McCreadie, Rahmer, Hearn and Laubach Close Hagerstown Season With Octoberfest Victories

Date: 11/10/2008 1:28:43 PM

"McCreadie, Rahmer, Hearn and Laubach Close Hagerstown Season With
Octoberfest Victories"
By Doug Watson

Hagerstown, MD- Brett Hearn (big block modified), Tim McCreadie (late
models), Fred Rahmer (410 sprints) and Rick Laubach (small block
modifieds) all found their way to victory lane in last Sunday's
Octoberfest 350 at the Hagerstown speedway. Each feature winner
received $10,000 for their winning efforts.
In the 100-lap late model feature event it took two tries to get the
first lap in the books, but when the green flag came out on the third
time, outside front row starter Tim McCreadie blasted into the race
lead. As McCreadie lead easily, 11th-starting Josh Richards was on the
move as he had worked his way to second by the 12th circuit. Richards
tracked down McCreadie to take the top spot on lap-28. Once in the lead
Richards was on a mission as he lapped up to the 8th place car before
the fuel stop on lap 50. However, during the fuel stop the right rear
tire on Richards Rocket no.25 went flat. After the race went back green
Richards was the next caution as he dove to the pits for fresh rubber,
handing the lead back to McCreadie. Even though Richards would blast
back through the field to grab second at the line, McCreadie would lead
the final 50-laps, unchallenged, to post his first-ever Octoberfest
late model feature win.
"Josh (Richards) had the better car." McCreadie stated from victory
lane. "I knew during the fuel stop that unless something happened to
Josh he had the car to beat. I didn't even realize that Josh had made
it back to second until the checkered was out." McCreadie praised his
crew for the big win. "Yeah, I have to thank the guy's on the crew they
gave me a great car and it's an honor to win here at Hagerstown."
2008 MACS champion Jason Covert was third, Rick Eckert was fourth and
13th starting Alan Sagi completed the top-five. Heats for the 38 cars
on hand went to Devin Friese, Frankie Plessinger and McCreadie with
Gary Stuhler winning the consolation.
In the 100-lap small block modified feature Brett Hearn and Sean Merkel
brought the field down to the green flag. Hearn immediately got the
jump at the start as he darted into the lead. As Hearn was showing the
way twenty-first starter Matt Sheppard was on the move. Sheppard had
worked his way to second by the 26th lap and would stay in Hearn's tire
tracks until the lap-50 fuel stop. As Hearn lead and Sheppard rode
second, 13th starting Rick Laubach got to third by the 51st circuit.
Laubach worked his way to second by lap 87 and was at the right place
at the right time as race long leader Hearn retired from the event with
mechanical trouble, handing the lead to Laubach. The final 12-laps
belonged to Laubach as he would score the big win. "The car felt good
all day." Laubach said. "I knew the tires would be in good shape, but
it sure is a lot better to have a little luck on your side." Sheppard
would settle for second, Keith Hoffman was third Ryan Godown took
fourth and 17th starting Duane Howard completed the top-five. Heats for
the 40-car field went to Hearn, Merkel, Hoffman and Godown with
Sheppard and Kevin Hirthler splitting the consolations.
Greg Hodnett and Fred Rahmer were the front row for the 50-lap 410
sprint car feature. Rahmer quickly got the jump on Hodnett at the start
as he snared the race lead by the first go round. From there on out it
was a race for second as Rahmer dominated all 50-laps of the feature to
post his second consecutive Octoberfest sprint car win and his third
overall. "We drew a good number on Saturday which put us in the front
for our heat race and it really helps to start near the front on these
daytime shows." Lapped cars had Rahmer a little concerned. "After the
fuel stop it was real important to get out front quick because if Greg
(Hodnett) and those guys were going to get me it would be in lapped
traffic. I cant thank all the guy's on the crew and my car owners
enough." Hodnett hung on for second, Donnie Kreitz Jr. took third,
fifteenth starting Cody Darrah was fourth and thirteenth starting Mark
Smith completed the top-five. Heats for the 23 cars signed in went to
Hodnett, Rahmer and Robbie Stillwagon.
In the nightcap 100-lap big block modified feature Brett Hearn
rebounded from his misfortune in the small block feature to snare his
25th career Hagerstown modified feature win and his fourth career
Octoberfest big block win. David Van Horn and Richie Pratt Jr. brought
the field down to the green flag. Van Horn quickly flexed his muscle as
he shot out into the race lead. Meanwhile, fourth starting Brett Hearn
had worked his way to second by the twelfth lap. Hearn made the winning
pass on lap-seventeen as he would go on to lead the final 83-laps to
score the win. "We've had awesome race cars all season." Hearn stated
happily from victory lane. "We've left so much on the table here at the
end of the season it feel really good to finally finish the deal." In
reference to his poor runs this season at Syracuse (NY) and at
Middletown (NY). An early race pile-up almost put Hearn in the trailer
early in the event. "I saw a couple cars get together there in turn-
four, next thing I saw the track looked like it was blocked, and
anytime you can avoid something like that you know luck is on you
side." Hearn won two Hagerstown features this season, oddly enough, the
first and last features run at the track in 2008. Richie Pratt Jr.
collected second, HJ Bunting was third, Keith Hoffman took his second
top-five of the weekend running fourth, and former Octoberfest winner
JR Heffner completed the top-five. With 43-cars in the pit area heats
went to Van Horn, Hearn, Pratt and Rick Laubach with Michael Storms and
Mark Forte taking consolation wins.
Late Model feature finish 100-laps (Lap Leaders Tim McCreadie 1-27,
Josh Richards 28-50, McCreadie 51-100)
1. Tim McCreadie 2. Josh Richards 3. Jason Covert 4. Rick Eckert 5.
Alan Sagi 6. Gary Stuhler 7. Frankie Plessinger 8. Jim Yoder 9. Brian
Rulhman 10. Jeremy Miller 11. Jamie Lathroum 12. Keith Jackson 13.
Daryl Hills 14. Mike Lupfer 15. Matt Parks 16. Rod Swietzer 17. Al
Cheney 18. Ray Kable Jr. 19. Luke Hoffner 20. Kirk Ryan 21. Kenny
Pettyjohn 22. Bruce Kane 23. Devin Friese 24. Marvin Winters 25. Danny
Johnson 26. Tyler Armstrong DNQ- Roy Deese Jr., Steve Axtell Jr., Dan
Stone, Lindsay Barton, Bobby Thompson, Scott Sipe, Ernie Millon, Larry
Baker, Mark Pettyjohn, Steve Gibney, Ray Davis Jr. (DSQ), Ronnie
DeHaven Jr.(DNS)
Small Block Modified feature finish 100-laps (Lap Leaders Brett Hearn 1-
87, Rick Laubach 88-100)
1.Rick Laubach 2. Matt Sheppard 3. Keith Hoffman 4. Ryan Godown 5.
Duane Howard 6. Billy Pauch 7. Jim Horton 8. Richie Pratt 9. Craig
VonDohren 10. Chic Cossaboone 11. Sean Merkel 12. Bob Lineman 13. Mark
Forte 14. Ryan Forte 15. Colt Harris 16. Brett Hearn 17. Chad James 18.
JR Heffner 19. John Stangle 20. MeMe DeSantis 21. Shawn Fitzpatrick 22.
Tom Hager 23. David Van Horn 24. Gary Wagner Jr. 25. Kevin Hirthler 26.
Wade Hendrickson DNQ- Ray Swinehart, Bryant Brown, Ryan Watt, Rusty
Smith, Jared Umbenhauer, Gary Hager, Brian Kressley, Jordan Umbenhauer,
Tom Miller, Darwin Greene, Steve Weikel, James Bobbitt, AJ DeSantis, TD
Rauscher, Dave Calaman
Sprint Car feature finish 50-laps (Lap Leaders Fred Rahmer 1-50)
1. Fred Rahmer 2. Greg Hodnett 3. Donnie Kreitz Jr. 4. Cody Darrah 5.
Mark Smith 6. Stevie Smith 7. Wayne Johnson 8.Lucas Wolfe 9. Alan Cole
10. Ed Lynch Jr. 11. Joey Hershey 12. Cliff Brian 13. Sean Michael 14.
Bob Howard 15. Scott Flammer 16. Daryl Stimeling 17. Robbie Stillwagon
18. JR Berry 19. Lance Dewease 20. Chad Layton 21. Scott Lutz 22. Bob
Bennett 23. Troy Fraker
Big Block Modified feature finish 100-laps (Lap Leaders David Van Horn
1-17, Brett Hearn 18-100)
1. Brett Hearn 2. Richie Pratt Jr. 3. HJ Bunting 4. Keith Hoffman 5. JR
Heffner 6. Ryan Godown 7. Duane Howard 8. Rick Laubach 9. Jimmy Horton
10. Craig Vondohren 11. Wade Hendrickson 12. Mark Forte Jr. 13. Chad
James 14. Michael Storms 15. Del Reougaux 16. Jimmy Horton IV 17. Frank
Cozze Jr. 18. David Van Horn 19. Sean Merkel 20. Jamie Mills 21. Willy
Decker 22. Justin Haers 23. Billy Pauch 24. DC Rauscher 25. Howard
Oneal 26. Matt Sheppard DNQ- Chic Cossaboone, Ryan Watt, JJ Courcy, JR
Robinson, Rusty Smith, Bob Sarkisian, David Stonebraker, Kevin
Hirthler, Norman Short, Frank Cozze, Gary Hager, Darwin Greene, Mario
Page, Terry Knoblauch, Brian Kressley, Tim Doran

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