CARQUEST Gasoline Alley Welcomes Racing Legends Sammy Beavers, Gerald Chamberlain And Tom Hager To Tonight'sShow

Date: 10/24/2011 12:00:33 PM


Allentown, PA: CARQUEST Gasoline Alley Welcomes Racing Legends, Sammy Beavers, Gerald Chamberlain And Tom Hager To Tonight's Show
By:Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The extremely popular and nationally acclaimed CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Internet Show cranks up the airwaves on Monday evening with another fabulous edition of their show on October 24th as show hosts Ed and Steve Pados welcome in a multitude of top personalities involved with the exciting world of motorsports.
The show airs from 6 to 8 PM every Monday evening on channels 103 and 137 and worldwide on the Internet. The Gang has been serving the racing world for the past ten years on the airwaves and is well noted for their well noted "theme" show format and will host the 544th edition of their show since they hit the airwaves and their 333rd show since joining forces with the party channel at WALN Digital Cable and "Happy Jack" Burns on Channels 103 and 137. The Gasoline Alley Team of Ed and Steve Pados have followed the same great format since the inception of their hit show back in 2002 as they have highlighted the past, present and future of auto racing and unfortunately will be closing the show down on October 31st after 545 shows and interviews with more than 8,000 drivers, car owners, engine and chassis builders, media correspondents and book authors with their great show.

With this edition of the show, the Gang will turn back the pages of history and welcome in a diverse group of legendary racing stars who have excelled in the world of auto racing. The interviews will kick off with one of the Flemington Speedway's most popular racing heroes, Sammy Beavers. Sammy enjoyed a stellar career in racing throughout the Northeast but it was Flemington where he enjoyed great success with 49 of his wins coming on the famous dirt square. The "Everett Express" Gerald Chamberlain will join the Gang to talk about the many racetracks he competed at with the emphasis on the famed Reading Fairgrounds race track where Gerald racked up 92 wins and a couple of championships running for legendary car owners Paul Deasey and Joe Bullock. The final interview will be with one of the finest drivers to ever race at the gritty half mile race track the Nazareth Speedway as "The Horrible One" Tom Hager joins the show to talk about a fine racing career that took him all over the Northeast to compete. His 40 Nazareth wins and two track championships and his flair for the dramatic made Tom one of the most popular figures that ever raced at Nazareth.
The popular award winning TV/Internet show offers a live internet video feed to all of the Internet subscribers to view the wide assortment of the many racing videos that are played while the show is in progress and to enjoy the chat sessions with the many great personalities from within the racing community who pay the Gang a visit to discuss racing. As always, a surprise or two will be expected as the Gasoline Alley Gang continues to bring the racing community the fastest, funniest and most informed racing show on the airwaves today. All shows produced by GA Motorsports Media are carefully researched, authenticated and fully scripted to produce for our loyal sponsors, guests and racing fans the best show on the airwaves today.

CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Radio/Internet Show continues with its outstanding line-up of talented guests with this week's edition of the show. The Show's programming is available on WALN Digital Cable Radio, Internet for the Audio portion and: for the video portion. The Show is available on Service Electric Digital Cable TV, Channels 103, and 137 and is live from 6 to 8 PM and later tape delayed on Channel 50 at 11 PM.

Join the Gasoline Alley broadcasting team of Ed and Steve Pados on Monday evening, October 24th as they take you on a two-hour circular journey
with their well documented, very informative and extremely funny show.

Should you have questions on how to be a part of the show through advertising, appearances or remotes, please contact Steve Pados at: 610 573 9706;
Ed Pados at: 610 739 0391; or the WALN Studios at: 610 791 1818. You may also email:


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