winters also got by and chased Bealer to the checkered flag.  Winters finished second with Horvath third.
Since Jim Bassett made Borgers Speedway his Friday night home for AllStar Slingshot racing he has turned in some impressive finishes.  Tonight would be his turn to make his first visit to victory lane.  Starting on the pole Bassett led every lap to take starter Rich Raidline’s checkered flag.  While Bassett ran away from the rest of the pack a torrid 5 car battle for second place developed with Jim Peters, JR Fulper, Greg Zellman, Rich Hissim, and Kurt Bettler.  Fulper gained and held the number two spot with Bettler third.
In Jr. Slingshot action Amber Oraschin added to her win list by taking another win over Tom Arntz Jr.
Wingless 600 Sprints…Chad VanHorn,  Brett Smith, Josh Dalrymple, Chris Oraschin, Tex Snyder, Colton Rex.
Wingless 270 Sprints…Pat Bealer, Brayden Winters, Louie Horvath, Jeff Ubel, Eric Trautman, Kurt Bettler, Chris Oraschin, Ryan Neil, Joe Yaccarino, Sheldon Iudicello. 
AllStar Slingshots…Jim Bassett, JR Fulper, Kurt Bettler, Richie Hissim, Jim Peters, Scott Miller, Greg Zellman, Tom Hennessy.
Jr. Slingshots…Amber Oraschin, Ton Arntz Jr.

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