Date: 9/17/2007 1:52:44 AM


HAGERSTOWN, MD – Setting quick time Saturday night in Cindy Rowe Auto Glass late model qualifying for the 33rd Annual Sunoco Race Fuels Hub City National 150 at Hagerstown Speedway, Jeremy Miller stood in victory Sunday evening, winner of the prestigious late season event for the second consecutive and third overall time.  Miller finished third in the first 50-lap feature and started fifth in the 50-lapper finale. He took the lead from Ronnie DeHaven on the 21st lap and later won $7,500 by 4.66 seconds over Alan Sagi. 

“It was pretty surprising to me,” Miller said. “We weren’t bad in the first one, but we weren’t as good as we needed to be. We really didn’t change a lot, just tires and it all worked out. I think the track came to us. Gary was out there. It seemed like Ronnie was catching him and seemed pretty strong but the longer we ran, I felt like we got a little bit better.”

Charles Buckler, owner of Miller’s late model declared Saturday night, “We didn’t come here to run second, we came here to win.”

A night late due to Friday’s rain postponement, Miller, of Littlestown, Pa., turned the quickest lap of 18.626 seconds around the half mile picking up the fast time trophy from Ernie’s Auto Enterprises and $250 from 21st Century Fireplace Services.

Winchester, Va’s Bo Feathers won the first 50 lap feature, his overall 14th of the season after snatching the lead from Miller on the second lap and edging Ronnie DeHaven by a length at the end. Three time event winner, Gary Stuhler of Greencastle, Pa, capped the second victory in Miller’s back up car when he developed motor problems right at the end of his time trial run. He hopped in Miller’s car and turned in an impressive second quick time effort. Stuhler led all the way and beat Sagi by .44 seconds.

“I kind of get in the corners a little too hard and my guys always get on me, but it paid off in three and four so that makes it pretty nice,”  Feathers said. “When you race Jeremy and JT (Spence)…Little Ronnie (DeHaven) snuck up there at the end. I was just trying to see who was there. All I saw was a yellow car.”

“I have to thank Charles and Jenny (Buckler),” Stuhler said. “I got a good break on the time trial. Charles said to drive it like I owned it. I was getting loose there at the end and I knew someone was on me. I couldn’t get going any better.  I tried to use the lapped cars to trap who ever was there.”

Richard Walls of St. Thomas, Pa and Mark Jones of Greencastle, Pa. also won the open competition events held both evenings. Walls won Sunday’s Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman feature for his second of the season while Jones picked up his fourth win in the Ernie’s Auto Enterprises pure stocks on Saturday night.

Stuhler beat Feathers into the first turn in the finale as DeHaven and Miller followed. DeHaven took second on lap three and following a lap seven yellow, began putting the pressure on Stuhler until his efforts worked and he went ahead on lap 13.

Miller got by Stuhler on lap 16 and following a lap 20 restart, disposed of DeHaven by charging around the top. Alan Sagi was on the move and took third from Stuhler on the 20th.

Stuhler slowed and drove to the pits when the breather came off on lap 24 while another top five car, Nathan Durboraw coasted to a stop the next circuit.

With the final 25 laps all green flag, Miller began stretching his lead as he entered rear traffic on lap 38 and was four seconds ahead of DeHaven and Feathers. Working through traffic, he never missed a beat and continued to hold a four second plus advantage until getting to the checkered with 4.66 seconds and six lapped cars between he and Feathers. Sagi was next with DeHaven and Dan Stone completing the top five. .Jim Bernheisel ended sixth over J.T.Spence, Booper Bare, Darryl Hills and Travis Dillman.

In the first 50 lap event, Feathers charged around Miller after one lap in the books with Spence, Chad McClellan and Jason Covert next.

Feathers was in traffic by the ninth lap and coming up on four rear markers when the yellow came out on lap 16. Miller continued to hold second until DeHaven came on strong and his challenge worked out on lap 40. He closed on Feathers and had pulled alongside when fifth running Covert went into the turn one fence for a yellow on lap 49. Feathers held off DeHaven in the final lap dash with Miller, Spence and Brian Booze completing the top five.

In the second, Stuhler pulled ahead of David Williams and was at the rear by lap eight. Stuhler’s 2.5 second lead evaporated when he got held up by a back marker as Williams closed in and took the lead momentarily on lap 31, but Stuhler powered back ahead. Following the first caution on lap 33, Stuhler led while Dan Stone took over second as Stuhler reentered traffic again on lap 42 and was 2.5 seconds ahead. Sagi challenged Stone and took second on lap 43 and was closing the gap but ran out of time as he finished .44 seconds back. Stone was third with Williams and Booper Bare to round out the top five. 

21st Century Fireplace Services rewarded 13th place finishers Jason Covert and Brent Smith for their efforts in the first two features while also giving Jim Yoder an additional $250 for being the hard charger in the finale, coming from 23rd to 12th. All feature winners received trophies compliments of Ernie’s Auto Enterprises. 

The HTMA late model sportsman event lined up with a six car inversion as Mike Walls took the lead from the outside pole as (Uncle) Richard Walls came from sixth into third on the fourth lap. M.Walls was 1.3 seconds ahead when the caution came out on lap nine. R.Walls was then challenged by 2007 track champion Andy Fries as the trio ran three different lines through the corners and R.Walls pulled ahead on lap 14. M. Walls looped his car the next lap as Fries took over second and had R.Walls cleared on the backstretch with two to go but the caution flag waved to negate the effort. Walls led the final two circuits to win by a length over Fries, Pete Weaver, Kyle Lear and Dale Smith.  

“I was racing Mikey there and he was doing a good job if the yellow hadn’t come out,” Walls said. “I think he might have won…then Andy snuck up on me. The yellow came out at the right time.”

“Hopefully we can come back and get another one next week (in the Shamrock Small Car Nationals),” Jones said following his pure stock victory.

Jones started fifth as Eric Johnson led the six car inverted field with 2007 Thunder Valley champion Jamie Swank taking the lead on lap four when Johnson dropped out. Jones powered past Swank on a fourth lap restart while Drew Fitzsimmons took second on lap nine but Swank retook the spot on the final lap when Fitzsimmons’ run ended one lap short. Jones powered through the final one lap dash to beat Swank and Steve Lowery with Andy Holmes and Bobby Taylor completing the top five. 

Next program on the schedule is the 1st Annual Shamrock Small Car Nationals set for Saturday September 22nd. The late models sportsman and pure stocks will be going for $1,000 to win with time trials and heats to set the line ups. Four Cylinders will be racing for $400 to win. The pits will open at 3 p.m., grandstands at 4 p.m. with racing at approximately 6 p.m. Check the speedway website for any further information at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
33rd Annual Sunoco Racing Fuels Hub City National 150: Feature #1 -- 50 laps, (Lap leaders Jeremy Miller 1, Bo Feathers 2-50): 1.Bo Feathers; 2.Ronnie DeHaven; 3.Jeremy Miller; 4.J.T. Spence; 5.Brian Booze; 6.Barry Miller; 7.Jim Bernheisel; 8.Darryl Hills; 9.Scott LeBarron; 10.Eric Hons; 11.Chad McClellan; 12.Jim Yoder; 13.Jason Covert; 14.Dale Smith Jr; 15.Steve Axtell Jr.; 16.Tyler Hershey; 17.Steve Gibney; 18.Bryan Bernheisel; 19.Terry Lescalleet; 20.Ryan Hackett; 21.Waylon Wagner; 22.Lindsay Barton; 23.D.J.Myers; 24.Tim Wilson

Feature #2 – 50 laps ( Lap Leaders (Gary Stuhler 1-30, 32-50, David Williams 31): 1.Gary Stuhler; 2.Alan Sagi; 3.Dan Stone; 4.David Williams; 5.Booper Bare; 6.Nathan Durboraw; 7.Travis Dillman; 8.Marvin Winters; 9.Greg Fetters; 10.Jamie Lathroum; 11.Al Shawver Jr.; 12.Tommy Armel; 13.Brent Smith; 14.Larry Baer; 15.Rusty Sites; 16.Bill Palmer; 17.Mike Lupfer; 18.Dave Shutski; 19.Mike Steck; 20.Bobby Dryden; 21.Mike Atherton; 22.Roy Deese Jr.; 23.Chruck Shultz; DNS – Brian Hack

Feature #3 Hub City: 50 Laps, (Lap Leaders Gary Stuhler 1-12, Ronnie DeHaven 13-21, Jeremy Miller 22-50): 1.Jeremy Miller; 2.Bo Feathers; 3.Alan Sagi; 4.Ronnie DeHaven; 5.Dan Stone; 6.Jim Bernheisel; 7.J.T.Spence; 8.Booper Bare; 9.Darryl Hills; 10.Travis Dillman; 11.Brian Booze; 12.Jim Yoder (Hard Charger); 13.Chad McClellan; 14.Jamie Lathroum; 15..Scott LeBarron; 16.Bill Palmer; 17.Barry Miller; 18.Eric Hons; 19.Al Shawver Jr.; 20.Nathan Durboraw; 21.Gary Stuhler; 22.Tommy Armel; 23.Marvin Winters; 24.David Williams     DNQ- Ray Kable Jr., Donnie Schick, Billy Wampler, Andy Anderson

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman Open Competition, 20 Laps, 23 entries, (Lap Leaders Mike Walls 1-13, Richard Walls 14-20): 1.Richard Walls; 2.Andy Fries; 3.Pete Weaver; 4.Kyle Lear; 5.Dale Smith Jr. 6.Tim Fetter, 7.Michael Collins; 8.Mike Walls; 9.Cody Lear; 10.Scott Palmer; 11.Nick Pappas, 12.Jerry Bard; 13.Bruce Kane; 14.Randy Smith; 15.Barry Lear Jr. 16.Cuyler Upperman; 17.Mike Walls(Gettysburg); 18.Paul Crowl; 19.Barry Miller; 20.Steve Kent; 21.Mike Mort; 22.Mike Williams; DSQ- Steve Axtell 

Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks Open Competition, 15 Laps 24 entries (Lap Leaders – Eric Johnson 1-3, Jamey Swank 4, Mark Jones 5-15):  1.Mark Jones; 2.Jamey Swank; 3.Steve Lowery; 4.Andy Holmes; 5.Bobby Taylor; 6.Rick Stouffer; 7.Brian Swiger; 8.Kevin Koontz; 9.Wayne Hawbaker; 10.Kim Ramer; 11.Paul Quattro; 12.Dave Mikolajski; 13.Kevin Keefer; 14.Justin Snodderly; 15.Donnie Smith; 16.Drew Fitzsimmons; 17.Ronnie Doss; 18.Scott Sipes; 19.Jason Sarver; 20.Bill Eckton Jr.; 21.Eric Johnson; 22.Tim Monn; 23.Tony Catlett, DNS Darrin Younker

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