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April 26, 2009                                 For Immediate Release




Sat, May 2, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) ARCH Night, Regular Show + Enduro Dash


Friday-Sunday, May 8-10 – No Racing – Hagerstown Firefighters Bonanza Extravaganza


Sat, May 16, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) Auto Locator /Student Night, Regular show + Enduro Dash


Thursday, May 21, (7:30 p.m.) Keystone Cup 410 Sprints + Bill Bowman Special 31 lap Rock-Hagerstown Maryland Clash






Hagerstown, Md. – Unbelievable, unfortunate for Billy, but what a show,” Tim Fuller said Saturday night following Hagerstown Speedway’s 28th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic Lucas Oil Late Model event where he discovered it takes being both good along with some luck to go along with it to reap the rewards.

Fuller, of Watertown, NY, started fourth in the 50-lap event and after taking the runner up spot from Rick Eckert following a lap ten restart, found himself at the helm when Billy Moyer suddenly slowed with a broken driveshaft on lap 30. Fuller led the rest of the way to pick up the $10,000 win by .97 seconds over Friday’s Lucas winner at Bedford Speedway, Jimmy Mars.   

“Moyer was the car to beat,” Fuller said. “We didn’t have anything for him. I’ve been in that situation before.”

If fact, Fuller was running seventh the previous night at Bedford when he dropped a driveline with only two laps to go.

The win was his first ever Lucas Oil victory as he became the eighth different winner in ten Lucas races this season. Fuller’s last victory at Hagerstown was aboard a big block modified when he won the Advanced Auto Parts DIRT modified event in March 2007.

Following qualifications, Eckert and Moyer occupied the front row as Moyer rounded the top of the first turns and swept off turn two ahead of Eckert while Fuller quickly grabbed third over Mars.

Moyer led by a second when the caution flag waved on lap ten. Eckert lined up on the outside for the Delaware double file restart but Fuller quickly dived low to grab the runner up spot. Moyer continued to lead and stretched his lead to 1.5 seconds by a lap 19 yellow. Following the restart, Moyer still toured the track with ease and was 2.28 seconds ahead just before he exited the fourth turn and began slowing as Fuller took over.

Mars made the best of the restart as he seized the second spot from Eckert while Steve Francis and high riding Scott Bloomquist, on the way from 14th, were next.

Fuller continued to hold his own over Mars while Bloomquist cleared Francis on lap 35 and set sights on Eckert. Following a 41st lap yellow for Ken Dickson, who also broke a driveline, Bloomquist struck. He cleared Eckert and then began to rattle Mars with his high line around the top.  Bloomquist suddenly tried to duck inside on the backstretch of lap 46, a move that didn’t work, as it allowed Mars to escape by several lengths.

While Mars had been distracted, Fuller continued his focus on reaching the checkered and the interval remained the same between the two for the last two laps.

“The car was really good,” Fuller said “We’ve been struggling all year long and that’s why we came down to the show to support the Lucas Series and try to figure something out. Thank God Chub Frank is all right. (eluding to a B-main incident involving Frank and Jeremy Miller) He’s been a big help in my career, Rocket Chassis, Mark Richards and all those guys. It’s been a struggle that started at East Bay. As of right now, it’s going a lot better.”  

Bloomquist settled for third while Eckert and Brian Birkhofer completed the top five. Francis was sixth over 13th starter, Josh Richards, Steve Casebolt, Ray Cook and 18th starter, Earl Pearson Jr.  

Birkhofer was the 18th car on the track for PRC Time Trials for the 53 entries and toured the half mile in 18.918 seconds. Heat race winners were Eckert, Moyer, Mars and Fuller.  The B-mains went to Dan Stone and Pearson Jr. Hagerstown point leader, Frankie Plessinger and Jeep Van Wormer were provisional starters.

Frank was leading the 1st B main when his steering appeared to break on the 5th lap, sending him hard into the inside rail nearing turn three and up the track directly in front of Miller. Franks car was completely destroyed while Miller’s received extensive damage.  

In the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman event, Hagerstown’s Terry Flaherty finally broke the jinx that has kept him waiting for his second career victory since August 2006. Flaherty held off the one lap challenge of previous weeks winner Kyle Lear by a half length.

“I know Kyle likes to run the high side, so I tried to take that from him at the end,” Flaherty said.

Richard Walls and nephew, Ryan Walls battled for the top spot the first four laps before Flaherty took over second after starting fourth. Flaherty challenged until getting under R. Walls on lap nine.

Lear, who started 12th advanced to Walls and took the spot on lap 12 to set sights on Flaherty, who was 2.2 seconds ahead. Flaherty caught the rear of the field while Lear quickly reeled him in as Andy Fries also joined the twosome. Lear was within two lengths when the first caution came out on lap 18 with one lap before another yellow waved to set up the one lap shootout. Lear gave it his best as Flaherty shut the door on the final stretch while Fries ended a close third. Robert “Pete” Weaver, from 14th and R. Walls completed the front five.  Heat winners were Ashley Barrett, R. Walls and Flaherty while Randy Wible won the consolation for the 28 entries.

The next event on the schedule this Saturday, May 2nd is ARCH (Auto Racing Club of Hagerstown) night featuring a regular show of late models, late model sportsman and pure stocks plus the third 30-lap Enduro Dash of the season. Check the speedway website for further information or any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.



Hagerstown Speedway Results


28th Annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic, Lucas Oil Late Models, 50 Laps, 53 Entries,  (Lap Leaders – Billy Moyer 1-29, Tim Fuller 33-50 ): 1.Tim Fuller; 2.Jimmy Mars; 3.Scott Bloomquist; 4.Rick Eckert; 5.Brian Birkhofer; 6.Steve Francis; 7.Josh Richards; 8.Steve Casebolt; 9.Ray Cook; 10.Earl Pearson Jr.; 11.Scott James; 12.Frankie Plessinger; 13.Shane Clanton; 14.D.J.Myers; 15.Don O’Neal; 16.Jimmy Owens; 17.Eric Jacobson; 18.Donnie Moran; 19.Ricky Elliott; 20.Jeep VanWormer; 21.Nick Dickson; 22.Billy Moyer; 23.Dan Stone; 24.Jamie Lathroum; 25.Dale McDowell; DNS – Josh McGuire DNQ – Jim Yoder, Andy Anderson, David Breazeale, Alan Sagi, John Blankenship, Mike Lupfer, J.T. Spence, Bart Hartman, David Williams, Nathan Durboraw, John Mason, Freddy Smith, Brad Neat, Matt Quade, Al Shawver Jr., Chub Frank, Ronnie DeHaven Jr., Jeremy Miller, Matt Lux, Terry Lescalleet, Marvin Winters, Dan Schlieper, Scott LeBarron, Michael Walker, DNS - Jason Covert, Gary Stuhler, Tommy Weder   


Hawk Brake First Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Rick Eckert, Brian Birkhofer, Scott James, Josh Richards, Jeremy Miller, Matt Lux, Dan Stone, DJ Myers, Freddy Smith, Andy Anderson, Mike Lupfer, Tommy Weder, Matt Quade, DNS-Al Shawver Jr.

Hawk Brake Second Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Billy Moyer, Ray Cook, Steve Casebolt, Scott Bloomquist, Chub Frank, Bart Hartman, Jeep VanWormer, Donnie Moran, Jim Yoder, Michael Walker, Alan Sagi, Dan Schlieper, Nathan Durboraw

AFCO Racing Products Third Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Jimmy Mars, Steve Francis, Jamie Lathroum, Ricky Elliot, Frank Plessinger, Earl Pearson Jr., David Breazeale, Don O’Neal, John Mason, J.T. Spence, Marvin Winters, Brad Neat, Ronnie DeHaven Jr.

Tiger Rear Ends Fourth Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Tim Fuller, Jimmy Owens, Eric Jacobsen, Shane Clanton, Dale McDowell, Josh McGuire, Nick Dickson, John Blankenship, David Williams, Scott LeBarron, Terry Lescalleet, Al Shawver Jr., Jason Covert, Gary Stuhler

Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main (12 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Dan Stone, Donnie Moran, DJ Myers, Jim Yoder, Andy Anderson, Alan Sagi, Mike Lupfer, Bart Hartman, Nathan Durboraw, Freddy Smith, Matt Quade, Chub Frank, Jeremy Miller, Matt Lux, Jeep VanWormer, Dan Schlieper, Michael Walker, DNS-Tommy Weder

Wiles Drive Shafts Second B-Main (12 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Earl Pearson Jr., Dale McDowell, Nick Dickson, Don O’Neal, David Breazeale, John Blankenship, J.T. Spence, David Williams, John Mason, Brad Neat, Al Shawver Jr., Ronne DeHaven Jr., Frank Plessinger, Terry Lescalleet, Marvin Winters, Scott LeBarron, Josh McGuire




Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman Special, 20 laps, 28 entries (Lap Leaders – Richard Walls 1-9, Terry Flaherty 10-20): 1.Terry Flaherty; 2.Kyle Lear (Checkered Flag Lube/ St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger); 3.Andy Fries; 4.Robert “Pete” Weaver; 5.Richard Walls; 6.Ryan Walls; 7.Brian Lessley; 8.Michael Collins; 9.Ashley Barrett; 10.Jerry Bard; 11.James Myers 12.Wayne Walls Jr.; 13.Scott Palmer; 14.Glenn Elliott; 15.Robby Beall; 16.Randy Wible; 17.Kyle Wiser; 18.Bruce Kane; 19.Mike Walls; 20.David Leiby; 21.Cody Lear; 22.Matt Howsare; 23.Courtney Shreiner; 24.Justin Hart; DNQ – Matt Cosner, Gary Hendershot, DNS – Nick Pappas, Derek Buler


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