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April 5, 2009                                   For Immediate Release


Sat, April 11, 2009 (7:00 PM) – Shootout I, Three State Flyers Late Models, 40-Lap Open + Pure Stock Special

Sat, April 18, 2009 (7:00 PM) – Duron Paint Regular show + Enduro Dash  

Sat, April 25, 2009 (7:00 PM) – 28th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic, Lucas Oil Late Models, 50-Lap + Late Model Sportsman special



Hagerstown, Md. – On the first regular point show of the season, Nathan Durboraw, Andy Fries and Hans Stamberg emerged as winners. Where will these drivers be when the championships are decided on September 5th?

Eight time Hagerstown Speedway late model champion and 2008 runner up, Durboraw of Hagerstown, was victorious for his 72nd career win. When Andy Anderson’s night ended with mechanical issues, Durboraw was there to lead the rest of the way, but not without defending champion Roy Deese Jr. and Frankie Plessinger giving him a real workout.

“I’ve been sick and was out of gas,” Durboraw said “I could stay with Andy for a couple laps but I was running out of steam. I was having problems breathing with my sinus problem but when I saw him (Frankie Plessinger) and then that yellow came out, I got a little air and I got up on the wheel.”

In a three car inverted start, Deese and Anderson brought the late model field to green as Anderson sped off the second turn to lead as third starting Durboraw quickly grabbed second. By a fifth lap caution, Anderson was 3.5 seconds ahead and still pulling away. Following the restart, Anderson stretched his lead better than a half second each lap and was into the rear of the field and 3.4 seconds ahead when he rolled to a stop atop turn four of lap 12.    

Plessinger had cleared Jim Yoder the lap before and with Durboraw leading, Plessinger began pestering Deese for the runner up spot. Plessinger owned the backstretch while Deese claimed the front stretch lap after lap until Plessinger got the spot on lap 19 and had cleared Durboraw just as the yellow was displayed.    

Durboraw restarted on the point as Deese regained the runner up spot after another lap but Plessinger again was under for the position when the yellow again waved on lap 23. Durboraw won by .41 seconds over Deese and Plessinger while Yoder and 14th starting Kirk Ryan finished top five. J.T. Spence was sixth after starting 11th followed by David Williams, Steve Axtell Jr., Roland Mann and Billy Wampler. Heats for the 23 entries went to Durboraw, Anderson and Deese Jr.

Three time defending Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman champion Andy Fries of Mercersburg, Pa snuck under Scott Palmer exiting turn four to lead the final eight circuits and grab that victory. With six wins last season and second in the Ernie’s Auto enterprises pure stock points, Hans Stamberg Hedgesville, WV grabbed the lead on the second circuit and led the remaining distance. In the 30-lap Enduro Dash, Krazy Kenny Thomas of Keedysville, Md, a two time 2008 winner, came from the 23rd position to take the lead on lap 23 and won by a car length over Matt Smith.  

Palmer led the sportsman from the outside pole with a four car inversion and looking for his first win since September 2006. Fries cleared pole-setter Jerry Bard on lap six and made his move into the third and fourth turns of lap 12 to seize the lead. Following a restart with five to go, Fries pulled away while Palmer was being challenged by both Kyle and Cody Lear but he regained the second spot with one to go as Fries won by 1.88 seconds.

“It takes me a couple laps to get going,’ Fries said. “ I wasn’t sure if the car was going to go or not. When Palmer and Bard both slid up, I said,’ there goes my outside,’ but  I made time hugging this thing down close to the bottom.”

K. Lear was third followed by 12th starting C. Lear and Wayne Walls Jr. Bard, Derek Byler, from 15th, Michael Collins, Ashley Barrett and Mike Walls completed the top ten.

Heats went to Glenn Elliott, Fries, Palmer and Bard while Rick Stouffer won the consolation for the 32 entries.

With six cars inverted, Stamberg started fourth and passed outside pole-sitter Davey Stouffer following a second lap restart. While Stamberg led, the battle waged for the next positions he won by .53 second over Stouffer, who held on to the finish over Dean Holmes, Mike Warrenfeltz and Kevin Keefer.  Heats for the 28 entries went to Warrenfeltz, Darrin Younker, Stamberg and Holmes.

Kenny Thomas came from 13th to take the Enduro lead from William Crook on lap 10 and when traffic got thick he lost the point to 16th starting Matt Smith. Krazy Kenny Thomas was right there from 23rd and snuck through to grab the lead with seven to go.

Shootout I for the Three State Flyer late models with a 40-lap open tire rule and $3,000 to win, $300 to start, is next up along with a pure stock special. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results

Late Models, 25 laps, 23 entries, (Lap Leaders – Andy Anderson, 1-12, Nathan Durboraw 13-25 ) 1.Nathan Durboraw; 2.Roy Deese Jr.; 3.Frankie Plessinger; 4.Jim Yoder; 5.Kirk Ryan; 6.J.T. Spence; 7.David Williams; 8.Steve Axtell Jr.; 9.Rolland Mann; 10.Billy Wampler; 11.Paul Crowl; 12.Rick Hulson; 13.Steve Gibney; 14.Larry Baker II; 15.Lindsay Barton; 16.Dennis Fenton; 17.Mike Lupfer; 18.Doug Stine; 19.Tyler Hershey; 20.Andy  Anderson; 21.Marvin Winters; 22.Ray Kable Jr.; DQ - Tyler Armstrong

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 32 entries (Lap Leaders – Scott Palmer 1-12, Andy Fries 13-20) 1.Andy Fries; 2.Scott Palmer; 3.Kyle Lear; 4.Cody Lear; 5.Wayne Walls Jr.; 6.Jerry Bard; 7.Derek Byler; 8.Michael Collins;  9.Ashley Barrett; 10.Mike Walls; 11.Terry Flaherty (Checkered Flag Lube Center Hard Charger); 12.Paul Cursey; 13.Glenn Elliott; 14.Matt Cosner; 15.Robby Beall; 16.Rick Stouffer; 17.Gary Hendershot; 18.Justin Hart; 19.Nick Pappas; 20.Matt Houser; 21.Brian Lessley; 22.Steve Long; 23.Ryan Walls; 24.Pete Weaver; DNQ –  Roy Hornbaker, Elwood Sort, Matt Henry, Richard Walls, Chuck Cox,  Randy Schaefer, DNS - Randy Wible, DQ - Dave Leidy   

Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 28 entries (Lap Leaders – Dave Stouffer 1-2, Hans Stamberg 3-15) 1.Hans Stamberg; 2.Dave Stouffer; 3.Dean Holmes; 4.Mike Warrenfeltz; 5.Kevin Keefer; 6.Darrin Younker; 7.Danny Beavers; 8.Jim Snyder; 9.Tony Stoneberger; 10.Kenny Dillon; 11.Bill Ecton; 12.Charlie Pensinger; 13.Drew Fitzsimmons; 14.Dave Mikolajski; 15.Dustin Procter; 16.Billy Ecton Jr.; 17.Kevin Koontz; 18.Frank Dibella; 19.Dale Knight Sr.; 20.Wayne Hawbaker; 21.Steve Lowery; 22.Justin Snodderly; 23.Zach Reid.; 24.Tony Catlett; DNS- Kevin Dayhoff; DNQ – Tim Monn, DNS -Bobby Franklin Mike Sanders

Enduro Dash, 30 Laps, (Lap Leaders- William Crook 1-9, Kenny Thomas 10-21, Matt Smith 22, Krazy Kenny Thomas 23-30) 1.Krazy Kenny Thomas; 2. Matt Smith; 3.Kenny Thomas; 4.Larry Hurley Jr; 5.Robin Koogler; 6.William Crook; 7.Gary Proctor; 8.Chris Ebersole; 9.Dany Holmes; 10.Richard Tracey; 11.J.C. Butts; 12.Dave Shatto; 13.Jim Speelman; 14.Derek Riley; 15.John Poole; 16.Rob Keller; 17.Bryan Green; 18.Rodney Miner; 19.Jamie Mills; 20..Joe Rodgers; 21.Gary Cekovich; 22.Mark Vegh; 23.Brandon Churchey; 24.James Clark; 25.Nathaniel Younker; DNS Gary Breeden Jr.


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