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May 22, 2009                                  For Immediate Release

Saturday, May 23, (7:00 p.m.) Three State Flyers, 14th Annual Richard “Boney” Bonebrake
Tribute, 35 Laps LM Open + Pure Stock Special & Enduro Dash  (PP from  5/16)
Saturday, May 30, (7:00 p.m.) 28th Annual Conococheague World of Outlaws Late Models 50- Laps, + Late Model Sportsman Special
Saturday, June 6, (7:00 p.m.) Inaugural Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek Series, 40 Laps + Late Model Sportsman Open & Pure Stocks 


Hagerstown, Md. – After setting fast time for the Keystone Cup Sprint Series event, Stevie Smith and the Zemco race team were later in Hagerstown Speedway’s victory lane following his $5,000 win on night two of the special sprint series. 

Williamsport’s Pete Weaver was victorious for the 15th time in his career in the Bill Bowman Special for the late model sportsman 31-lap event. Bowman was a total race fan who was passionate for the sound of a racing engine. He was involved in racing in one capacity or another: helper, driver, car owner for more than 40 years. Bowman passed away May 27, 2008.

Smith, a New Oxford, Pa native, of Broken Arrow, OK, started fourth after earlier pulling the four car invert to take the lead from Keith Kauffman but lose it to Fred Rahmer. Smith stepped up following a lap 25 restart to retake the top spot and drive on to a ten length lead over Rahmer at the checkered.

“Fred snuck up on me there, he did a good job,” Smith said. “He actually had me beat. I got a good restart there, had some open track and just went the opposite direction. If he would have went up, I would have went down. He went down, so I went up. You don’t have anything to loose in second except second place. The car was good and the track was actually three lanes. That’s all you can ask for.”

When the green waved, Kauffman powered around the top from the outside pole to lead while Smith beat pole setter Todd Shaffer into second spot.  Kauffman set the pace while Smith slowly closed in and sixth starting Rahmer arrived in third on the third circuit.

Smith exited turn four to get past Kauffman on the eighth circuit and got into rear traffic two laps later while Rahmer took over second on lap 13 and then went to work making Smith get up on the wheel.

Smith escaped Rahmer’s clutches on the 18th but Rahmer was suddenly back challenging while Cody Darrah had moved into the picture.

Rahmer used turn two to snatch the lead from Smith and hold the lead on lap 25 when Aaron Ott and Doug Esh got together in turn four.

Smith had time to formulate a plan during the red flag and let Rahmer lead the 26th before charging past him and stretching out his lead to ten lengths at the finish.

“It seems like the track sits a lap or two, the moisture tries to come back up,” Smith said. “I noticed that in the B main. I think a little bit of moisture came up and allowed us to run right through the center. We kept more speed up and tried to hold him back. “

Darrah was a close third followed by Grandview winner the night before, Daryn Pittman with Shaffer ending fifth. Sixth was Brian Leppo with 18th starter Alan Krimes, Lance Dewease (16th), Kauffman and Greg Hodnett completing the top ten. Esh, Ott and Pittman won the heats for the 30 entries while Krimes was the B main winner.

Robby Beall led the Bowman event from the pole over Glenn Elliott, both looking for their first Hagerstown win while seventh starter James Myers moved past Bruce Kane for third on lap nine. Weaver, who started third, wasn’t a player until lap 12 after dropping several positions early on.  He found a line around the top and used it to take second on lap 15 and the lead the next. By a lap 22 yellow, he was nearly four seconds ahead and following the restart, again pulled away with Kyle Lear taking second from Beall on the 26th lap. Weaver enjoyed a 3.7 second lead at that time and stretched it to 4.5 in the remaining laps for the $1,000 win.

“There in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if we were going to the back or coming forward,” Weaver said. “This is one race I wanted to win. Bill worked with my father and we were friends all through my whole racing career. It was really cool to win this for him. We weren’t worried about the money, we wanted the trophy.”

Lear ended second after starting tenth with Charlie Schaffer coming from 11th to get past Beall for third with four to go. Beall held to fourth with Andy Fries coming from 12th to end fifth. Weaver, Wayne Walls Jr and Fries won the heats for the 32 entries with Craig Wagaman winning the B main and also earning the Checkered Flag Lube Center/ St. Thomas Towing hard charger award.

Saturday’s event will be the second appearance of the Three State Flyers late models to compete in the 14th Annual Richard “ Boney” Bonebrake Tribute along with a pure stock special plus an Enduro Dash postponed from May 16 due to rain. Check the speedway website for information or any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
3rd Annual Keystone Cup Sprint Car Series, 30 laps, 30 entries, (Lap Leaders – Keith Kauffman 1-7, Stevie Smith 8-22, 27-30, Fred Rahmer 23-26 ) 1.Stevie Smith; 2.Fred Rahmer; 3.Cody Darrah; 4.Daryn Pittman; 5.Todd Shaffer; 6.Brian Leppo; 7.Alan Krimes; 8.Lance Dewease; 9.Keith Kauffman; 10.Greg Hodnett; 11.Mike Erdley; 12.Mark Smith; 13.Brooke Tatnell; 14.Mike Wagner; 15.Justin Henderson; 16.Chad Layton; 17.Pat Cannon; 18.Adam Lawrence; 19.Brent Marks; 20.Adam Wilt; 21.Aaron Ott; 22.Doug Esh.; 23.Cale Grubb; 24.T.J. Winegardner; DNQ – Joey Hershey, Bobby Howard, Pat Cooper, Craig Robinson, Brian Ehrenzeller, DNS Michael Heckman

Bill Bowman Special Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 31 laps, 32 entries (Lap Leaders – Robby Beall 1-15, Pete Weaver 16-31) 1.Pete Weaver; 2.Kyle Lear; 3.Charlie Schaffer; 4.Robby Beall; 5.Andy Fries; 6.James Myers; 7.Scott Palmer; 8.Craig Wagaman (Checkered Flag Lube/St Thomas Towing Hard Charger); 9.Terry Flaherty; 10.Shawn Jones; 11.Mike Walls(99); 12.Fred Harden; 13.Chaz Walls; 14.Mike Walls(1W); 15.Bruce Kane; 16.Wayne Walls; 17.Jerry Bard; 18.Richard Walls; 19.Michael Collins; 20.Glenn Elliott; 21.Courtney Shreiner; 22.Dylan Yoder; 23.Nick Pappas; 24.Greg Robinson; DNQ – Cody Lear, Ralph Morgan, Barry Miller, Ryan Walls, Steve Kent, Ashley Barrett, DNS - Matt Howsare, Justin Hart

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