Date: 9/2/2007 12:56:44 PM


HAGERSTOWN, MD: While Andy Anderson took top honors over a stellar late model field in Saturday nights 44-lap McBee/Hays Championship event at Hagerstown Speedway, the final point event for the Cindy Rowe Auto Glass late models, it was J.T. Spence who finished 1.36 seconds back in the double point event and became the 2007 Cindy Rowe champion.

Anderson of Martinsburg, WV charged from the 10th position and was in second by lap four and challenging two time and defending event winner, Nathan Durboraw. The next circuit he was pulling away to later post his first win of the prestigious event honoring the former driver and car owner. 

“I could have won this race about five years ago but lost it on the last lap, D.J. (Myers) beat me. I haven’t come close since,” Anderson said. “I was just glad to finish tonight. We’ve had some bad luck. All those yellows, (three in the last ten laps) my guys were motioning the 91 (Spence) was behind me. I could see the scoreboard that he was behind me… I just wanted to know where he was.”

“It was a great race tonight, even the heats were unbelievable,” said Patty Roberts McBee. “It’s nice to keep his memory alive, he and Speedy. They were good people on and off the track.”

Anderson recalled one memory of McBee, “Years ago when I was just a kid up in the grandstand, Ronnie was driving Speedy’s car and he won the first twin 20 and then started in the back in the second and he won that one, When Frank (Sagi) interviewed him, he said ‘Ronnie I don’t know what to tell you,  you won the first one, they made you start in the  back in the second one and you won that, Just tell me how did this thing feel?’ and Ronnie said, ‘It feels so good, I might drive it home.’”

Spence came into the event 100 points in arrears of 13 time overall season winner Bo Feathers but Feathers was finished on lap seven, when the suspension under his car broke. Remaining without troubles, Spence ended with his first late model championship by 34 points.

“Coming here tonight, I thought my chances were pretty slim,” Spence, of Winchester, VA said of winning the title. “Bo is pretty tough and deserves this as much as we do. He’s won a lot of races this year and had a heck of a year. All he had to was finish and he had it won. I didn’t know he fell out until I got in the pits. I wanted to win this race and I’ve had good finishes in this race all three years we’ve raced here. If I had to run second to anybody I’d like it to be Andy, he’s a good friend of mine.”

In two other events contested right down to the checkered, defending champion and point leader in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman, Andy Fries of Mercersburg, Pa. won his first in many years by a scant .019 seconds or about six inches over Tyler Armstrong while Dale Hollidge of Mechanicsville, Md. crossed the line in the Ernie’s Auto Enterprises pure stocks ahead of Mike Warrenfeltz and Mark Jones, 2nd and 1st respectively in points, so close a blanket could be thrown over the trio.  

From third, Durboraw charged around the high side to snatch the lead on the opening lap but Anderson was quick from 10th and stuck his nose under on the fourth lap to come away with the lead.  Setting a blistering pace, Anderson was to the rear by lap ten with Durboraw slowing to bring out the first caution on the next circuit.

On the restart, Spence charged from fourth to second and also past two lapped cars while Anderson was nearly four seconds ahead by a lap 17 yellow.

Again, he easily stretched his lead over Spence while Alan Sagi and David Williams were next until a car spun directly in front of Anderson on lap 26.  

Anderson remained in control while Jamie Lathroum took over third after the restart and swapped second with Spence several times until another yellow on lap 34. With two more on laps 37 and 42, Anderson remained focused while Spence broke loose of Lathroum who spun high following the final restart as Sagi and Billy Wampler got by with Lathroum holding to fifth at the checkered. 

Williams was sixth with Devin Friese coming from 19th  to seventh to pick up the Ernie’s Auto Enterprises hard charger award while Brent Smith, from 18th, Mike Lupfer, 13th, and Travis Dillman completed the top ten. 

Heats went to Spence, Williams, Bill Palmer and Ray Kable Jr. for the 39 entries while Scott LeBarron and Brian Booze won the two consolations.

Fred Harden led the first two laps of the HTMA late model sportsman event until Cody Lear took over just before Harden spun in turn two with everyone getting by.

Fries and Armstrong were charging from the sixth row with Fries to the front first and took the lead from Lear on lap nine. Armstrong passed Lear on lap 14 and began to cut into Fries’ two second lead.

Two cautions on the 17th and 19th laps kept the field close while Armstrong was still challenging and gave it his all from the final turn only to come up inches short.

Lear ended third with Barry Miller and Kyle Lear, who came from 17th to earn the St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube hard charger award, completing the top five.

Brent Hottle, Armstrong and Harden won the heats with Ashley Barrett taking the consolation for the 31 entries.

Dale Hollidge, who started sixth in the Ernie’s pure stock event, took the lead on lap three after Kevin Koontz and Danny Beavers were early leaders. Hollidge had Mike Warrenfeltz and Mark Jones on his bumper by the ninth lap and both looking for a way past. Hollidge never swayed in his effort to get the win and held the two veterans off in the final laps. Hans Stamberg and Dave Mikolajski completed the top five.

Frank Dibella, Warrenfeltz and Hollidge were heat winners with Dave Stouffer winning the consolation for the 31 entries while Warrenfeltz was the 21st Century Fireplace Services hard charger.

The late models get a break in the action this Saturday, September 8th as the HTMA late model sportsman and Ernie’s pure stocks highlight the action in their final point events. The enduro dash drivers will compete in their final championship event while the 21st Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby event will close out the evening. Pit gates open at 4 p.m., grandstands open at 5 p.m. and warm ups begin approximately 7 p.m. Check the speedway website for any changes in weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.  


22nd Annual McBee Hays Championship

Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, 44 laps, 39 entries, (Lap Leaders – Nathan Durboraw 1-4, Andy Anderson 5-44): 1.Andy Anderson; 2. J.T. Spence; 3.Alans Sagi; 4.Billy Wampler; 5.Jamie Lathroum; 6.David Williams; 7.Devin Friese (Hard Charger); 8.Brent Smith; 9.Mike Lupfer; 10.Travis Dillman; 11.Brian Booze; 12.Rusty Sites; 13.Bill Palmer; 14.Ryan Hack; 15.Scott LeBarron; 16.Gary Stuhler; 17.Al Shawver Jr.; 18.Larry Baker II; 19.Darryl Hills; 20.Terry Lescalleet; 21.Ray Kable Jr; 22.Marvin Winters; 23.Nathan Durboraw; 24.Bo Feathers; 25.Jeff Shearer; 26.D.J.Myers; DNS – Roy Deese Jr. DNQ – Ernie Davis, Mike Atherton, Matt Murphy, Steve Gibney, Robby Beall, Rick Stouffer, DNS – Frankie Plessinger, Tyler Hershey, Tim Murphy, Paul Crowl, Brian Hack, Kirk Ryan     

Hoosier/Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 31 entries (Lap Leaders – Fred Harden 1-2, Cody Lear 3-8, Andy Fries 9-20);  1.Andy Fries; 2.Tyler Armstrong; 3.Cody Lear; 4.Barry Miller; 5.Kyle Lear (Hard Charger); 6.Pete Weaver; 7.Scott Palmer; 8.Arlin Brougher; 9.Steve Axtell; 10.Cory Houck; 11.Richard Walls; 12.Jerry Bard; 13.James Myers; 14.Eugene Conlee; 15.Ashely Barrett; 16.Brent Hottle; 17.Michael Collins; 18.Anthony Lupini; 19.Mike Walls; 20.Terry Flaherty; 21.Brian Lessley; 22.Rinnie Dennis; 23.Fred Harden; 24.Barry Lear Sr.; DNQ- Curt Shreiner, Randy Schaffer, Chad Myers, Rob Gergel, DNS - Nick Pappas, Justin Hart, Dale Smith Jr.

Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks, 15 Laps,  31 entries (Lap Leaders – Kevin Koontz 1, Danny Beavers 2, Dale Hollidge 3-15);  1.Dale Hollidge; 2.Mike Warrenfeltz (Hard Charger); 3.Mark Jones; 4.Hans Stamberg; 5.Dave Mikolajski; 6.Dean Holmes; 7.Kenny Dayhoff; 8.Danny Beavers; 9.Wayne Hawbaker; 10.Steve Lowery; 11.Dave Stouffer; 12.Drew Fitzsimmons; 13.Kevin Dayhoff; 14.Tony Catlett; 15.Jason Sarver; 16.Brian Swigger; 17.Billy Ecton; 18.Justin Snodderly; 19.Paul Quattro; 20.Jim Snyder; 21.Kevin Koontz; 22.Frank Dibella; 23.Lin Sutphin; 24.Bobby Taylor; DNQ – Jason Murray, Rick Durbin Jr., John Stamberg, Jeremy Mowen, Kevin Keefer, DSN- Kim Ramer, Jesse Coleman 

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