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April 19, 2009                                 For Immediate Release


Sat, April 18, 2009 (7:00 PM) – Duron Paint Regular show + Enduro Dash  

Sat, April 25, 2009 (7:00 PM) – 28th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic, Lucas Oil Late Models, 50-Lap + Late Model Sportsman special

Sat, May 2, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) ARCH Night, Regular Show + Enduro Dash

Friday-Sunday, May 8-10 – No Racing – Hagerstown Firefighters Bonanza Extravaganza

Sat, May 16, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) Auto Locator /Student Night, Regular show + Enduro Dash




Hagerstown, Md. – With a second, third and fourth in the first four races at Hagerstown Speedway, Frankie Plessinger, Big Cove Tannery, Pa, needed a first. That came Saturday night on Duron Paint night as he captured the late model triumph after getting the lead on lap ten and winning over defending champion, Roy Deese Jr. by 1.53 seconds.

“This is for a special fan up there that really wanted to come to the races, this is for him,” Plessinger said.  

Plessinger brightened the evening for Thaddeous, a terminally ill youngster who had some of his last wishes fulfilled as he wanted so much to attend the races. Before the program began, Plessinger gave him an autographed T-shirt and as Thaddeous watched all evening with the shirt on, Plessinger was able to further reward him by posting the victory.

Kyle Lear, Severn, Md. seized the lead of the Hoosier Tire –Mid Atlantic late model sportsman event off the final turn when his brother Cody, drifted high while Hans Stamberg of Hedgesville, WV scored his second of  three Ernie’s Auto Enterprises pure stock features by leading the final six circuits and edging Mike Warrenfeltz by a length. Winning the Enduro Dash just two weeks ago, Krazy Kenny Thomas of Keedyville, Md. was two seconds back but declared the winner of the second Dash event when Derek Riley’s engine failed post race inspection.

With a six car invert, Marvin Winters took the late model lead as third starting Plessinger quickly grabbed second while Deese, from fifth, took third from Jimmy Spence on the fourth circuit. Plessinger was neck and neck with Winters when the caution was displayed on lap seven.

Following the restart, he rekindled his challenge and came away with the lead on lap nine and started edging away while Deese began working on Winters before taking the runner up spot on lap 13. Gary Stuhler then got past Winters a lap later just before the second yellow.

While Plessinger was bottom feeding, Stuhler began working on Deese and got by on lap 20 but Deese powered from the fourth turn and contact was made sending Stuhler around on the front stretch.

Plessinger continued to gain track space with each of the final circuits until taking the checkered 1.53 seconds ahead of Deese.

“Once I got a rhythm going, I felt really good, “Plessinger said. “The car was really awesome. A couple weeks ago, it was really good on the bottom and caution came at the end. I was afraid when those cautions kept coming, I thought ‘Oh, no, not again.’”

Ninth starter, Jim Yoder ended third ahead of Andy Anderson and Winters. Spence was sixth over Mike Lupfer, Tyler Armstrong, Stuhler and Doug Stine. Armstrong, Deese and Spence won the heats.

With a four car invert, Ashley Barrett led the sportsman, but it was short lived as Cody Lear has the spot on lap two while brother, Kyle took second the third circuit and then Wayne Walls Jr. joined them by lap seven. K. Lear was gaining and had just taken the lead on lap ten before the caution was displayed.

Following the restart, Robert “Pete” Weaver got past Walls and began challenging C. Lear and his dismay came following a 14th lap restart after K.Lear was called for “brake checking” and dropped two spots. As Weaver restarted second and began a challenge on C. Lear, he suddenly looped his car exiting the fourth turn, putting the Lear brothers in the top spots again. C. Lear appeared able to carry the momentum to the end but washing high in turn four the final two laps did him in. K. Lear and Walls both got by on the final turn to take the top spots as C.Lear recovered to finish third ahead of Bruce Kane and 13th starting Jerry Bard.

“He started slowing down. I guess he got nervous about winning,” K.Lear said.” It’s always good to win, but to beat your brother, it’s something up on him all week.”

Glenn Elliott, Ryan Walls, Cody Lear and Ashley Barrett won the heats while Terry Flaherty won the consolation for the 33 entries.

Wayne Hawbaker led the pure stocks while Kenny Dillon took the second spot after starting third but he coasted to a stop on lap five for the only yellow. Eighth starter, Steve Lowery took over the second spot while Stamberg was quickly to the front from the tenth spot and began looking for a way to the top. He made a sweeping high groove pass of both Lowery and Hawbaker to come away with the lead on lap nine. With the front five still nearly bumper to bumper, Stamberg drove on while Warrenfeltz moved into second on the 11th lap, but settled for second.

“I love the high groove and it’s been good to me,” Stamberg said. “I didn’t think there was going to be too much there tonight but I wasn’t going to win down low so I went up there and it worked like it always does.”

Hawbaker ended third with Lowery and previous week’s winner, Darrin Younker completing the top five. Warrenfeltz, Dave Stouffer Jr. and Hawbaker won the heats.  

Derek Riley passed Chris Ebersole on lap seven in the Enduro Dash and stayed comfortably ahead for the balance of the race while behind him, former winner, Krazy Kenny Thomas got past Kenny Thomas and then was involved in a third turn incident with Matt Smith to take over second on lap 24. Riley’s engine failed inspection as Thomas was awarded the win while second finisher Larry Hurley Jr. also forfeited his finish for an engine infraction which advanced Ebersole, William Crook and Mark Vegh.

The Lucas Oil Late Model Series arrives Saturday for the 28th Annual Stanley Schetromph Classic with 50 laps of competition. The late model sportsman will also be on the program.

Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results

Late Models, 25 laps, 19 entries, (Lap Leaders – Marvin Winters 1-9, Frankie Plessinger 10-25) 1.Frankie Plessinger; 2.Roy Deese Jr.; 3.Jim Yoder; 4.Andy Anderson; 5.Marvin Winters; 6.J.T. Spence; 7.Mike Lupfer; 8.Tyler Armstrong; 9.Gary Stuhler; 10.Doug Stine; 11.Lindsay Barton; 12.Jim Stine; 13.Steve Gibney; 14.Steve Axtell; 15.Nathan Durboraw; 16.Kirk Ryan; 17.Rusty Sites; 18.Rick Hulson; DNS – Larry Baker III  

 Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 33 entries (Lap Leaders – Ashley Barrett 1, Cody Lear 2-10, Kyle Lear 11-14, 20,  C.Lear 15-19) 1.Kyle Lear; 2.Wayne Walls Jr.; 3.Cody Lear; 4.Bruce Kane; 5.Jerry Bard.; 6.James Myers; 7.Andy Fries; 8.Ashley Barrett;  9.Cory Houck; 10.Richard Walls; 11.Brian Lessley; 12.Scott Palmer; 13.Derek Byler (Checkered Flag Lube Center Hard Charger); 14.Matt Howsare; 15.Steve Kent; 16.Mike Walls; 17.Robert “Pete” Weaver; 18.Nick Pappas; 19.Terry Flaherty; 20.Ryan Walls; 21.Dylan Yoder; 22.Glenn Elliott; 23.Michael Collins; 24.Randy Schaeffer; DNS –  Robby Beall, DNQ – Justin Hart, Courtney Shreiner, Chuck Cox, Gary Hendershot, Roy Hawbaker, Matt Casner, Randy Wible, DNS - Rick Stouffer


Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 23 entries (Lap Leaders – Wayne Hawbaker 1-8, Hans Stamberg 9-15) 1.Hans Stamberg; 2.Mike Warrenfeltz; 3.Wayne Hawbaker; 4.Steve Lowery; 5.Darrin Younker; 6.Dustin Proctor; 7.Justin Snoderly; 8.Zack Reid; 9.Kevin Keefer; 10.Danny Beavers; 11.Bobby Franklin; 12.Randy Kline; 13.Charlie Pensinger; 14.Dave Mikolajsk;15.Dave Stouffer Jr; 16.Kevin Koontz; 17.Kevin Dayhoff; 18.Billy Ecton Jr.; 19.Bobby Taylor; 20.Frank Dibella; 21.Kenny Dillon; 22.Dean Holmes; DNS – Jim Snyder 

Enduro Dash, 30 Laps, (Lap Leaders - Chris Ebersole- 1-6, Derek Riley, 7-30) 1.Krazy Kenny Thomas; 2.Kenny Thomas; 3.Chris Ebersole; 4.William Crook; 5.Mark Vegh; 6.Gary Cekovich; 7.Jim Speelman; 8.Joe Rogers; 9.J.C. Butts; 10.Dave Shatto; 11.Rob Keller; 12.Nathaniel Younker; 13.Jason Harper; 14.Jamie Mills; 15.Gary Proctor; 16.Randy Miner; 17.Bryan Green; 18.Matt Smith; 19.John Poole; 20..John Conrad; 21.Gary Breeden; 22.Larry McBowan; 23.James Clark; 24.Robin Koogler; 25.Brandon Churchey; DSQ – Derek Riley, Larry Hurley Jr.


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