CARQUEST Gasoline Alley Is Huge Supporter Of Reading Nostalgia Nationals Event

Date: 8/11/2011 12:01:59 PM


Allentown, PA: CARQUEST Gasoline Alley Is Huge Supporter Of Reading Nostalgia Nationals Event
By:Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The extremely popular and nationally acclaimed CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Internet Show once again came up big showed their support of the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society events at the New Reading Fairgrounds last Sunday and Monday as they took their award winning show to the racing grounds and taped two shows to add to the diversity of what the Gasoline Alley Gang has brought to the airwaves since they debuted their show concept to the public for the first time back on April 16th of 2002. The first of the shows has already aired on Monday evening, August 5th as the Gang talked to the many star performers who were in competition at the two day, two division Slingshot show hosted by the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society. Thirty-Four interviews were conducted during the show that began in the morning hours and went on into the afternoon hot lap sessions at the speedway. Many of the youngsters in competition were giving their first ever interviews of any kind and it has always been the goal of the Pados Brothers to continuously promote racing and the drivers who make up the vast world of motorsports most significantly in the short track portion of the sport. The Gasoline Alley Show has been a long supporter of the racing at Reading and the Reading Fairgrounds Racing Historical Society and are always honored to do their part in assisting with the promotion at Reading and the events the RFRHS does throughout the year. Throughout the 2011 racing season the number of Slingshot drivers interviewed on the show is well over one hundred and counting as the Pados Brothers have touched touched all 48 states, Australia, New Zealand and Canada in crossing the boundaries of bridging the racing communities together with their great racing show.
Not only did the Gasoline Alley Gang Gang tape two shows at the Fairgrounds, they also carried with them a fistful of dollars totaling $950.00 to be included into the purse structure of both events at the speedway. The CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Internet Show and many of the sponsors who have supported the Pados Brothers popular racing show for the past nine years have always come up big in their support of racing and although the early press releases from the ignorant, disrespectful and totally unprofessional Speedway Entertainment media group had only indicated a few sponsors they had on board for the event, the RFRHS and the CARQUEST Gasoline Alley Gang have been a great team in adding the needed bucks to the always popular two day event with the help of the many sponsors who support their work. The Gasoline Alley Gang thanks all of the great fan support who were in attendance at the events and to the many of those fans who read the glowing indiscrepensies from the lopsided press releases of the Speedway Entertainment people and sent in their well wishes praising the popular show for their ongoing support of what they do for the racing community. The glowing speculation that something is very amiss within the Speedway Entertainment group is very evident in whatever racing venue one attends as they have continuously altered many of the Press Releases sent to them for print or fail to recognize many of the speedways that support them and show total disrespect for many of the drivers on the racing circuit today. In the future it is hoped by most that Rich Tobias will take a long hard look at the ongoing problems one person within his organization has caused to the racers, the speedways and racing organizations in the Slingshot divisions.
The Gang through the solid efforts of show co-host Ed Pados put together a solid network of sponsors who lent their assistance to this annual event. Ackermanville Auto Clinic, A.R.M. Automotive, Gardner Auto Service/Gary Gardner, Huston's Automotive/Danny Huston, Lane's Auto Repair, Lou's Texaco/Lou Horvath, Mammana's Automotive/Pat & Mike Mammana, Mark Gray Automotive/Mark and Pat Gray, Martocci Automotive/Tommy Martocci, Tony's Auto Repair, Bok Engine Service/Randy Bok, Murante Auto Repair, Gary and Donna Palmer at Accord Speedway, Carl's Auto Repair, Dotta Chrysler and Jeep, Blue Mountain Service Center/Leroy Amey, Reagle Dodge/Bruce Ott, Pauls Auto Body/Paul Fuchs, Bob's Towing, GA Motorsports Media and CARQUEST Gasoline Alley provided their full support to the RFRHS for the event.
The popular racing show airs from 6 to 8 PM every Monday evening on channels 103 and 137 and worldwide on the Internet. The Gang has been serving the racing world for the past nine years on the airwaves and is well noted for their well noted "theme" show format and will host the 535th edition of their show since they hit the airwaves and their 324th show since joining forces with the party channel at WALN Digital Cable and "Happy Jack" Burns on Channels 103 and 137. The Gasoline Alley Team of Ed and Steve Pados looks forward to more of the same great format they have been following since the inception of their hit show back in 2002 as they highlight the past, present and future of auto racing with their great show.
The popular award winning TV/Internet show offers a live internet video feed to all of the Internet subscribers to view the wide assortment of the many racing videos that are played while the show is in progress and to enjoy the chat sessions with the many great personalities from within the racing community who pay the Gang a visit to discuss racing. As always, a surprise or two will be expected as the Gasoline Alley Gang continues to bring the racing community the fastest, funniest and most informed racing show on the airwaves today. All shows produced by GA Motorsports Media are carefully researched, authenticated and fully scripted to produce for our loyal sponsors, guests and racing fans the best show on the airwaves today.

CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Radio/Internet Show continues with its outstanding line-up of talented guests with this week's edition of the show. The Show's programming is available on WALN Digital Cable Radio, Internet for the Audio portion and: for the video portion. The Show is available on Service Electric Digital Cable TV, Channels 103, and 137 and is live from 6 to 8 PM and later tape delayed on Channel 50 at 11 PM.

Join the Gasoline Alley broadcasting team of Ed and Steve Pados on Monday evening August 15th as they take you on a two-hour circular journey
with their well documented, very informative and extremely funny show.

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