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August 3, 2008                               For Immediate Release  

Saturday, August 9 (7:00 p.m.) – 28th Annual Shorty Bowers Bull Durham Championship 40-Lap
Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, Ernie’s
Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks
Saturday, August 16 (7:00 p.m.) – Small Fry Night, Ernie’s Salvage Yard Special 20-Lap Pure
Stocks, Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman
Saturday, August 23 (7:00 p.m.) – Regular Show, Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks + Enduro Dash


Hagerstown, Md. – “I haven’t been to Hagerstown (Speedway) in awhile and I love this place. It’s good to be back,” said Zanesville, Ohio’s Bart Hartman after $10,000 in winning Saturday’s Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Shootout Finale and postponed 27th Annual Stanley Schetromph Classic. It was Hartman’s career fourth at Frank Plessinger’s Maryland oval and his first since October 5, 1997.

Hartman timed second quick, won his heat and began the 50-lap event from the number two slot and then led the first 16 circuits before fourth starter, Jimmy Owens finally won out in lapped traffic. Hartman was closing before the only caution in the event waved on lap 39. Hartman powered in on the low end and later exited off turn four to lead the final ten circuits and score the triumph by 2.16 seconds.

“I never thought we’d be able to get by Jimmy on that restart like that,” Hartman said. “This is a brand new car.  We’ve kind of struggled this weekend. We had a little back luck at Bedford and wasn’t that good at Winchester. We broke this thing out and she drove good. I wanted to settle for second and beat Josh (Richards) into one, but I was surprised I got by Jimmy.”

Lined up heads up by the draw of fast timer and last years Lucas – Schetromph event winner, Scott James, Hartman charged around the top of turns one and two to power of two with the lead while Owens pulled into second on the second round with third starting Rick Eckert passing James on the third lap. Earl Pearson Jr., previous night’s winner at Winchester, took over fourth on the fifth circuit.

Hartman maintained six car length lead over Owens at they caught the rear cars on lap 11 and Owens quickly followed Hartman as the pair made some exciting moves to maneuver through traffic. Owens then got the edge on the backstretch and stole the lead to continue wading through traffic as by the halfway mark, three lapped cars separated him from Hartman.

Hartman was more than two and one half seconds behind on lap 34 but quickly began to close on Owens before the single caution when Ricky Elliott came to a stop in turn two to regroup the field. Hartman chose the inside row for the restart with Josh Richards, who took third on lap 30, alongside.

Owens somewhat opened the door on the bottom of the restart, as Hartman used the available room and quickly powered into the lead to slowly stretch his lead over the final laps. The order remained unchanged behind him for the front positions which consisted of Owens, Richards, Pearson and Thursday’s winner at Bedford, Steve Francis.

Eckert ended sixth with Gary Stuhler, the Winchester/Hagerstown Shootout champion, next in line while Donnie Moran, Steve Casebolt, from 21st and James completed the top ten.

Heats for the 52 entries went to James, Hartman, Eckert and Owens while the B main winners were Steve Shaver and Booper Bare. Provisional starters were Justin Rattliff, Terry Casey and Mike Lupfer.

The Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman were in action for 30 laps in the Hagerstown/ Cumberland Maryland Clash as two time defending champion and opening day winner, Andy Fries, picked up his second checkered flag of the season in the $1,000 to win event. 

Jerry Bard and Fries occupied the front row in the four car inversion as Bard took the point at the onset while Dylan Yoder and Pete Weaver swapped third position various times throughout the race.

Friese was on the outside of Bard entering turn three on lap eight when the caution waved so he used the restart to flex his muscle and charge ahead to power from the fourth turn with the lead.

Bard had several opportunities for a payback but Fries was strong on each of the restarts. The final yellow waved when fourth running Scott Palmer ended spun around on the 24th circuit with Fries driving away on the restart to win by 2.3 seconds over Bard.

“I was trying to run the bottom and kept slipping up,” Fries said. “I watched Bart in the other feature and after he fell back, he was coming in the middle, so I moved up to the middle and found my groove. We’ve been struggling a good bit lately. I told my brother, ‘We got to get going or we’re going to lose the championship.’ We’ve been lucky in a way. We changed a bunch of stuff around and this thing is awesome in the slick.”

Weaver finally secured third place in the battle with Yoder. Barry Miller came all the way from 18th to take the fifth spot with Richard Walls, up from 19th to end sixth. Wayne Walls Jr., Matt Sponaugle, Shawn Jones and Travis Beaver, from 21st, completed the top ten.

Heats for the 36 entries went to Yoder, Ashley Barrett, Fries and Bard while Beaver was the B- main winner. 

Action returns to the speedway this Saturday with another long running special, the 28th Annual Shorty Bowers Bull Durham Championship, a 40-lap event for the Cindy Rowe Auto Glass late models. The Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman will also be competing in the 30-lap Maryland Clash event worth $1,000 while the Ernie’s Auto Enterprises pure stocks also return to action.

Pit gates open at 4: p.m. with grandstands opening at 5:00 p.m. Hot laps get underway at 7:00 p.m.  Check the speedway website for information and any changes in weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Lucas Oil Series Late Models – 27th Annual Stanley Schetromph Classic, Shootout Finale - Cindy Rowe Auto Glass Late Models, 50 laps,  52 entries, (Lap Leaders – Bart Hartman 1-16, 40-50, Jimmy Owens, 17-39 ) 1.Bart Hartman; 2.Jimmy Owens; 3.Josh Richards; 4.Earl Pearson Jr.; 5.Steve Francis; 6.Rick Eckert; 7.Gary Stuhler; 8.Donnie Moran, 9.Steve Casebolt; 10.Scott James; 11.J.T. Spence; 12.Steve Shaver; 13.Billy Drake; 14.D.J.Myers; 15.Justin Rattliff; 16.Booper Bare; 17.Dan Schlieper; 18.Terry Casey; 19.Brian Booze; 20.Mike Lupfer; 21.Matt Lux; 22.Andy Anderson; 23.Ricky Elliott; 24.Jimmy Bernheisel; 25.Jeremy Miller;  DNQ: Dan Stone, Jason Covert, Darryl Hills, David Williams, D.J. Troutman, Billy Wampler, Jamie Lathroum, Scott LeBarron, Vic Coffey, Wayne Chinn, Devin Friese, Marvin Winters, Paul Crowl, Kirk Ryan Jr., Tyler Armstrong, Brent Smith, Matt Murphy, John Mason, Scott Cross, Frankie Plessinger, Roland Mann, Al Cheney, Jim Stine, Ronnie DeHaven, DNS - Tim Wilson, Nathan Durboraw

Time Trials - 1.Scott James, 19.078; 2.Bart Hartman, 19.095; 3.Josh Richards, 19.196; 4.Jimmy Owens, 19.212; 5.Andy Anderson, 19.222; 6.Earl Pearson Jr., 19.234; 7.Jeremy Miller, 19.282; 8.Matt Lux, 19.293; 9.Dan Stone, 19.307; 10.Donnie Moran, 19.315; 11.Rick Eckert, 19.339; 12.Steve Francis, 19.349; 13.Gary Stuhler, 19.397; 14.Steve Shaver, 19.409; 15.D.J. Myers 19.505; 16.Justin Rattiff, 19.537; 17.Brian Booze, 19.604; 18.Jimmy Bernheisel, 19.592; 19.Booper Bare, 19.604; 20.Jamie Lathroum, 19.611; 21.Steve Casebolt, 19.628; 22.Tyler Armstrong, 19.630; 23.Ricky Elliott, 19.634; 24.Dan Schlieper, 199.639; 25.Billy Drake, 19.719; 26.Wayne Chinn, 19.784; 27.Devin Friese, 19.802; 28.Frank Plessinger, 19.822; 29.David Williams, 19.824; 30.Terry Casey, 19.867; 31.D.J.. Troutman, 19.910; 32.Jason Covert, 19.931; 33.Marvin Winters, 20.054; 34.Tim Wilson, 20.070; 35.Vic Coffey, 20.105; 36.Freddy Smith, 20.143; 37.Mike Lupfer, 20.167; 38.Darryl Hills, 20.220; Ronnie DeHaven Jr.,20.237; 40.John Mason, 20.303; 41.Scott LeBarron, 20.318; 42.Roland Mann, 20.348; 43.Al Cheney, 20.398; 44.J.T. Spence, 20.508; 45.Billy Wampler, 20.518; 46. Scott Cross, 20.560;  47.Kirk Ryan Jr., 20.747; 48.Jim Stine, 21.153; NT – Nathan Durboraw, Matt Murphy, Paul Crowl, Brent Smith    

Maryland Clash Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 30 Laps,  36 entries (Lap Leaders Jerry Bard – 1-8, Andy Fries 9-30) 1.Andy Fries; 2.Jerry Bard; 3.Pete Weaver; 4.Dylan Yoder; 5.Barry Miller; 6.Richard Walls; 7.Wayne Walls Jr.; 8.Matt Sponaugle; 9.Shawn Jones; 10.Travis Beaver; 11.Ashley Barrett; 12.Cory Houck; 13.Steve Axtell Jr.; 14.James Myers; 15.Kyle Lear; 16.Scott Palmer; 17.Brian Lessley; 18.Paul Cursey; 19.Michael Collins; 20.Dan Zechman; 21.Nick Pappas; 22.Kyle Wiser; 23.Tyler Armstrong; 24.Cody Lear; 25.Mike Walls; 26.Jimmy Richards, DNQ – Glenn Nininger Jr., Robby Beall, Cory Hanson, Rob Gergel, Steve McCartney, Francis Stone, Justin Hart, Courtney Shreiner, DNS – Terry Flaherty, Kris Eaton

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