Borgers Speedway Paving The Way To the Future

Date: 5/2/2013 1:52:17 AM

Borgers Speedway Paving The Way To the Future


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Borgers Speedway Paving The Way To the Future


Borgers Speedway will be “Paving the Way To The Future” with Brendan Oconnor at the helm.  Brendan Oconnor, owner of Brendan Oconnor Motorsports will lease and operate the track from speedway owners Glenn and Ruth Borger.  While there has been some speculation about Glenn’s recent illness this is not an issue at all.  Glenn has made a miraculous recovery but feels it is time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor,  without the pressure of operating the track.  Glenn has been waxing up his surf board and plans on doing some sky diving but you will still see him at the track cruising around the property and telling an occasional XXX Rated joke or two.


Brendan Oconnor, “I look at “Pap” as my grandfather figure and will seek his mentoring in running the track.  I feel very honored he has given me this opportunity and I will not let him down.  I will do whatever it takes to make this track second to none and I will spare no expense in doing so.  We have the bus and we have the right people on it.  It is a matter of putting them in the right seats and this bus will do big things.”


Bob Snyder, “Glenn has to be the most courageous fighter I have ever seen.  From day one he had insurmountable obstacles to keep his “Field Of Dreams” in operation.  When the neighbors thought they had knocked him out he showed them who was boss, calling their bluff, and paved the track.  A lesser man would of packed up and walked away but not Glenn Borger.”  “Brendan worked very closely with us all last season, mostly behind the scene, and was responsible along with Gary Conkling of Green Flag Driving Experience for our very successful OctoberFest series.”


Racers and fans will see immediate changes with a total revamping and landscaping of the grounds.  Restructured grandstand pricing and an expanded food stand menu are in the works.  Many major races are in the planning stages and the entire schedule is up to change.  Our 2013 OctoberFest will be one of the biggest experiences to hit the Northeast and will be a month to remember.


We will be working closely with ATQMRA, The Vintage TQ Group, Dirt 600 Sprints, and the Slingshots to enhance the big car program.


A total revamping of the Karting and MicroStock program is underway to build these divisions and we will be making a major push on the Junior Divisions.  We will be encouraging the kids to bring their, bikes, scooters, and Big Wheels to take to the track before the races start and are looking into Big Wheel racing.


Changes will come swiftly pertaining to every aspect of Borgers Speedway and the changes will be awesome.  The goal of Brendan Oconnor is to make Borgers Speedway the finest 1/7 mile asphalt speedway in the world.  Sit back, strap yourself in, and get ready for the ride of your life.  The  Best Is Yet To Come.

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