Date: 7/3/2008 3:26:21 AM

July 3,  2008                                   For Immediate Release  

Saturday, July 5th, (7:00 p.m.) 1st Annual Red Nininger Memorial Shootout II 40-Lap Late Model
(pp from June 14), Late Model Sportsman, 13th Annual Cornett Tribute 20-lap Pure Stocks + 30
Lap Enduro Dash
Saturday, July 12th, (7:00 p.m.) Ernie’s 25 Special for Late Models, $2,500 to win, Late Model
Sportsman & Pure stocks
Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 18-20 – Monster Truck Nationals

Hagerstown, Md. –  After Jeff Shepard and Fred Rahmer put on a driving clinic with the lead being swapped at least eight times following a 3rd lap restart. Shepard retook the point on lap 20 and drove away to pick up the Wednesday’s $5,000 triumph during Night 4 of the 18th Annual Cindy Rowe Auto glass Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek. It was the first ever win at Frank Plessinger’s Hagerstown Speedway for Shepard, of Upperco, MD as he held a 1.63 second advantage on Rahmer at the line.

“We were on our way here and I thought to myself, ‘I’ve never won at this race track.’ It’s always bit me,” said the driver of the John and Pee Wee Zemaitis Zemco sprint car. “I’ve ended up in the infield, out of the park, you name it.”

One thing for certain, the race fans got to see sprints in action, especially at the front with sliders on every turn until Shepard closed in.

“I don’t think there’s a better racer out there than Fred Rahmer. To get a chance to race wheel to wheel with him is priceless,” Shepard said. “We were close. That was the most fun I’ve had in a while. He was good, no question about it. Lapped traffic plays a hell of a role. I though he was going to pass us back.”

And then late in the race, Shepard’s engine began showing a whisp of smoke.

“We blew the motor up with about eight laps to go and I thought for sure he was going to get back around us but the car was good. We worked on it all night,” he said. ”We didn’t get a good start at the beginning. I did some adjustments under the yellow inside the car but pretty much determination was what it was.”

With a damp humid night, the track was a while in getting ready but it was smooth and quick. The top 28 sprints were separated by only .964 seconds in time trials. For the third straight night, Rahmer was the quick one with a lap of 15.268 and then pulled a number eight inversion.

Shepard began from the pole but Mark Smith powered off the top of turn two to take command with Rahmer to fourth by the first circuit and took third from Doug Esh by the second.

The red was displayed on lap three when Doug Esh ended on his side in turn four and Keith Kauffman got a flat tire out of the deal when he made contact.

On the restart, the show began with Rahmer under, then Shepard back in front, and more of the same lap after lap until Rahmer finally secured the spot and broke free on lap nine with Smith and Todd Shaffer trailing Shepard.

Rahmer closed on traffic as Shepard quickly arrived on the scene and became a challenger again. He blew by Rahmer on the 20th lap and later started showing some smoke from the car. His lead of 2.2 seconds on lap 27 slowed to 1.63 in the final circuits. 

Shepard’s celebration ended by saying, “Fred’s hard to pass….he came from eighth…he had a fast race car, but I have two words, Fred WHO!”

Shaffer got by Smith for the third spot on 20th while Brian Leppo picked off several spots in the closing laps to move into fifth on the final circuit.

Chad Layton was sixth after coming from 16th with defending winner, Lance Dewease next while Cody Darrah, Brian Paulus and 19th starter Stevie Smith completed the top ten. Heats went to Layton, S.Smith and Esh while Craig Keel was the B Main winner.

The speedway returns to action Saturday evening with a full night of racing entertainment. The 1st Annual Red Nininger Memorial Shootout II 40-Lap Late Model which is postponed from June 14 the will take center stage with the 13th Annual Cornett Tribute 20-lap event for the pure stocks as the premier event for that popular division. The Late Model Sportsman and a postponed 30 lap Enduro Dash are also included on the program.

Pit gates open at 4 p.m., grandstands open at 5 p.m and warm ups begin at7:00 p.m. Check the speedway website for any changes in weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Pennsylvania Sprint Speedweek, 30 Laps,  30 entries (Lap Leaders – Mark Smith 1-3, Jeff Shepard 4-8, 22-30, Fred Rahmer, 9-19) 1.Jeff Shepard; 2.Fred Rahmer; 3.Todd Shaffer; 4.Mark Smith; 5.Brian Leppo; 6.Chad Layton; 7.Lance Dewease; 8.Cody Darrah; 9.Brian Paulus; 10.Stevie Smith; 11.Mike Wagner; 12.T.J. Winegardner; 13.Keith Kauffman; 14.Alan Cole; 15.Aaron Ott; 16.Niki Young; 17.Greg Hodnett; 18.Michael Carber; 19.Michael Heckman; 20.Bob Bennett; 21.Craig Keel; 22.Bob Howard; 23.Kramer Williamson; 24.Doug Esh -  DNQ: Jeff Busby, Randy Baughman, Joey Hershey, Mark Zimmerman, Richie Fitz, Cale Grub

Time Trials: 1Fred Rahmer, 15.268; 2.Brian Leppo, 15.299; 3.Todd Shaffer, 15.322; 4.Brian Paulus, 15.341; 5.Cody Darrah, 15.358; 6.Lance Dewease, 15.362; 7.Mark Smith, 15.431; 8.Jeff Shepard, 15.436; 9.Michael Carber, 15.440; 10.Mike Wagner, 15.449; 11.Alan Cole, 15.457; 12.Doug Esh, 15.462; 13.Greg Hodnett, 15.518; 14.Keith Kauffman, 15.523; 15.Niki Young, 151.527; 16.Chad Layton, 15.573; 17.Stevie Smith, 15.628; 18.T.J. Winegardner, 15.855; 19.Crai Keel, 15.882; 20.Bob Bennett, 15.888; 21.Kramer Williamson, 15.911; 22.Cale Grubb, 15.977; 23.Aaron Ott, 16.031; 24.Michael Heckman, 16.048; 25.Richie Fitz, 16.049; 26.Jeff Busby, 16.101; 27.Bobby Howard, 16.149; 28.Randy Baughman, 16.232; 29.Mark Zimmerman, 17.496; 20. Joey Hershey, No Time

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