Billy Decker The Class Of The Field In Winning His Third Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200

Date: 10/4/2015 10:04:29 PM

Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Presented By SUNY Canton Winner Billy Decker.


Billy Decker The Class Of The Field In Winning His Third Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200


By Dave Medler   FULTON, NY – October 3, 2015 – Like an outlaw after robbing a bank, Billy Decker for most of the 30th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 presented by SUNY Canton ran away and hid from the competition in dominating fashion, bagging $20,000.


In the 200-lap grind, the race would feature two and three wide racing throughout the field and would have five different leaders. It was Decker who would take the lead on lap-85 to get to the 100-lap break to give race teams 15 minutes to make adjustments for the second 100-lap segment. The second segment only had one caution to slow the action allowing Decker to put on a driving clinic winning in easy fashion.


After exiting his Gypsum Wholesalers/Stadium International Trucks/Integra Racing Shocks/NAPA/ LJL Kevlar Racing Engines/No.91/Bicknell Billy Decker, who is usually real calm, showed his excitement after winning one of the crown jewels in Modified racing in the Northeast.



“I wanted to burn the place down, but we’re going to use the car a lot this year,” said an excited Decker after the show he put on getting his car to victory lane. "This baby was on fire, these guys worked their tails off on this race car. I was a little nervous after the first 100, it was a real struggle to get where we were and stay there.” Decker took the lead on lap-85 to get to the break. “I got to hand it to these guys, that thing was fun the last 100. I liked it with not too many cautions. I’m just proud to be here.”


Chris Hile and Danny Johnson would lead the 44 car starting field down to the green to start the 30th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 presented by SUNY Canton with Danny Johnson grabbing the early advantage.



After a couple caution periods for Stewart Friesen and Jackie Brown, Mike Mahaney would blast into the lead on lap-9 using the top of the speedway. Just 2-laps later Billy Decker, digging on the bottom of the speedway, would drive into the lead.

Another quick yellow would wave on lap-15 erasing a half a straightaway lead Decker had built up over the field. When the green came back out on lap-18 Mahaney would grab the top spot back and lead until lap-22 when Decker would wrestle the lead away.


At the quarter way of the first 100-lap segment, Decker, Tim Fuller and Mahaney were in three car breakaway putting on a show at the front of the field. Behind the top-three, Larry Wight and Dale Planck were having a tight battle of their own in the top-five.



Decker and Fuller were in a two car fight for the lead in heavy traffic running bumper to bumper and side by side. A lap-33 restart saw Fuller took advantage of the quick top lane to blast into the lead.



A yellow on lap-38 would take away Fuller’s big lead and would put the fastest car on the speedway, Larry Wight, right next to him when the green came back out.



At the halfway point of the first segment the fans were getting their money’s worth.  Fuller, Wight, Johnson, Decker and Mahaney were putting on a show using every inch of the speedway surface racing at the front of the pack. Behind the top-five the racing was just as intense as everyone raced to get to the break to make adjustments.



At lap-75 Fuller was able to open a half a straightaway advantage between him and the fight between teammates Wight and Decker. Mahaney, Pat Ward and Jimmy Phelps who started 33rd were having a great race of their own for fourth through sixth.


From lap-75 to lap-83 Decker was able to run Fuller down and catch him. Once Decker got to Fuller it just took him two-laps to be scored in the top-spot on the scoring tower.


Over the next 14-laps to get to the break Decker would get quicker and quicker building a 5.064 second lead heading to the pits. Larry Wight, Tim Fuller, Mike Mahaney and Pat Ward completed the top-five for the second 100-laps. Jimmy Phelps, Tim McCreadie, Danny Johnson, Danny Varin and Dale Planck would lineup sixth through tenth.



When the race reached lap-120 Decker was on cruise control out front leading by two-seconds, putting lapped cars between himself and the heavyweight fight going on between Wight and Fuller for second and third, lap after lap. Mahaney, Phelps, Ward, McCreadie and Varin were in their own slug-fest for fourth through eighth positions.



With just 50-laps to go Decker held around a fifteen car length advantage over Wight who was looking for a way to close in on the leader. Fuller would run alone in third, with Mahaney and McCreadie showing in the top-five.



With 25-laps to go Decker was still cruising out front with an almost three-second lead. Wight was able to get away from Fuller running a strong second. Varin who was fourth was starting to get quicker as he was reeling in Fuller for third and Mahaney showed fifth.



Over the remaining laps nobody had anything for Decker as he easily cruised under the checkers unchallenged. Wight and Varin put on a classic battle lap after lap that saw Varin come home second with Wight a strong third. Tim Fuller finished fourth and Ryan Phelps put on an impressive second 100-laps finish fifth.



(30th Annual Outlaw 200) - BILLY DECKER, Danny Varin, Larry Wight, Tim Fuller, Ryan Phelps, Mike Mahaney, Tim McCreadie, Erick Rudolph, Jimmy Phelps, Chris Hile, Chad Phelps, Gary Tomkins, Pat Ward, Matt Hulsizer, Brett Hearn, Danny Johnson, Bob Henry Jr., Vic Coffey, Joe August Jr., Darwin Greene, Brandon Walters, Yan Bussiere, Ryan Jordan, Jeff Crambo, Tim Kerr, Alan Barker, Billy Whittaker, Dale Planck, Matt Sheppard, Bobby Varin, Randy Chrysler, Tim Sears Jr., Craig Von Dohren, Tom Juhl, Justin Wright, Alan Johnson, Willy Decker, Stewart Friesen, Chuck Bower, Rob Bellinger, Matt Fink, Mike Bowman, Tim Schneider Jr. Jackie Brown.


Lap Leaders - Danny Johnson (1-8) Mike Mahaney (9-11) Billy Decker (12-17) Mike Mahaney (18-21) Billy Decker (22-32) Tim Fuller (33-39) Larry Wight (40) Tim Fuller (41-62) Larry Wight (63) Tim Fuller (64-84) Billy Decker (85-200).


Heat Races - 5 Qualified, 2 To Redraw.


(Heat Race 1) - Billy Decker, Tim Fuller, Tim Kerr, Craig Von Dohren, Danny Varin, DNQ Tim McCreadie, Stewart Friesen, Jeff Crambo, Richie Riggs, Dustin Hanlon, Billy Pauch Jr.


(Heat Race 2) - Pat Ward, Mike Mahaney, Brandon Walters, Vic Coffey, Alan Barker,DNQ Nick Petrilak, Kyle Fink, Tim Harris, Bob Henry Jr., Tim Schneider Jr.


(Heat Race 3) - Billy Whittaker, Chris Hile, Matt Fink, Ryan Phelps, Gary Tomkins, DNQ Jimmy Phelps, Chuck Bower, Elmo Reckner, Jim Walsh, Mario Clair.


(Heat Race 4) - Dale Planck, Willy Decker, Randy Chrysler, Matt Sheppard, Matt Hulsizer, DNQ Roy Bresnahan, Joe August Jr., Tom Juhl, Alan Johnson, Don Slover.


(Heat Race 5) - Danny Johnson, Ryan Jordan, Chad Phelps, Jackie Brown, Mike Bowman, DNQ Brett Hearn, Yan Bussiere, Dave Rauscher, Tom Keyes, Andrew Ferguson.


(Heat Race 6) - Larry Wight, Erick Rudolph, Darwin Greene, Rob Bellinger, Tim Sears Jr., DNQ Bobby Varin, Justin Wright, Nick Nye, Mike Ward, Tim Murphy.


(Consi 1 ) - Tim McCreadie, Stewart Friesen, Tim Schneider Jr., Jeff Crambo DNQ ,Kyle Fink, Tim Harris, Rich Riggs.

(Consi 2 ) - Jimmy Phelps, Chuck Bower, Joe August Jr., Tom Juhl, Alan Johnson, DNQ Elmo Reckner, Mario Clair, Jim Walsh, Roy Bresnahan.


(Consi 3) - Brett Hearn, Bobby Varin, Yan Bussiere, Justin Wright, DNQ Andrew Ferguson, Tom Keyes, Dave Rauscher, Nick Nye, Tim Murphy.


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