Bryce Davis, Dan Ferguson, Joe Isabell And Chuck Powelczwyk Take Big Wins On Opening Night Of Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend; A Record 82 Sportsman Fill The Pits

Date: 10/4/2015 10:45:18 PM

Bryce Davis, Dan Ferguson, Joe Isabell And Chuck Powelczwyk Take Big Wins On Opening Night Of Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend; A Record 82 Sportsman Fill The Pits


By Dave Medler October 2, 2015 - Over 200 race cars filled the Fulton Speedway pits for the opening night of the 30th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend presented by SUNY Canton.


Feature winners were Bryce Davis (Pit Stop Convenience Stores Late Model 50) Joe Isabell (Greene’s Ale House Mod Lite Doug Cooper Memorial) Dan Ferguson (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship) Chuck Powelczyk (Hilton’s Automotive Four-Cylinder Open)


Bryce Davis out of Hornell, NY took advantage of his pole position starting spot in the $1,000-to-win Pit Stop Convenience Stores Late Model 50, winning in convincing fashion.


Even with caution periods to bunch the field up nobody could challenge Davis who won by over one-second even with lapped traffic throughout the second half of the race.


The racing behind Davis was fantastic with battles for position all around the speedway. Bret Belden, Kevan Cook, Billy Eisele and Jason Occhino finished second through fifth.


In the 20-lap E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship Andrew Wren, a Fulton semi-regular and feature winner, grabbed the lead at the drop of the green and set the pace in the early going as he was being chased by track newcomer Dan Ferguson.


At the halfway point Wren and Ferguson were not only battling for the lead but they also had to contend with back markers as they tried to put them a lap down. Behind the top-two the racing was just as tight between Jason Amidon, Richie Riggs and John West and the fought-for third through fifth.


On lap-12, with Wren still leading, he got boxed in by lap traffic allowing Ferguson to drive by and into the lead. Over the remaining laps Ferguson was the class of the field picking up his first ever Fulton Speedway win. Jason Amidon, Brent Sawyer, Richie Riggs and Jackson Gill finished second through fifth.


In the 36-lap Greene’s Ale House Mod Lite Doug Cooper Memorial, 24 cars would take the green in the exciting start to finish feature.


Fulton and Brewerton Pro Race Cars Mod Lite Champion Joe Isabell would take the lead on lap-2 from Mike Mullen to set the early pace.


Most fans in attendance figured with Isabell in the lead so early he would run away and hide from the rest of the field, but that was not the case.


Isabell had stiff competition from first Derek Wagner and then Doug Williams. Williams made a serious run at Isabell as he attempted to make a pass for the lead exiting turn two on lap-12. Williams' right front made incidental racing contact with Isabell’s left rear causing Williams to take a wild tumble landing on his roof. Williams was okay but his car was heavily damaged.


When the green came back out Isabell had to first hold off Wagner until Jim Bogett moved into second on lap-26. For the remaining laps Isabell was able to hold of Bogett for the big win. Joe Garafolo, Mike Mullen and Zack Babcock finished third through fifth.


Skip DeGroff would lead the opening 5-laps of the 20-lap Hilton's Automotive Four-Cylinder Open before Powelczyk would grab the top spot.


Powelczyk did not dominate the rest of the way as happens so many times with the winningest driver in his division.  Powelczyk and Ray Bechler would swap the lead a few times in the middle to late portion of the race. In the end it would be Powelczyk grabbing the win over Ray Bechler, Dakota Bechler, Chris Bonoffski and Tim Dunn.


A record 82 Sportsman attempted to qualify for the$2,500-to-win Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.  Heat races were won by Jim Spano, Chris Mackey, Jeremy Dygert, Dave Marcuccilli, Rocky Warner, Matt Janczuk, Ron Davis III and Kevin Root.


The Modifieds also had heat races that were won by Bob Henry Jr., Tim Fuller, Craig Von Dohren and Chad Phelps. The four heat race winners were guaranteed to start no worse than 17-20 for the Outlaw 200. The drivers could improve their starting spots on Saturday qualifying.


(Pit Stop Convenience Stores Late Model Championship 50 Laps) - BRYCE DAVIS, Bret Belden, Kevan Cook, Billy Eisele, Jason Occhino, AJ Kingsley, Dale Caswell, Alan Fink, Brandon Mowat, Sean Beardsley, Brandon Ford, Mike Trapp, Dave Talbot, Aron Backus, Brandon Carvey, Jason Parkhurst, Jim O’Hara, Alan Chapman, Mike Kazmierczak, Aaron Jacobs, Dane Keller Jr., Chris Fleming.


(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship 20 Laps) - DAN FERGUSON, Jason Amidon, Todd Fenoff, Richie Riggs, Jackson Gill, Ryan Hatherill, John West, Anthony Rasmussen, Kelly Smith, Nate Higgins, Michelle Courcy, Torrey Stoughtenger, Troy Flemming, Andrew Wren, Tim Merrit, Angelo Komuda, Dorian Wahdan, Kyle Perry, Joe Bounagurio. DNS Dwight Nichols.


(Greene’s Ale House Mod Lite Doug Cooper Memorial 36 Laps) - JOE ISABELL, Jim Bogett, Joe Garafolo, Mike Mullen, Zack Babcock, Josh Sliter, Lowell Zehr, Jeff Sykes, Harley Brown, Nick Graziano, Steven Beckett, Jesse Hudson, Justin Williams, Rob Misener, Shawn Sliter, Chris Watson, Derek Wagner, Keith Stevenson, Doug Williams, Sam Usborne, James Dunham, Jeremy Isabell, Dave Brown, Jeff Isabell Jr. DNS Kelly Skinner.


(Hilton’s Automotive Four-Cylinder Open 20 Laps) - CHUCK POWELCZYK, Ray Bechler, Dakota Bechler, Chris Bonoffski, Tim Dunn, Colby Herzog, Skip DeGroff, Justin Pope, Jack Taskey, Josh Verne, Brian Evenden, Justin Buske, Garrett Rushlow, Justin Hilliard, Cole Reinman, Tom Bumpus, Mike Sherbeck, Dave Simms, Bill Megnin, Phil Burns, Jerry Herbert, Thomas Mackey, Sam Curcie, Levi Currier, Nick Kennedy, Jamie Radley, Richard Wagner, Rich Sharpsteen, Jacobe Palmiter, Kenneth Underwood, DNS Mark Johnston


Modified Heat Race Winners guaranteed To Start No Worse Than 17-20 In the Outlaw 200.


(Modified Heat Race #1 15 Laps) -  Bob Henry Jr., Tim Schneider Jr., Billy Whittaker, Ryan Jordan, Chris Hile, Tim Harris, Yan Bussiere, Darwin Greene,Joe August Jr.


(Modified Heat Race #2 15 Laps) -  Tim Fuller, Dale Planck, Vic Coffey, Tim McCreadie, Kyle Fink, Jackie Brown, Tim Kerr.


(Modified Heat Race #3 15 Laps) - Craig Von Dohren, Mike Bowman, Chuck Bower, Rob Bellinger, Nick Nye, Tom Keyes, Tim Murphy, Dusty Hanlon, Tim Sears Jr., Roy Bresnahan.


(Modified Heat Race #4 15 Laps) - Chad Phelps, Gary Tomkins, Ryan Phelps, Tom Juhl, Brandon Walters, Jim Walsh, Andrew Ferguson.


Industrial Tire Of CNY Shootout Heats 10 Laps 2 Qualify & Consolations 15 Laps 2 Qualify.


Industrial Tire Of CNY Heat Race Bonuses $150 (1st) $100 (2nd) $75 (3rd).


(Heat Race #1 ) -  Jim Spano, Rocco Leone, Mike Button, Tim Gareau, Alan Fink, Rich Townsend, Austyn Fugle, Nick Krause, Rich Riggs, Brent Joy.


(Heat Race #2 ) - Chris Mackey, Ryan Scott, Anthony Stockman, David Schilling, Corey Barker, Dan Kapuscinski, Joe Kline, Brett Draper, Mike Taylor, George Dyer, Rocky Grosso.


(Heat Race #3 ) -   Jeremy Dygert, Steve Abt, Tony Finch II, Tyler Singleton, Bill Clark Jr., Tyler Meeks, Will Shields, James Carlson, Kelly Smith, John West.


(Heat Race #4  ) -  Dave Marcuccilli, Gregg Kimball, Todd Root, Brian Murphy, Chris Cunningham, Mike Phelps, Brad Weaver, Josh Blackwell, Dylan Zacharias, Taylor Caprara.


( Heat Race #5 ) - Rocky Warner, Brandon Kuhn, Kyle Kiehn, Jeremy Pitcher, Joel Hargrave, Kane Bristol, Tim Baker, Jason Amidon, Tyler Trump.


(Heat Race #6 )- Matt Janczuk, Tommy Paige, Bruno LePage, Mike Stanton Jr., Randy Gates, Beth Bellinger, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Zach Sobotka, JJ Courcy.


( Heat Race # 7) - Ron Davis III, Matt Farnham, James Michael Friesen, Greg Doust, Ricky Yelle, Amy Holland, Tyler Ward, Matthew Larame, Geoff VanRiper, Daryl Nutting, George Sanford.


( Heat Race # 8) -  Kevin Root, Wade Chrisman, Connor Cleveland, Earl Rudy, Alec Gennarelli,, Joe Sobotka, Stewart Garrison, Josh Bon, Rob Humphreys, Todd Fenoff.


(Consi #1 - 2 Qualify) - Mike Button, Corey Barker, Anthony Stockman, Alan Fink, Dan Kapuscinski, Joe Kline, Rich Townsend, Tim Gareau, Austyn Fugle, Brett Draper, Rich Riggs, Rocky Grosso, Torrey Stoughtenger, Mike Taylor, David Schilling.


(Consi #2 - 2 Qualify) -  Tony Finch II, Todd Root, Mike Phelps, Brian Murphy, Tyler Meeks, Tyler Singleton, Bill Clark Jr., Brad Weaver, Will Shields, Taylor Caprara, Dylan Zacharias, Josh Blackwell, John West, Chris Cunningham, Kelly Smith.


(Consi #3 -  2 Qualify) - Jeremy Pitcher, Bruno Lepage, Beth Bellinger, Mike Stanton Jr., Joel Hargrave, Kane Bristol, Kyle Kiehn, Randy Gates, Zach Sobotka, Kurtis Hohensheldt, Tyler Trump, Tim Baker, Jason Amidon, JJ Courcy, Tony Komuda.


(Consi #4 - 2 Qualify) - James Michael Friesen, Connor Cleveland, Ricky Yelle, Greg Doust, Earl Rudy, Tyler Ward, Todd Fenhoff, Casey Williams, Alec Gennarelli, Matthew Larame, Joe Sobotka, Amy Holland, George Sanford.



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