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March 14, 2009                        For Immediate Release



Sat, March 21, 2009 (1:00 PM) – Test and Tune Sessions for all classes of race cars

Sat, March 28, 2009 (5:30 PM) – Super DIRT Series for Big Block Modifieds 100 laps – Late Models 25 laps

Sat, April 4, 2009 (7:00 PM) – Regular Show (First Points) + Enduro DASH




Hagerstown, Md. – With rain approaching from the south and a cold day turning into a decent one, Roy Deese Jr. showed what he was made of by capturing his first season late model win on Saturday’s second race program at Hagerstown Speedway while “Super” Matt Sheppard also had things under his control from the second lap and scored the triumph in the small block modified feature that also rewarded him with a guaranteed starting spot in the Octoberfest.

Vaulting into second on lap five, six time and defending champion, Deese Jr., of Laurel Md., who missed the previous week due to illness, watched until Jared Miley slipped slightly. That allowed Deese to quickly charge past and later post the win by 1.79 seconds over Miley.

 “We got a chance to go race early and spread them out,” Deese said. “My car was loose early, the track came to it. I don’t know if he missed the rubber or his tires got hot and had trouble keeping it down or what. He made a couple slips and I was there for one of them. “

Sheppard of Waterloo, NY watched Brett Hearn speed by on the first lap but then saw Hearn suddenly slow at the flag stand and get out of everybody’s way and retire without a caution. Sheppard took command of the final 29 laps to later take the victory over Shawn Merkel by 2.06 seconds.

“I thought I was pretty good and he drove past us like we were parked there and then he broke,” Sheppard said. “We almost ran into the back of him when he lost power on the front stretch. After that, I wanted to stay smooth and keep in the groove. I had a little trouble with a lapped car there and was a little scared, but we made it through and got the checkered flag.”  

With a six car inverted start for late models, Dylan Yoder pulled ahead over Miley as Miley then went to the outside past Yoder to lead the third lap and Deese ducked under Yoder to take third on lap five.  

Deese remained within two to three lengths of Miley while Yoder was holding off Frankie Plessinger more than two seconds back. When Miley momentarily got out of shape in turn two on the 19th lap, Deese was within striking distance and seized control. He pulled out and arrived at the rear of the field by the 23rd lap and was a second ahead of Miley when the caution was displayed on the next lap.

Following the restart, Deese was in the clear and making up track with each lap until speeding from the final turn 1.79 seconds ahead.  

“It feels good to be in victory lane,” Deese said. “I never expected it on my opening day, but I’ll enjoy this all the way home.”

Yoder and Plessinger remained in the next spots as Alan Sagi was the fifth place finisher. Jim Bernheisel, Jamie Lathroum, D. J. Myers from 12th, J. T. Spence, from 15th and Jim Yoder completed the top ten. Sagi, Dan Stone, who blew an engine on the final lap and Deese were heat winners while Andy Anderson was the consolation winner.   

After Sheppard and Ron Cartwright brought the modified field to green in the nine car inversion, Hearn quickly went to the outside and drove past Sheppard on the backstretch. Coming from the fourth turn, Hearn got to the outside and hoping the field saw his slowing car as Sheppard took evasive action and missed him to drive on as the remaining field did likewise until Hearn dropped exited into the infield on the backstretch.

Meanwhile Sheppard had pulled more than four seconds ahead of Merkel and it was another five back to Cartwright when the first caution came out on lap ten.

Sheppard then had company as Merkel and eighth starting Jimmy Horton stayed within striking distance. Sheppard almost got into to the rear of a slowing Troy Wink on lap 19 as Merkel and Horton made it three wide but the caution then waved when two cars tangled on the front stretch.

Following a 22nd lap yellow for debris, Sheppard was in front and pulling away from Merkel and stretched his lead to the checkered. Horton held to third while his teammate, Doug Manmiller came from 14th for fourth and fifth went to Ray Swinehart.

“We were fortunate to win a couple here a few years back,” Sheppard said. “We come down here the first time this year, the first time I’ve ever been in this car and go out and win the first night. It feels really good.”

Doug Hoffman ended sixth after starting 17th with Darwin Green, Rusty Smith, from 21st, Jordon Umbenhauer, 15th, and Craig Von Dohren returning from a tenth lap spin to claim tenth. Godown, Horton and Von Dohren won the heats and Bobby Drayton the consolation.  

There is no racing this Saturday the 21st, but the speedway will be open to all classes of race cars for a test and tune session which will start at 1:00 p.m..

Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results

Late Models, 30 laps , 27 Entries, (Lap Leaders – Dylan Yoder 1-2, Jared Miley 3-19, Roy Deese Jr. 20-30) 1.Roy Deese Jr.; 2.Jared Miley; 3.Dylan Yoder; 4.Frankie Plessinger; 5.Alan Sagi; 6.Jim Bernheisel; 7.Jamie Lathroum; 8.D.J. Myers; 9.J. T. Spence; 10.Jim Yoder; 11.Gary Stuhler; 12.Andy Anderson; 13.Scott Haus; 14.Mike Lupfer; 15.Matt Parks; 16.Matt Lux; 17.Pete Weaver; 18.Tim Fetter; 19.Scott LeBarron; 20.Denton Boyer; 21.Roland Mann; 22.Kirk Ryan; 23.Lindsay Barton; 24.Paul Crowl ; DNS – Dan Stone; DNQ – Mike Walls, DNS - Mike Hardy


Small Block Modifieds, 30 laps – 30 Entries (Lap Leaders – Brett Hearn 1, Matt Sheppard 2-30) 1.Matt Sheppard; 2.Shawn Merkel; 3.Jimmy Horton; 4.Doug Manmiller; 5.Ray Swinehart; 6.Doug Hoffman; 7.Darwin Greene; 8.Rusty Smith; 9.Jordan Umbenhauer; 10.Craig VonDorhen; 11.Bobby Drayton; 12.Rick Scagliotta; 13.Mark Frankhouser; 14.Kevin Hirthler; 15.Dave Dubois; 16.Dan Vauter; 17.Jared Umbenhauer; 18.Tom Miller; 19.Ron Cartwright; 20.Troy Wink; 21.John Stangle; 22.Brian Godown; 23.Richie Pratt Jr.; 24.Brett Hearn;  DNQ  - Bryant Brown, Tom Solderich, Jason Rivers, DNS - Tony Steiner, Shawn Fitzpatrick; Billy Pauch Jr.

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