Date: 9/14/2008 4:03:59 PM

September 14,  2008                               For Immediate Release  

Friday - Saturday:   September 19-20 (7:30 p.m.) – 2nd Annual Shamrock Small Car Nationals,
Late Model Sportsman, Pure stocks & Four Cylinders
Friday - Qualifying by Time Trials and heat races for all classes 
Saturday -Consolation and Feature events for all divisions plus Enduro Championship, Powder
Puff and 22nd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby (postponed from September 6, 2008) 
Saturday - Sunday:  October 25-26 12:00 p.m. Noon – 21st Annual Octoberfest 350
Saturday – Qualifying for all Four Divisions
Sunday - 100 Lap Feature events for Big Block Modified, Small Block Modified and Late Models, 50 Laps for Sprints


Hagerstown, Md. – After more than an hour rain delay for Hagerstown Speedway’s 34th Annual Hub City 100 to get underway, Jeremy Miller and Pat Cannon were greeted in victory lane following victories in the prestigious late season event which included a format change to 50-lap features for the IRS (Independent Racing Series) Late Models and the 358 sprint cars.  The event was sponsored by Sunoco Race Fuels and & D Auto Recycling. Winner trophies were provided by J & M Sportsworld.

Making only his second visit to Hagerstown season, Miller of Gettysburg, also made this one a rewarding experience by capturing the IRS event. A three time and past two consecutive time winner of the event, Miller won his heat, finished second in the Dash to start outside the front row and led from start to finish and pocketed $7,000 for his overall fourth win of the season.   

“I have to thank VP Racing Fuels for this,” Miller said. “I didn’t know how much of a deficit our motor deal was on the other fuel all year long. We switched to VP fuels and the motor just came alive like they were last year. The track was in nice shape. It’s to the point you can race all over it. I ran the bottom a lot, but actually when I moved up to the middle, my car was actually better.” 

Cannon, of Etters, Pa., the 2008 Selinsgrove champion and current Williams Grove point leader, was flawless in his $3,000 winning effort and added to his overall 12 already this season. Cannon started fifth and got past Aaron Ott to charge ahead on the 33rd circuit and win by more than two seconds over T.J. Stutts. 

“This was awesome, anytime you win at a new place that’s cool,” Cannon said. “Sitting out in the parking lot and watching it rain for an hour, I never thought we’d get this in tonight. This surface is awesome smooth. We don’t run on anything like this in all Central Pa. It turned out to be a great surface, when you can race on it like that, all the fast cars up front. I thought we made the right tire choice and we did because she locked down the last half of that race and it was just flat out awesome.”

Miller got the drop on pole setter Jamie Lathroum and Ronnie DeHaven Jr. at the start and was two seconds out front by the fourth lap and to the rear of the field by the tenth circuit. On the 15th lap Jason Covert passed DeHaven and by the next lap, Miller was still forging ahead and had three cars separating himself from Lathroum.

Covert moved into the runner up spot on the 21st with the first and only caution displayed on the 27th lap when Frankie Plessinger coasted to a stop.

Miller charged ahead on the restart as Covert while 2000 event winner, D.J. Myers worked on Lathroum and Jack Pencil moved in to challenge DeHaven and take his spot on the 34th.

Miller maintained more than a second advantage over Covert until the checkered while Myers took the third spot from Lathroum on the final lap. Lathroum and Pencil completed the top five.

“I can’t thank everybody enough,” Miller said.” Charles and Jenny (Buckler) couldn’t be here tonight… of course they’re going to be pretty upset but they’re going to be happy too. To win this race four times in the Buckler Motorsports car, that’s pretty awesome and I can’t say enough about American Racers, they’re the dominant tire here when we get to race them.”

Devin Friese came from the final 24th spot to finish 6th while DeHaven, Andy Anderson, Alan Sagi (back from a July racing accident) and Brian Booze rounded out the top ten. Late model heat winners for the 50 entries were Lathroum, Covert, Miller and Booze while Nathan Durboraw and Plessinger won the consolations.

Three time event winner Durboraw was the first out of the event with mechanical problems on the eighth circuit. Gary Stuhler, who along with Miller, have split the past six events had his night end early when he was rear ended in his heat race and spun around to be collected by Brian Bernheisel.

Cory Haas started the 358 show by jumping out ahead of Craig Myers but on the second lap, Myers brought out the first caution when he made contact with the turn two fence. Aaron Ott took up the chase on Haas following the restart while Phil Walters, Chad Trout and Cannon were next. Haas was nearly two seconds ahead and arriving at the rear of the field when the second caution waved on lap ten.  

Cannon had passed Trout and trailed Walters until the 17th lap when he took over third while Ott worked on Haas in lapped traffic to take over the top spot on the 23rd round as Cannon also saw an opening and grabbed the runner up spot the next circuit before the halfway fuel stop.

Ott took off following the stop with Cannon keeping the pressure on and finally, made his move to charge ahead on the 33rd lap.

The only caution in the second half was when Haas and a lapped car got together on the

39th lap which ended a good run. 

Cannon took off and was more than three seconds ahead with five to go while Ott held off Stutts’ challenges until the 45th lap as Cannon got into lapped traffic with Stutts closing some to take the final checkered two seconds back at 12:55 a.m.  

“Man this was a great deal,” Cannon said. “We had to bide our time there. I was getting a little nervous the first ten laps, the car wasn’t driving off.  I said, ‘Well, we’re going up to the top and see what it’s got’. I think I generated some tire heat and it locked down and she was rolling.” 

Ott finished third with Walters and Danny Dietrich making a late strong run from 15th to end fifth. Lincoln champion, Jeff Rohrbaugh came from 22nd to hold to the sixth position over Mark Freeland, Chad Criswell (from 19th), Tim Wagaman and Trout.

Haas, Myers, Trout and Ott were the heat winners with Tim Berkheimer and Rohrbaugh winning the consolations for the 38 entries. .

It’s down to only two programs remaining and the final even before a several week lull is the two day 2nd Annual Shamrock Inn Small Car Nationals for this Friday-Saturday.

Friday will feature all qualifying and time trials for the divisions while Saturday’s program includes the consolation and feature events for the late model sportsman, pure stocks and four cylinders with each paying $2,000 to win. Other specials on the program include the Enduro Championship, a Power Puff and the 22nd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby what was postponed from September 6th due to a rain out.

Friday, pit gates open at 4:30, grandstands at 5:30 and hot laps are at 7:30. On Saturday, all times are a half hour earlier.  Check the speedway website for information and any changes in weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.  

34TH Annual Hub City 100, IRS (Independent Racing Series) Late Models, 50 laps, 50 entries, (Lap Leaders – Jeremy Miller 1-50 ) 1.Jeremy Miller; 2.Jason Covert; 3.D.J.Myers; 4.Jamie Lathroum; 5.Jack Pencil; 6.Devin Friese; 7.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 8.Andy Anderson; 9.Alan Sagi; 10.Brian Booze; 11.Darryl Hills; 12.Steve Axtell Jr.; 13.Mike Knight; 14.Robbie Blair; 15.J.T. Spence; 16.Mike Lupfer; 17.Jeff Miller; 18.Frankie Plessinger; 19.Booper Bare; 20.Keith Jackson; 21.Rick Aukland; 22.Roy Deese Jr.; 23.Dave Hess Jr.; 24.Nathan Durboraw: DNQ: Tommy Armel, Matt Lux, Ray Kable Jr., Dan Stone, Gregg Fetters, Scott LeBarron, Ron Delano Jr., Brian Tavenner, Dylan Yoder, Jere Wierman, Matt Parks, Terry Rayko, Marvin Winters, Scott Cross, DNS: Tim Wilson, Todd Snook, Gary Stuhler, Ricky Elliott, Jim Yoder, Brian Bernheisel, Kirk Ryan, Matt Hardy, Tony Crim, Paul Crowl, Tyler Hershey, David Williams. 

358 Sprints, 50 Laps, 38 entries (Lap Leaders – Cory Haas 1-22, Aaron Ott 23-32, Pat Cannon 33-50) 1.Pat Cannon; 2.T.J. Stutts; 3.Aaron Ott; 4.Phil Walters; 5.Danny Dietrich; 6.Jeff Rohrbaugh; 7.Mark Freeland; 8.Chad Criswell; 9.TimWagaman; 10.Chad Trout; 11.John Barnet; 12.Nate Hammaker; 13.Dale Hammaker; 14.Dave Franek; 15.Jasno Shultz; 16.Glenndon Forsythe; 17.Tim Berkheimer; 18.Todd Reed; 19.Jessica Anderson; 20.Nathan Berwager; 21.Cory Haas; 22.TomWise; 23.Randy Davis; 24.Derek Locke; 256.Nichole Bower; 26.Craig Myers; DNQ – Jessie Morrison, Cale Griffen, Stewart Smith, Jay Galloway, Kevin Nagy, Keith Prutzman, Matt Boland, DNS – Brain Eichelberger, Billy Johns, Billy Dietrich, Dan Richcreek, Erick Tomecek

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