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September 21, 2008                                For Immediate Release



Saturday - Sunday:  October 25-26 12:00 p.m. Noon – 21st Annual Octoberfest 350

Saturday – Qualifying for all Four Divisions

Sunday - 100 Lap Feature events for Big Block Modified, Small Block Modified and Late Models, 50 Laps for Sprints




Hagerstown, Md. – After Friday night qualifications for the 2nd Annual Shamrock Inn Small Car Nationals, Ashley Barrett, Dale Hollidge and Mark Digges were each $2,000 winners in their respective features on Saturday night at Hagerstown while “Krazy” Kenny Thomas, Steve Thompson and Cheryl Sperlich also had other victories during the evening.

Maureen Taylor, owner of the Shamrock Inn, along with her associates, made everyone a winner with the help of at least 40 different sponsors for various prizes handed out to every finisher.   

Barrett, of Shippensburg, Pa was triumphant in the 30-lap late model sportsman feature after leading the green to checker with contact made coming off the final turn when Dylan Yoder tried a run from the bottom side and they met with both out of shape, Barrett recovering and going for the win. Pete Weaver snuck past for second while Yoder went across the finish line backwards to still finish third. It was his fourth victory in the second half of the season following a broken wrist that plagued the first half.

“That lost turn, when I came off the corner, when these things are up on the bars, you can’t see when someone sweeps up on you like that and as soon as I saw him, I was already into him,” Barrett said. “What are you going to do, it’s the checkered flag? I kept my car straight and made it across the line. We really didn’t work on the set up. We just ran what we’ve been running .We’ve messed around the last two days on this power steering,  We qualified last night without power steering.”  

Hollidge, of Mechanicsville, Md, the 2008 pure stock champion raced side by side with Hans Stamberg until he finally edged ahead with eight laps to go and won over him by .78 seconds.  

“We’ve been racing for points all year. That was the most fun I’ve had racing in a long time,” Hollidge said of his fourth triumph. “The track wasn’t as slick last night and we made some adjustments to the car. It started getting a little tight there towards the end.”

Digges, the 2008 Winchester four cylinder champion, started seventh and saw an opportunity and took advantage of it to take the lead on the sixth lap and drive away to win by three seconds over Roger Whitlock in the non-stop 15-lap feature.

“We had this thing all but won last year and I felt I had something to finish. I felt we got it done tonight,” Digges said. “The 21 (Leidy) and 11 (Stoll Jr.) cars, I don’t know if I’d got past them; getting to them was one thing, but passing is another, but they got into each other there and slipped up, I just took the opportunity when it was there and tried to do it clean.”

It was the second win in the enduros for Thomas of Keedysville, Md. but one he’s been trying to win for years, the 75 lap championship event. Thomas started 28th and took the lead on the 14th lap to continue to lap all but the second and third place cars. He ended just over 16 seconds ahead of two time winner Mark Vegh.  

“We’ve been messing with the car all year long,” Thomas said. “We put a new set of tires on it and that was the best $300 I ever spent. I mean that dog was gone, I could run high, low, it didn’t matter where it was at. We caught most of the traffic where we needed to, it was just our night. The only problem I had was there about five laps to go and someone blew up in front of me. I could not see out the windshield, I was driving out the side the car.”

After the smash-crash of the 22nd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby, Steve Thompson finally got the one he’s wanted for more than 20 years.

“I’ve been doing this before 1986, but that was the year when dad passed away and I’ve been trying all these years to win this, “Thompson said. “I’ve finished in the top five a bunch of times but I finally did it. It’s been a long time, I wanted this one.”

It took a couple tries to get the late model sportsman event underway, as Barrett slid up to the front row on the second attempt when Bruce Kane spun on the opening attempt. Barrett took the point over Pete Weaver while 2008 champion, Andy Fries grabbed third.

Barrett and Weaver made their own race at the front while pulling out to a two second lead. Dylan Yoder, who started 22nd, showed on the radar screen after an 11th lap restart and looked to be a contender as he got by Friese on the 14th and slowly began to close on Barrett and Weaver. By the 21st, he was on Weaver’s bumper and the next circuit, had taken the runner up spot. It was a race between the trio and three seconds back to Fries as Yoder first pulled alongside Barrett on the 26th but Barrett held firm. Yoder tried the low line in the final turns and came up on Barrett as he was exiting and the two made contact, as Weaver made it past to finish second while Yoder spun around past the finish line and to the inside guard rail to still finish third.

Yoder passed 19 cars and was the hard charger. Kyle Lear and Fries completed the top five.

Weaver was quickest in time trials with a lap of 20.231 while Kane, Michael Collins and Barrett were also locked into the top starting sports. Heat winners were Jerry Bard, Fries, Wayne Walls Jr. and Lear.

Stamberg sped from the outside pole ahead of Dave Stouffer and led third starting Hollidge got back from fourth and was into second by lap nine and showing his nose to Stamberg two laps later. After a 12th lap restart, it was two by two as Stamberg and Hollidge races side by side and right behind them, Darrin Younker was side by side with Tony Daniels.

Hollidge finally got a better run on the 18th lap to squeeze ahead while Daniels finally won the battle with Younker on the 24th lap. Hollidge came to the line .78 seconds over Stamberg with Daniels Younker and Michael Rose right behind.

Stouffer turned the fastest pure stock lap of 23.417 to lock himself in while Stamberg, Hollidge and Greg Heinsey joined in the front positions. Daniels, Eddie McClellan, Wayne Hawbaker and Jim Saylor won heats to fill the next two rows.

John Stoll Jr. took the four cylinder lead from the pole over Dave Leidy while Digges came from eighth and made it a three car battle by lap five. When Stoll and Leidy got together, Digges dived under them and came away with the lead and checked out over the final laps. Whitlock seized the runner up spot on the same lap and finished three seconds back with Leidy, Stoll and Gregg Keister completing the top five.

From the four cylinder heats, Stoll Jr, Leidy, Sonny Williamson and Brian Wentzel were winners to occupy the front two rows.

The speedway heads into its fall break before returning for the best program in dirt motorsports, the 21st Annual Octoberfest 350 scheduled for Saturday – Sunday, October 25-25. All qualifying will be held on Saturday with features only on Sunday; 100 laps for the big and small block modified as well as late models. The super sprint cars will compete for 50 laps. All features pay $10,000 with an increased purse through the complete field over previous years. 

Wade Hendrickson, (big block), Kevin Hirthler (small block), Alan Sagi (late model) and Fred Rahmer (sprints) are the defending winners.

Pit gates open daily at 8:00, grandstands at 9:30 and hot laps begin at 12:00 noon. Check the speedway website for information and any changes in weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Late Model Sportsman, 30 Laps,  44 entries (Lap Leaders – Ashley Barrett 1-30) 1.Ashley Barrett; 2.Pete Weaver; 3.Dylan Yoder (Hard Charger); 4.Kyle Lear; 5.Andy Fries; 6.Steve Axtell Jr.; 7.Shawn Jones; 8.Michael Collins; 9.Matt Sponaugle; 10.Tyler Armstrong; 11.Jamie Swank; 12.Cory Houck; 13.Brian Lessley; 14.Barry Lear Sr.; 15.Randy Shaffer; 16.Robbie Beall; 17.Leon Lloyd; 18.Bobby Beard; 19.Tyler Hershey; 20.Richard Walls; 21.Bruce Kane; 22.Barry Miller; 23.Wayne Walls Jr.; 24.Scott Palmer; 25.Terry Flaherty; 26.Jerry Bard; DNQ – Mark Jones, Glen Elliott, Cody Lear, Glenn Nininger Jr., Dale Smith, Bud Philips, Paul Cursey, Courtney Shreiner, Justin Hart, Fred Harden, Ryan Walls, Travis Beaver, DNS . C.J. Brown, Rodney Mock, Rance Garlock, Mike Walls, Rob Gergel, Nick Pappas   


Pure Stocks, 25 laps 51 entries (Lap Leaders – Hans Stamberg 1-17, Dale Hollidge 18-25) 1.Dale Hollidge; 2.Hans Stamberg; 3.Tony Daniels; 4.Darrin Younker; 5.Michael Rose; 6.Eddie McClellan; 7.Joey Carter; 8.Wayne Hawbaker; 9.Dave Kaiser (Hard Charger); 10.Kenny Dillon; 11.Danny Beavers; 12.Kevin Keefer; 13.Kevin Boyer; 14.Brian Duffey; 15.Jim Saylor; 16.Randy Zechman; 17.James Mongan; 18.Greg Heinsey; 19.Brian Luttrell; 20.Daniel Main; 21.Billy Ecton Jr.; 22.John Whitefield; 23.Donnie Smith; 24.Steve Lowery; 25.Dave Stouffer; 26.Kevin Dremer; 27.P:aul Quattro;  28.Mike Warrenfeltz, DNQ- Ray Priest, Mike Cunningham, Andy Holmes, Bobby Taylor, Tony Stoneberger, Justin Snodderly, Wendy Jesner, Charlie Pensinger, Zach Reid, Eric Johnson, DNS Kevin Koontz, Bryan Kerns, Dave Brown, Dave Mikolajski, Chris Clark, Tony Catlett, Kevin Cooke, Jim Tony, Brian Swiger, Don Zechman, Todd Snook, Bill Ecton  

Four Cylinders, 15 laps, 38 entries (Lap Leaders – John Stoll Jr. 1-5, Mark Digges, 6-15) 1.Mark Digges; 2.Roger Whitlock; 3Dave Leidy; 4.John Stoll Jr.; 5.Gregg Keister; 6.Delmas Moreland (Hard Charger); 7.Kevin Thomas; 8.Vance Williams; 9.Ed Gage by; 10.Burch Mayo; 11.Kyle Wiser; 12.Randy Longaberger; 13.Brian Wentzel; 14.Leroy Long; 15.Eric Hollenbach; 16.Mike Hawbaker; 17.Larry Fuchs; 18.Sonny Williamson; 19.Jeremy Ott; 20.Austin Kirby; 21.Dave Freidrich; 22.Mike Crate; 23.Tracey Linn; 24.Troy Eckenrode; 25.Cody Kershner; 26.Jeff Koller;  DNQ – Jeff Rippeon, Steve Haynes, Matt Williamson, Mike Kershner, Chris Booher, Ronnie Garlock, DNS – Ed Williamson, Bryan Neff, Scott McCartney, Keith Walls, David Ricker, Greg Gunter  

Enduro Championship, 75 Laps, (Lap Leaders Chris Ebersole 1-9, Joe Rodgers 10-13, “Krazy” Kenny Thomas – 14-75) 1.Krazy Kenny Thomas; 2.Mark Vegh; 3.Robin Koogler; 4.Matt Smith; 5.Derek Riley; 6.William Crook; 7.Danny Holmes; 8.Joe Rodgers; 9.Dustin Proctor; 10.Richard Tracey; 11.Kenny Thomas; 12.Gary Proctor;13.Eric Myers; 14.Jamie Mills; 15.John Poole; 16.John Conrad; 17.Jim Speelman; 18.Bryan Green;19.Steve Thompson; 20.D.J.Long; 21.Larry Hurley Jr.; 22.James Clark; 23.Dave Shatto; 24.J.C. Butts; 25.Bobby Moore; 26.Rodney Miner; 27.Brandon, Churchy; 28.Gary Cekovich; 29.William Smith; 30.Roy Stevens; 31.Chris Ebersole; 32. Steve Thompson

22nd Annual Tommy Thomson Demo Derby – 1.Steve Thompson; 2.Ales Garvin; 3.Mike Clinger; 4.Linda Anderson; 5.Brian Churchey

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