Rocky Warner Wins Second Straight Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend Sportsman Championship

Date: 10/4/2015 10:15:14 PM

Rocky Warner Wins Second Straight Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend Sportsman Championship


By Dave Medler – FULTON, NY – October 3, 2015 - An event record 82 of the best Sportsman division drivers signed in the pits as part of the 30th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend presented by SUNY Canton at the Fulton Speedway.  It would take eight heat races, four consolations  and a pair of last chance races to set the 32 car starting field for the Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.



Chris Mackey and Dave Marcuccilli would bring 32 of some of the best Sportsman drivers in the Northeast down to the green with Marcuccilli grabbing the early advantage while behind the top-two the mad scramble was on for position on the racy speedway surface.



At the 10-lap point Marcuccilli opened a half-a-straightaway lead over Matt Janczuk who ran alone in second. Behind the top-two, you could have thrown a blanket over Ron Davis III, Rocky Warner and Jeremy Dygert in a fight for third through fifth just before a quick yellow would slow the action.



When the green came back out Janczuk found the bite he needed on the top of the speedway to drive by Marcuccilli on lap-11 to be scored the new leader.



With 15-laps showing on the scoring tower, Janczuk and Marcuccillui were in a two-car breakaway at the front of the pack while Warner, Dygert, Davis and Fulton SUNY Canton Sportsman Champion Tony Finch II ran within inches of each other racing for third through sixth.



At the halfway point, lap-25, Janczuk was still setting the pace out front while Marcuccilli and Warner slowly looked to be reeling the leader in. Just a few lengths behind the top-three Davis, Dygert, Finch and James-Michael Friesen were having a battle of their own.



A quick yellow on lap-26 would slow the pace down. When the green came back out Warner moved into the second spot and set his sights on Janczuk.



From lap-26 to lap-30 Janczuk and Warner would race bumper to bumper and side by side in a battle between former Outlaw 200 Weekend Sportsman champions. On lap-31 Warner, running the extreme bottom of the speedway in turn four, would power by Janczuk and into the lead.



With the scoring tower showing 10-laps to go, Warner built up a full straightaway lead on the race behind him. Janczuk, Finch, Davis and Marcuccilli still showed on the scoring tower.



On lap-43 the yellow flag would wave erasing Warner’s huge lead and giving the field one last shot at stealing the win away from Warner. When the green came back out and over the remaining laps nobody had anything for Warner as he won his second straight Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50. 



FX Caprara Car Companies Upstate Sportsman Alliance Series Race.


(Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50) - ROCKY WARNER, Matt Janczuk, Tony Finch II, Ron Davis III, Dave Marcuccilli, James Michael Friesen, Ryan Scott, Todd Root, Bruno LePage, Rocco Leone, Jeremy Dygert, Corey Barker, Tyler Meeks, Mike Button, Chris Mackey, Connor Cleveland, Chris Cunningham, Bill Clark Jr., Tommy Paige, Steve Abt, Greg Doust, Ricky Yelle, Gregg Kimball, Wade Chrisman, Brandon Kuhn, Brian Murphy, Kevin Root, Mike Stanton Jr., Matt Farnham, Jim Spano, Jeremy Pitcher, Alan Fink.

Lap Leaders - Dave Marcuccilli (1-10) Matt Janczuk (11-30) Rocky Warner (30-50).

(Atomic Signs Car Wrap Winner) - Wade Chrisman



Industrial Tire Of CNY Shootout Heats 10 Laps 2 Qualify & Consolations 15 Laps 2 Qualify.


Industrial Tire Of CNY Heat Race Bonuses $150 (1st) $100 (2nd) $75 (3rd).


(Heat Race #1 ) - Jim Spano, Rocco Leone, Mike Button, Tim Gareau, Alan Fink, Rich Townsend, Austyn Fugle, Nick Krause, Rich Riggs, Brent Joy.


(Heat Race #2 ) - Chris Mackey, Ryan Scott, Anthony Stockman, David Schilling, Corey Barker, Dan Kapuscinski, Joe Kline, Brett Draper, Mike Taylor, George Dyer, Rocky Grosso.


(Heat Race #3 ) - Jeremy Dygert, Steve Abt, Tony Finch II, Tyler Singleton, Bill Clark Jr., Tyler Meeks, Will Shields, James Carlson, Kelly Smith, John West.


(Heat Race #4 ) - Dave Marcuccilli, Gregg Kimball, Todd Root, Brian Murphy, Chris Cunningham, Mike Phelps, Brad Weaver, Josh Blackwell, Dylan Zacharias, Taylor Caprara.


( Heat Race #5 ) - Rocky Warner, Brandon Kuhn, Kyle Kiehn, Jeremy Pitcher, Joel Hargrave, Kane Bristol, Tim Baker, Jason Amidon, Tyler Trump.


(Heat Race #6 )- Matt Janczuk, Tommy Paige, Bruno LePage, Mike Stanton Jr., Randy Gates, Beth Bellinger, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Zach Sobotka, JJ Courcy.


( Heat Race # 7) - Ron Davis III, Matt Farnham, James Michael Friesen, Greg Doust, Ricky Yelle, Amy Holland, Tyler Ward, Matthew Larame, Geoff VanRiper, Daryl Nutting, George Sanford.


( Heat Race # 8) - Kevin Root, Wade Chrisman, Connor Cleveland, Earl Rudy, Alec Gennarelli,, Joe Sobotka, Stewart Garrison, Josh Bon, Rob Humphreys, Todd Fenoff.


(Consi #1 - 2 Qualify) - Mike Button, Corey Barker, Anthony Stockman, Alan Fink, Dan Kapuscinski, Joe Kline, Rich Townsend, Tim Gareau, Austyn Fugle, Brett Draper, Rich Riggs, Rocky Grosso, Torrey Stoughtenger, Mike Taylor, David Schilling.


(Consi #2 - 2 Qualify) - Tony Finch II, Todd Root, Mike Phelps, Brian Murphy, Tyler Meeks, Tyler Singleton, Bill Clark Jr., Brad Weaver, Will Shields, Taylor Caprara, Dylan Zacharias, Josh Blackwell, John West, Chris Cunningham, Kelly Smith.


(Consi #3 - 2 Qualify) - Jeremy Pitcher, Bruno Lepage, Beth Bellinger, Mike Stanton Jr., Joel Hargrave, Kane Bristol, Kyle Kiehn, Randy Gates, Zach Sobotka, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Tyler Trump, Tim Baker, Jason Amidon, JJ Courcy, Tony Komuda.



(Consi #4 - 2 Qualify) - James Michael Friesen, Connor Cleveland, Ricky Yelle, Greg Doust, Earl Rudy, Tyler Ward, Todd Fenhoff, Casey Williams, Alec Gennarelli, Matthew Larame, Joe Sobotka, Amy Holland, George Sanford.



(DNQ) - Anthony Stockham, Mike Phelps, Dan Kapuscinski, Joe Kline, Tyler Singleton, Rich Townsend, Tim Gareau, Brad Weaver, Austyn Fugle, Will Shields, Brett Draper, Taylor Caprara, Rich Riggs, Dylan Zacharias, Rocky Grosso, Josh Blackwell, Torrey Stoughtenger, John West, Mike Taylor, David Schilling, Kelly Smith, Nick Krause, Brent Joy, George Dyer, James Carlson, Beth Bellinger, Earl Rudy, Kane Bristol, Tyler Ward, Joel Hargrave, Alec Gennarelli, Randy Gates, Todd Fenoff, Zach Sobotka, Casey Williams, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Matthew Larame, Tyler Trump, Joe Sobotka, Tim Baker, Amy Holland, Jason Amidon, George Sanford, JJ Courcy, Tony Komuda, Joe Buoganario, Geoff VanRiper, Rob Humphreys, Daryl Nutting.


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