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KIRKWOOD, NY…On Saturday Five Mile Point Speedway hosted a party, Fan Appreciation Night and Brad Szulewski celebrated like it was his own.  Szulewski recorded the victory in the $1,000 Sportsman feature event and locked up a spot in the American Racer Cup weekend on Friday, October 10th.   A capacity crowd was on hand for the free admission event that ended early due to an unusual incident that affected the speedway lighting.


The scheduled 600 c.c. Modified feature event was staged and preparing to go green when the track lights went out on the quarter mile oval.  An emergency shut off on the speedway generator was engaged by an individual shutting off power to the lighting system in a deliberate act.  That individual was taken away by New York State Troopers that were on the scene quickly.  Fortunately no one was injured on the track or in the grandstand area as there was enough secondary lighting from portable light towers on the property.  Unfortunately a number of attempts to restore lighting to the quarter mile oval were unsuccessful bringing an end to the evening prematurely.  The 600 c.c. Modified, Street Stock and Modified features will be made up during the balance of the month of August.


Five Mile Point Speedway owner Andrew Harpell commented on the incident, “We have personnel in place by the generator but unfortunately the individual was determined to make his mark on what was a fantastic evening at the speedway.”  “When we designed the lighting system we had emergency grid power (NYSEG) online that we could transfer to if something ever happened to our generator.”   “Unfortunately the lights were re-powered at least three times which caused them to overheat and after nearly an hour delay we were forced to call it a night.”


As a side note speedway personnel and lighting engineers tested all of the lighting and the generator on Monday morning and there appears to be no permanent damage to the system.  The system was run for several hours on Monday without any failure.


On the track the action was at a premium as the Sportsman division took center stage with their annual $1,000 to win special.  Twenty-six teams were on hand, only Marshall Balzer failed to take the green after blowing his motor in heat race qualifying.  Brad Weaver darted out to the early race lead but it was Mike Wilmot that was looking to cash in on the big payday by taking over on lap 3.  The multi grooved quarter mile oval provided outstanding three and four wide racing as Szluewski began to advance from his seventh starting spot.  Szluewski moved into second place on lap 9 and tried to chase down Wilmot.  Meanwhile multi time feature winners Brian White and Kenny Hammond joined the battle up front as the top group ran three and four wide for the race lead.  On lap 15 Szulewski made his move for the race lead, one he would not relinquish.  Wilmot was not done as he continued to apply the pressure for the lead as Hammond and White did the same. 


At the finish it would be Szluewski recording his first win of the season with Wilmot, Hammond, Eddie White and Brian White rounding out the top five.  With his win Szluewski also became a guaranteed starter for the American Racer Cup Weekend for Sportsman at Five Mile Point Speedway on Friday, October 10th.


Scott Bennett collected the top honors in the 20 lap IMCA Modified feature on Saturday.  Bennett took over from race leader Gary Roberts on lap 11 and would not look back.   Back to back winner Jake Maynard worked past Roberts on lap 12 to wind up second at the finish.  Roberts finished third with Tanner Harpell rallying late for fourth and Keith Lamphere notching fifth.


Ken Underwood led wire to wire in the Lightning Cat Expert feature for four cylinders with Jeremy Warren collecting another win in the Lightning Cat Novice division.  Buck Mills, Jr. was the Factory Stock feature winner.


Five Mile Point Speedway is silent this Saturday as much of the speedway staff will be at the Chemung Speedrome for the Race of Champions Asphalt Modified Tour 100 on Saturday.  Racing resumes on Saturday, August 16th.   For more information please phone 607-775-5555.



$1,000 SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  BRAD SZULEWSKI, Kenny Underwood, Mike Wilmot, Eddie White, Brian White, Mike Austin, Justin Andrews, Randy Green, Alec Gennarelli, Tyler Singleton, Chris Hunsinger, Aaron Shelton, Greg Turner, Stephen Denton, Craig Monroe, Brad Cicio, Warren Floyd Jr., Kimberlee Morgan, Rosalyn Trautschold, Ryan Higgs, Joe Bonetti, Greg Morgan, John Aumuck, Bryan Batzel, Brad Weaver.  DNS – Marshall Balzer.  Crate Bonus Finishers 1st:  Alec Gennarelli, 2nd: Greg Turner, 3rd: Criag Monroe.


IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  SCOTT BENNETT, Jake Maynard, Gary Roberts, Tanner Harpell, Keith Lamphere, K.C. Cole, Matt Cole, Ray McClure, Kurt Decker, Tyler Stoddard, Justin Slezak, Nicole Spalding, Jason Benjamin.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  KENNY UNDERWOOD, Bob Kress, Burt Maynard, Andy Brigham, Dennis Keesler, Bill Titus, Tucker Harpell, Chad Uplinger, Adam Gilbert, Dave Simms, Josh Bailey, Keith Beach, Frankie Smith, Sheldon Whitman, Laverne Conklin, Mat Mather, Nick Cicon.  DNS Damien Bausenwein.


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  JEREMY WARREN, Dave Rauschmeier, Ronnie Welch.  DNS – Jessey Torrens.


FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  BUCK MILLS Jr., Connor VanValkenburg, Thomas Velez, Ryan Brockher, Tom Hampton, Josh Towner.  DNS Jerry Whtimarsh.


MODIFIED FEATURE LINEUP (30) to be run 8/23:  Jamie Batzel, Joel Batzel, Barry White, P.J. Goodwin, Mike Colsten, Nick Petrilak, Chris Wood, Jeff Crambo, Rusty Smith, Tyler Siri, Anthony Perrego, Brett Wright, Brian Weaver, Steve Babicek, Mike Loney, Joe Eisenhauer, Glenn Knapp, Chris Ostrowsky, Daniel Johnson, Randall Paxton.


600 c.c. MODIFIED FEATURE LINEUP (20) to be run on 8/16:  Doug Windhausen, Steven Sherwood, Kyle Inglin, Kailee Demorier, Korey Inglin, Kamdin Maby, Jamie Frantz, Tim Frantz, Will Eastman, Nick Cinquanti, Matt Priscott, Joe McCabe, Tom Shiner, A.J. Miller, Zach Truesdail, Sean Barchik.


STREET STOCK FEATURE LINEUP (20) to be run on 8/23:  Matt Roberts, Jason Butler, Randy Fox, Ryan Codington, John Cooper Jr., Fred Velez, Shane Wolf, Jon Carpenter, Herb Penny, Eric Boynton, Russell Morseman, Matt Spencer.




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