Gasoline Alley Hosts Ed And Steve Pados Thanks The Racing Community For Their Support For Ten Successful Years Of Race Shows

Date: 11/11/2011 1:54:43 PM


Allentown, PA: Gasoline Alley Hosts Ed And Steve Pados Thanks The Racing Community For Their Support For Ten Successful Years Of Race Shows
By:Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media

The extremely popular and nationally acclaimed CARQUEST Gasoline Alley TV/Internet Show ended their successful ten year reign of shows with the airing of last week's farewell edition of the show. Show hosts Ed and Steve Pados have welcomed in a multitude of top personalities from the past, present and future of motorsports during the ten years they have broadcast their show and would like to take this opportunity thank everyone who became involved with the show for the overwhelming success the show has enjoyed throughout it's long existence.
The fan base of the show was universal and the Pados Brothers thank everyone for the hundreds of emails and phone calls that have arrived with the closing of the show. The Gasoline Alley Gang has served the racing community for the past ten years on the airwaves and captured the essence and the pulse of racing with the well formatted "theme" show programming they followed from day one of the show. In total, the 545th edition of their show was their final show and 334 of the shows were hosted on the party channel at WALN Digital Cable and "Happy Jack" Burns on Channels 103 and 137. The Gasoline Alley Team also hosted another 63 shows dubbed "On-Track" on WALN that followed Gasoline Alley for two years. The show originally came to fruition in 2002 when they first aired on the WGPA 1100 AM Station in Bethlehem and after 47 shows were produced moved to the Easton based WEST 1400 AM Station. While at the Easton location 101 shows were produced and the show became the number one listened to show in the Lehigh Valley calling area.
The Pados Brothers have been involved in racing for more than sixty years with their first racing chores being scraping the accummulated mud out from under the 1937 Ford coupe stock car the family was racing at the time. The memories abound for the Pados Brothers in racing and it was a natural for them to turn to the microphones to carry their thoughts to the airwaves with their well accepted show. Through the 545 shows, more than 8,000 drivers, car owners, engine and chassis builders, media correspondents and book authors were interviewed during their great show. Every division of racing was included in the interview process, from go karts right on up to the stars of NASCAR but it was indeed the short tracks where the Pados Brothers focused their attentions too. The list of guests that interviewed on the show is likely never to be duplicated again in racing as young stars such as Chad Boat gave his first interview to the Gang at the age of 12 and many of the young stars arriving at the top echelon of the sport today such as Ricky Stenhouse, Cole Whitt, Kyle Larson and Chris Windom were many time guests on the show. The list of female driving talent on the show was second to none with Mares Stellfox, Taylor Ferns, Shannon McQueen, Jessica Clark, Jessica Zemken, Michelle Decker, Audra Saselli, and Randi Pankratz among the many top female driving stars who frequented the show. The Gang never forgot the past superstars of the sport and whether it was the sprints or the modifieds, the Gang covered all the bases and then some. Doug Wolfgang, the late Ray Tilley, Roger Rager, Bubby Jones, Lynn Paxton, Bobby Allen, Milt Miller, Richard Griffin, Leland McSpadden, Lee Osborne, Kenny Brenn were just a sampling of the many great open wheelers who took part in the show. Modified aces included racing legends, Bill Wimble, Sammy Beavers, Tom Hager, Stan Ploski, Freddy Adam, Red Coffin, Kenny Brenn Jr, Gerald Chamberlain, Frank Schneider and the late Gene Bergin and Ernie Gahan. Modern era Modified stars have included just about every star in Modified racing today. The Gang also did their famous prelude to the Chili Bowl shows format for years and were able to bring in the winners of the event each year with the exception of Tony Stewart.
The popular award winning TV/Internet show has been archived with only a few shows missing from the long history of the show. In the next few months the shows will be reviewed and possibly offered to the fans of racing who want to hear and see many of the broadcasts again. The Gasoline Alley Gang has brought to the racing community the fastest, funniest and most informed racing show on the airwaves and while the show has come to a close, racing will remain a major part of the Pados Brother's lives.

Should you have questions on any past shows, please contact Steve Pados at: 610 573 9706;
Ed Pados at: 610 739 0391; You may also email:


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