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KIRKWOOD, NY…Five Mile Point Speedway hosted Season Championship night this past Saturday and P.J. Goodwin recorded the Modified win in a caution free 50 lap feature event.  The victory earned the sophomore Modified driver $2,000.  Shaun Walker finished fifth which was enough to secure his first ever Five Mile Point Speedway Modified Track Championship.


Other Track Championships earned on Season Championship Night were:  Brian White (Open Sportsman), Jordan Siri (Crate Sportsman), Matt Cole (IMCA Modifieds), Randy Fox (Street Stocks), Burt Maynard (Lightning Cat Experts), Matt McKernan (Lightning Cat Novice), Chuck Culbertson (Factory Stock) and Dalton Maynard (Slingshots).


The Modified 50 lap Season Championship will go down in the history books as one of the best in memory.  Bob Hamm Jr. and Chris Wood led the field to the green flag with Hamm taking command early.  The outstanding track conditions immediately provided three and four wide racing all over the quarter mile oval.  Wood rallied back and captured the lead on lap 5 as he and Hamm ran side by side, lap after lap.  All eyes were on the championship battle between Shaun Walker and Tyler Siri.  Siri quickly advanced from his ninth starting position as he looked to leave Walker behind in the championship battle.  Up front P.J. Goodwin moved past Brian Puckett on lap 9 on the far outside of the quarter mile.  Goodwin started in sixth but was on the move.  The leaders of Hamm and Wood continued their side by side battle while their lead was large during the first 10 laps.


On lap 14 Siri broke in to the top five as the front four remained unchanged.  At this point Walker was in the ninth position.  By the midway point of the race Wood continued to lead as the top five battle was one for the ages.  Hamm ran in second place with Siri now third, Goodwin fourth and Danny Creeden up to fifth.  The top five all ran within two and three wide for the race lead as they encountered lapped traffic.  After falling back to fourth Goodwin re-committed himself to the far outside of the speedway and utilized it to his advantage.  On lap 33 Goodwin went from fifth to second in the outstanding five car battle for the lead.  Goodwin quickly set his sights on Wood for the race lead as the battle for positions third through sixth was intense.  In the mix was the lapped car of Alan Kellogg who went down a lap early but got dialed in on the far outside of the speedway and ran with the leaders throughout the second half of the event.  On lap 43 Goodwin found himself within striking distance of Wood for the race lead and powered around the outside to take command.  Wood, Siri, Creeden and Hamm had an outstanding race for second through fifth for the duration as Walker quickly closed in on that group.  At the checkers it would be Goodwin recording win number two of the season with Wood, Siri, Creeden and Hamm rounding out the top five.  Walker came across the line sixth with Jeff Crambo, Rusty Smith, Mike Colsten and Jeff Heotzler completing the top ten.  A post race infraction saw Creeden moved out of the top ten running order and Barry White being credited with tenth place.  The fifth place finish by Walker was enough to lock up his first ever Modified Track Championship. 


Like the Modified feature the 20 lap Sportsman main event went caution free.  Brian White entered the evening with a 12 point lead over Randy Green.  White left no doubt in his championship pursuit as he went on to win the feature event.  Brad Cicio and A.J. Lord sat on the front row for the start of the feature.  Cicio led lap number one but Lord worked past on the outside to take the lead on lap 2.  Lord would remain out front until lap 12 when White made his way past.  The top six drivers battled two and three wide in an outstanding race up front.  As White began to pull away, Lord battled with Tanner Harpell as Eddie White and Brandon Walters broke in to the top five after starting deep in the field.  At the finish Brian White would capture the win and back to back Sportsman Championships.  Eddie White powered to second with Walters taking third on the last lap.  Lord and Harpell completed the top five.


The race within a race saw the Crate Sportsman Championship decided in the same 20 lap main event.  The Open Sportsman and Crate Sportsman run together weekly.  Jordan Siri a one-time feature winner against the Open Sportsman was able to hang on to the Track Championship for the Crate Sportsman teams.  Siri finished ninth in the 20 lap feature. 


The evening trend of caution free racing continued in the 20 lap Street Stock Season Championship event.  Ryan Codington took the lead on lap one from point leader Randy Fox and would never look back.  Fox would finish second and in the process locked up his second consecutive Street Stock Track Championship.  Matt Bowman, Randy Marsh and Tom Hampton rounded out the top five in the 20 lapper.


IMCA Modified feature action saw James Cornell take the lead from Ray McClure on lap 3 and lead the duration of the 20 lap main event.  Matt Cole entered the evening as the point leader of Jason Benjamin.  Cole was caught up in a lap one tangle that could have ended his title hopes.  He was able to drive away from the incident and secure a sixth place finish on his way to his second consecutive Track Championship.  Tyler Stoddard, Scott Bennett, Benjamin and McClure chased Cornell across the line in the 20 lap event.  The race was slowed by only two cautions.


Like the other feature events the Lightning Cat Experts had only one caution for debris in their 15 lap Season Championship race.  Dave Simms took the lead on lap 2 and went on for his second consecutive victory.  Andy Brigham tried every route around Simms as Brigham was hoping to catch point leader Burt Maynard on the final night.  Simms held off Brigham and Maynard collected the 2015 Track Championship with his fifth place finish.  Coming across the line in third was Chad Uplinger with Tucker Harpell and Maynard in tow.


Josh Towner raced to his second Factory Stock victory of the season on Saturday.  Chuck Culbertson finished fifth which was enough to secure his first Five Mile Point Speedway Track Championship.  Matt McKernan won the Lightning Cat Novice feature along with the 2015 Track Championship.  The victory was his 14th of the season.  Marty Kelly, III towed in from Vermont again on Saturday to win the Slingshot main event.  Dalton Maynard was crowned the Slingshot Track Champion. 


COUNTER POINTS…An outstanding racing surface provided one of the best night’s of racing this season as 90 laps of feature action took place without a single caution flag period…For Modified Track Champion Shaun Walker the 50 lap feature “threw him a curve”…The extra laps had many teams considering harder tire compounds for the Modified feature but Walker remained on the weekly American Racer 48 compound and never touched it during the 50 lapper…Without a caution flag period the racing was intense as all of the advancing by the teams took place without a chance to bunch up the field during a yellow flag period…Jeff Heotzler made his first weekly appearance of the season and finished 8th…Heotzler had run in the spring RoC event and DIRTcar Super Dirt Series race in July…In July Mike Clapperton was introduced as one of the Greatest 65 Drivers of All-Time at the speedway…On Saturday Clapperton made his first start of the season preparing for the upcoming fall specials at the speedway…Clapperton wound up 12th at the finish…Several teams make weekly treks to Five Mile Point Speedway from over three hours away…On Saturday Nick MacMillen traveled the longest distance from North Carolina to compete in the IMCA Modified event…MacMillen made a racing weekend of it after racing at another area track on Friday…Racing continues at Five Mile Point Speedway on Friday, October 9th and Saturday, October 10th with the running of the American Racer Cup Weekend…


MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (50):  P.J. GOODWIN, Chris Wood, Tyler Siri, Bob Hamm Jr., Shaun Walker, Jeff Crambo, Rusty Smith, Mike Colsten, Jeff Hoeotzler, Barry White, Richard Smith, Jesse Kline, Mike Clapperton, Alan Kellogg, Dan Creeden, Brian Puckett, Travis Smith, Glenn Knapp.  MODIFIED TRACK CHAMPION:  SHAUN WALKER.


SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  BRIAN WHITE, Eddie White, Brandon Walters, A.J. Lord, Tanner Harpell, Brad Szulewski, Brad Cicio, Mike Austin, Jordan Siri, Gregg McCloskey, Randy Green, Aaron Shelton, Kyle Pierce, Gregg Turner, Mike Wahl, Ryan Higgs.  Top
Crate Finishers:  1. Jordan Siri ($100), 2. Kyle Pierce ($75), 3. Mike Wahl ($50).  OPEN SPORTSMAN TRACK CHAMPION:  BRIAN WHITE – CRATE SPORTSMAN TRACK CHAMPION – JORDAN SIRI.


IMCA MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  JAMES CORNELL, Tyler Stoddard, Scott Bennett, Jason Benjamin, Ray McClure, Matt Cole, Nick MacMillan, Joe Novak, Mike Stoddard, Josh Ames, Rodney Morgan, Nicole Spalding.  IMCA MODIFIED TRACK CHAMPION:  MATT COLE.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  RYAN CODINGTON, Randy Fox, Matt Bowman, Randy Marsh, Tom Hampton, Brad Knapp.  DNS – Ricke Brown, Ricky Davis Sr.  STREET STOCK TRACK CHAMPION:  RANDY FOX.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  DAVE SIMMS,  Andy Brigham, Chad Uplinger, Tucker Harpell, Burt Maynard, Don Doster Jr., Bill Titus, Adam Gilbert, Rick Lunn, Frank Smith, Dave Bainbridge, Jeremy Briggs, Mat Mather, Jason Colwell.  LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT TRACK CHAMPION:  BURT MAYNARD.




FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  JOSH TOWNER, Mark Andrus, Jeremy Williams, Ryan Brockner, Chuck Culbertson, Cody Kershner, Rob Snow. FACTORY STOCK TRACK CHAMPION:  CHUCK CULBERTSON.


SLINGSHOT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  MARTY KELLY III, Mackenzie Marsh, Vincent Visconti, Dalton Maynard, Alex Boughton, Ryan Lacoe, John Mirabelli.  SLINGSHOT TRACK CHAMPION:  DALTON MAYNARD.



MODIFIEDS – Shaun Walker (706), Tyler Siri (679), P.J. Goodwin (642), Jeff Crambo (614), Mike Colsten (612).

SPORTSMAN – Brian White (775), Randy Green (723), Mike Austin (685), Eddie White (682), Jordan Siri (608).

CRATE SPORTSMAN – Jordan Siri (608), Gregg Turner (583), Kyle Pierce (544).

IMCA MODIFIED – Matt Cole (550), Jason Benjamin (541), James Cornell (453), K.C. Cole (399), Mike Stoddard (354).

STREET STOCK – Rand Fox (823), Randy Marsh (755), Tom Hampton (688), Ricky Davis Sr. (652), Mike Codington (576).

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT – Burt Maynard (848), Andy Brigham (842), Adam Gilbert (764), Tucker Harpell (763), Chad Uplinger (713).

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE – Matt McKernan (450), Jason Colwell Jr. (400), Ronnie Welch (206), Pat Evert (158), Jeremy Briggs (78).

FACTORY STOCK – Chuck Culbertson (806), Ryan Brockner (767), Phil Clapper (394), Rob Snow (350), Casey Meagley (288).

SLINGSHOT – Dalton Maynard (819), Mackenzie Marsh (687), Bob Boughton (558), Alex Boughton (464), Marty Kelly, III (444). 



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