Brian Booze picks up Ernie’s 25 Special cash, Kramer Williamson scores third URC main

Date: 8/19/2007 6:59:50 AM

Brian Booze picks up Ernie’s 25 Special cash,  Kramer Williamson scores third URC main

 HAGERSTOWN, MD. – Brian Booze had been waiting since June 24, 2006 to pick up his career second late model win at Hagerstown Speedway, not that he hasn’t been putting forth 110% on any given night. In any case, his wait finally ended Saturday night as he bankrolled the Ernie’s 25 Special by leading every lap and taking a total of $625 lap money from Ernie Davis’ pockets every trip around the speedway along the $2,500 win. 

With the top twelve qualifiers drawing for position, Booze drew the number one, led all the way and waved out the window as he sped under the checkered 1.533 seconds ahead of Alan Sagi. 

“It’s been a while. I just had a feeling it was our night,” said Booze, of Marion, Pa. “When I drew pill three , it all started out pretty good and then I don’t know how much it cost me to get that number one draw for the feature but that definitely didn’t hurt.”

In the accompanying URC (United Racing Company) 25-lap sprint event in their first appearance since the speedway’s 50th Anniversary ten years ago, it was veteran Kramer Williamson leading all the way to score his third victory of the season. 

“I’ve been around here a few times and it can bite you,” said Williamson of Palmyra, Pa. “It’s an honor to be here. This is a brand new race car…first night out. It has a Mopar motor in it and we just finished it up around 1 o’clock this afternoon. I built the car… it’s kind of my own design and it worked real well. The motor ran real good.  We ran down on the bottom and just let it stick there.”

After qualifying, the top twelve Cindy Rowe Auto Glass late model drivers drew for starting position and luck was with Booze when he drew the number one with Jim Yoder alongside.

Booze took off as Sagi quickly took the second spot after starting fourth with Yoder quickly off the pace and headed directly to the pits. Devin Friese found a short cut to the front after starting 12th and was into third by lap two while seventh starting Marvin Winters passed Roy Deese Jr. for fourth the next circuit.

Booze pulled out to more than a second lead over Sagi as he closed on the rear of the field by the tenth lap. After getting by Mike Steck, Sagi and Friese closed in quickly as Booze tried to get by Moe Harden as he shot by on the under side with Sagi also going by. Friese wasn’t as lucky with his attempted outside pass as he made contact with the rear of Harden’s car and spun around backwards into the turn one fence to bring out the first caution.

Booze continued to lead over Sagi and Winters with 11th starting J.T. Spence rounding the top to occupy the fourth spot while fifth running Deese suddenly was off the pace and retired to the pits on the 17th circuit.

A spin on lap 19 brought out the final caution as Booze began to open more distance on Sagi while Winters was undergoing an assault by Spence for the third spot which he secured on the 23rd circuit.

Booze charged from the final turn with a 1.533 second advantage over Sagi, Spence and Winters with 15th starting Al Shawver Jr. completing the top five. Nathan Durboraw was sixth followed by Ray Kable Jr., from 17th, Brent Smith, 19th, Rusty Sites and Keith Jackson. 

“It got a little hairy there on that one lapped car,” Booze said. “I was trying to figure out where to go I ended up stuffing it down underneath him.  I think he got a little startled there but it all worked out.”

Winters, Yoder and Booze won the heats for the 30 entries with Smith winning the consolation.

The initial start of the sprint feature was called back by URC officials when outside pole sitter Kyle Purks got away too soon and was slid back a row with Jason Clauss advancing to his spot. At the same time, several drivers also piled up in the first turn on the aborted start with Scott Purcell and Robbie Stillwagon towed off while the few others were able to continue. 

Williamson took off with Claus and Jimmy Stitzel chasing as J.J. Grasso moved into third on the fifth circuit. Michael Carber advanced from tenth to fourth by the seventh circuit while defending series champion and three time winner, Curt Michael was rounding the top side and moved into fourth on lap 14.

Carber spun on the 18th to display the caution as Williamson led Clauss as Michael again went to the top and carried his momentum into second on the 23rd lap. Michael closed in but needed another lap or two to challenge Williamson who took the win by six lengths. Josh Weller took third from Clauss on the final circuit. Fifth went to Grasso. Ed Aiken was sixth with Randy West picking Hard Charger status after starting 16th, Davey Sammons, Stitzel and Purks completing the top ten.

Carber, Williamson and Purks won he heats for the 27 entries and Adam Gordon won the consolation.

The next program this Saturday, August 25 will be Small Fry Night with an

Ernie’s Salvage Yard 20-lap Special for pure stocks along with the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman. The season sixth 30-lap Enduro Dash is also included on the program. 

Pit gates open at 4 p.m., grandstands open at 5 p.m. and warm ups begin at 7 p.m. Check the speedway website for any changes in weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Ernie’s 25 Special: Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, 25 laps, 30 entries, (Lap Leader – Brian Booze 1-25): 1.Brian Booze; 2.Alan Sagi; 3.J.T. Spence; 4.Marvin Winters; 5.Al Shawver Jr.; 6.Nathan Durboraw; 7.RayKable Jr; 8.Brent Smith; 9.Rusty Sites; 10.Keith Jackson; 11.Travis Dillman; 12.Donnie Schick; 13.Mike Lupfer; 14.Frankie Plessinger; 15.Steve Gibney; 16.Eric Hons; 17.Moe Harden; 18.Ernie Davis; 19.Roy Deese Jr.; 20.D.J.Troutman; 21.Devin Friese; 22.Mike Steck; 23.Charlie Hageage; 24.Jim Yoder; DNQ: Scott LeBarron; Bo Feathers, DNS – Billy Wampler, Bill Palmer, Les Hare, Terry Lescalleet 
United Racing Company (URC) Sprints, 25 laps, 27 entries, (Lap Leader Kramer Williamson 1-25): 1.Kramer Williamson; 2.Curt Michael; 3.Josh Weller; 4.Jason Clauss; 5.J.J.Grasso; 6.Ed Aikin; 7.Randy West (Hard Charger); 8.Davey Sammons; 9.Jimmy Stitzel; 10.Kyle Purks; 11.Becca Anderson; 12.Mark Bitner; 13.Chris Coyle; 14.Brian Seidel; 15.Tony Biasi; 16.Mares Stellfox; 17.Mike Haggenbottom; 18.Brian Brittingham; 19.Michael Carber; 20.Dave Ely; 21.Midge Miller; 22.Trevor Lewis; 23.Adam Gordon; 24.Robbie Stillwagon; 25.Scott Pursell; DNQ: Jamie Bodo, Graig Folmer, Robbie Stillwagon   

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