Paving Underway Ushering In A New Era At Borgers Speedway

Date: 12/18/2011 9:59:23 AM

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Bob Snyder
Paving Underway Ushering In A New Era At Borgers Speedway
Contruction is well underway at Borgers Speedway and crews from Northeast Site Contractors  are at this moment touching up the stone work and paving will start Monday morning.  The track looks awesome and when finished will take on the appearance of  a mini NASCAR track.  There will be a eight foot inside apron with a white line and grooved area eliminating the need for tires in the turns.  The entire first turn exit lane will be paved and there will be Jersey barriers by the light poles in the turns plus the infield will be either sodded or planted with grass.  These guys with Northeast Site Contractors really know what they are doing.
Anyone planning on stopping by please stay out of the pit area.  There may be construction vehicles working and there are open trenches where the drains were laid and construction work has started on the garage.  Everythng can be seen if you drive up the road to your left to the spectator area.  By all means please do not enter  the track or infield area.
Divisions and rules are being discussed and will be posted as soon are they are finalized.  The Wingless 600 Sprints will be run  with the dirt car rules.  I have been flooded with requests from the Indoor 600 Sprints  and there will be a seperate division for the Indoor 600 Sprints.  Slingshots will also be headlined along with the Sprints.  TQ Midgets are also in the plans.
The track has not been enlarged and the banking has not increased.  There have been concerns by some people of excessive speed and if this is an issue it will be addressed.  The speeds will increase but people in the know that I have talked to feel the increase will not be that dramatic.  If it is an issue we can impliment a gear rule if necessary.  Private testing will be done prior to the two weeks of practice in April and any determinations will be made prior to the first race.  We absolutely will not let speeds get out of control as to pose a danger to the racers. 
The early show will consist of Karts and Micro-Stocks and the feedback from these racers has been overwhelming.  Keep in mind it is crucial to finish the early show by 3:30 p.m.  The tow vehicles and trailers will have to clear the pit area but anyone wishing to stay will not have to pay for an additional pit pass or grandstand pass. 
Glenn Borger is determined to make Borgers Speedway a state of the art facility  and the "Greatest 1/7 Mile Asphalt Speedway In The United States.  Plan on being a part of a "New Era" of racing in the northeast in April of 2012.

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