Date: 2/7/2015 7:08:09 PM


RE:  Barry White Travelers Program 




KIRKWOOD, NY…Last season Five Mile Point Speedway owner Andrew Harpell developed a program that awarded the  many teams that traveled a long distance to the speedway weekly.  The “Barry White Travelers Program” as it was named will continue again in 2015.  The 65th consecutive season opener will take place on Saturday, April 4th. 


The Barry White Travelers Program will reward all weekly race teams that travel a long distance to compete at Five Mile Point Speedway in 2015.  Teams that travel a distance of over 125 miles one way to the speedway this season will receive 2 free pit passes for the weekly programs. Any team that travels over 100 miles one way to the speedway will receive 1 free pit pass for the weekly programs at the speedway.  Teams must purchase a one-time track membership to be eligible for the program but will save hundreds of dollars in weekly pit admission. 


With the addition of the new Tobias Slingshot division this season there are a number of teams that will immediately be eligible for the program in that class this season.  The program will encompass all of the weekly divisions at Five Mile Point Speedway.  Like many of the innovative promotions at the speedway, this one is unique to the historic quarter mile oval.


White, a weekly Modified campaigner at the speedway for over the past ten years has certainly made a big impact on the speedway.  Having this program named after him was not only based on his dedication to the speedway but the manner in which he has always competed and composed himself at the quarter mile oval.  Andrew Harpell stated, “Barry is a class act on and off the track and we are happy anytime that we hear a team call this program by his name.”  He added, “We take pride in showing our commitment to the teams with a fun and positive atmosphere at the speedway and this is just another way to say thanks for the long towing teams.”


For over ten years White has made the long trek north every Saturday from his hometown of Mertztown, PA to compete at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The trip in fact is 134 miles one way from his home to the speedway each Saturday night to race in the Modified division.  This year the speedway is going to reward his loyalty and dedication to the speedway by continuing the successful program.


Teams must notify the speedway prior to taking advantage of the program and it will include all Saturday night races between April 25th and August 29th of the season.  This is the duration of the entire 2015 Track Championship Point race battle. The mileage will be based on the participating driver’s state driver’s license and the mileage will be determined via mapquest and the shortest possible route to the speedway address of 100 Francis Street – Kirkwood, NY  13795.  This way teams can also log the mileage in prior to decide if they want to take part in this program. The speedway does have to be notified if a team wants to take part in it.  This program is based on the teams that have to spend hundreds of dollars in fuel just to arrive at the quarter mile oval every Saturday night.


Prior to announcing this new program the speedway has had a tremendous amount of interest from new teams looking to call Five Mile Point Speedway home in 2015.  With the aggressive American Racer Cup Program again taking place and the number of extra paying special events teams are certainly tuned in to the excitement that will take place in 2015.  The new program is based on helping teams that have such a huge traveling fuel bill to ease some of their weekly cost.


Teams interested in the Barry White Travelers Program are encouraged to contact the speedway offices by phoning 607-775-5555 or emailing the offices at  The 2015 racing season will get underway on Saturday, April 4th.  The following Sunday will see the rained out 2014 Race of Champions Dirt Modified Tour Title battle being decided with a 100 lap special on Sunday, April 12th.


For more information on the 65th racing season please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to  You can also find us on Facebook.  The full Five Mile Point Speedway schedule will be released shortly.

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