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May 31 2009                                   For Immediate Release


Saturday, June 6, (7:00 p.m.) Inaugural Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek Series, 40 Laps + Late Model Sportsman Open & Pure Stocks 

Saturday, June 13, (7:00 p.m.) Regular show, Late Models, Late Models Sportsman, Pure Stocks, + Enduro Dash

Saturday, June 19, (7.00 p.m.) Shootout II, 2nd Annual Red Nininger Memorial Three State Flyers, 35 Laps, + Late Model Sportsman




Hagerstown, MD - Steve Francis dominated Hagerstown Speedway’s 28th Annual Conococheague World of Outlaws late model event on Saturday night to score his fourth WoO triumph of the season. Leading all 50 laps, the Ashland KY veteran scored the win by 3.815 seconds over Darrell Lanigan. He previously won the event in 1996 and it also was his first Hagerstown win since the 1998 Schetrompf Memorial.  

Ashley Barrett of Shippensburg, PA finally shed the misfortunes that have plagued him including a demolished car just a week ago as he scored his first win of the season in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman feature.

With the exception of setting quick time, the night belonged to Francis in the Dale Beitler Reliable Painting Rocket. He won his heat, then pulled the number one for the feature and set the cruise control. He led the entire event, remaining two plus seconds ahead but continuing to stretch it even more when the final 23 circuits remained under green. The victory came just two nights after losing at Delaware due to a flat tire with six laps remaining.   

“We spent a lot of time the past few days fine tuning and messing with everything we could,” Francis said. “Me and Shane Clanton were rolling around looking at cars tonight, looking at things, thinking about things and talking about things. I came across some ideas, tried some of them and that’s what this car has been missing a couple times when it get slick like this, but tonight it seemed like it was on an absolute rail.”

Francis and Dan Stone ushered the 25 car field to the green flag as Francis took the advantage off the second turn to assume control as Clanton took over second on lap four. Eighth starting Rick Eckert followed into third a lap later while Francis was two seconds out front all alone. He got to the rear of the field by lap 13 and continued his torrid pace until J.T. Spence came to a stop on lap 18.

Following the restart, Francis again pulled out to run all alone while Lanigan grabbed second and Eckert got past Clanton to reoccupy third but the field regrouped again on lap 27 when D.J. Myers, who earlier was running seventh, came to a stop for the final caution. Within four laps, Francis was out front and pulling away by two seconds and by ten laps, was just over three seconds ahead. He caught rear traffic by lap 41, but had no problems negotiating the slower cars as he drove on with nothing stopping him this time with his lead distanced to 3.815 over Lanigan and Eckert. Clanton and Austin Hubbard were next, ending in the same positions they started. Tenth starting Keith Jackson ended sixth over Jason Covert, up from 16th while Tim Fuller (13th), Brady Smith, (17th) and Andy Anderson (15) completed the top ten. Frankie Plessinger ended 11th after starting 25th with a track provisional.  

Francis, Eckert, Lanigan and Hubbard were heat winners for the 41 entries while Smith and Chub Frank were the B-Main winners. Tim Fuller set quick time of 19.082 seconds.

Barrett stormed from the outside pole to beat Steve Kent to the front of the late model sportsman feature and he too had no problem pulling away from the field, having a 2.6 second lead by a lap 11 yellow and a 1.5 second advantage at a lap 16 yellow. On that restart, Wayne Walls Jr. got past Kent for second while previous week’s winner, Pete Weaver passed Kent for third with two to go, but Barrett pressed on to claim the win. Kent held to fourth over Glenn Elliott. Heat wins went to Andy Fries, Barrett and Scott Palmer.

“We were far from perfect but it was good enough from the pole,” Barrett said. “I actually was in Wyoming all week and my crew busted their tails this week after we completely totaled that car.  We got this car from Jack Pencil and built it from the ground up. We have to thank him and his crew. This is the first time out and it drives nice, but I think we can get it a little bit better.”

Check the speedway website for information or any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results

28th Annual Conococheague, World of Outlaw Late Models, 50 laps, 41 entries, (Lap Leader –Steve Francis 1-50) 1.Steve Francis; 2.Darrell Lanigan; 3.Rick Eckert; 4.Shane Clanton; 5.Austin Hubbard; 6.Keith Jackson; 7.Jason Covert; 8.Tim Fuller; 9.Brady Smith; 10.Andy Anderson; 11.Frankie Plessinger; 12.Chub Frank; 13.Dan Stone; 14.Clint Smith; 15.Vic Coffey; 16.Darryl Hills; 17.Josh Richards; 18.Russell King; 19.Jordan Bland; 20.Alan Sagi; 21.D.J. Myers; 22.Jeremy Miller.; 23.J.T. Spence; 24.Roy Deese Jr; 25.Kirk Ryan Jr.: DNQ – Matt Lux, Jim Yoder, Scott LeBarron, Mike Lupfer, Brian Booze, Jordan  Bland, Jamie Lathroum, Dustin Hapka, Rusty Sites, Bryan Wright, Al Cheny, Devin Friese, Tyler Reddick, Marvin Winters; DNS: Troy Erickson, Marvin Winters, Brent Robinson, Steve Gibney

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 laps, 21 entries (Lap Leader – Ashley Barrett 1-20):
1.Ashley Barrett; 2.Wayne Walls Jr.; 3.Pete Weaver; 4.Steve Kent; 5.Glenn Elliott; 6.Kyle Lear; 7.Michael Collins; 8.James Myers; 9.Jerry Bard; 10.Steve Axtell (St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 11.Richard Walls; 12.Robby Beall; 13.Scott Palmer; 14.Nick Pappas; 15.Justin Hart; 16.Bruce Kane; 17.Andy Fries; 18.Cody Lear; 19.Mike Walls; 20.Terry Flaherty; DNS Courtney Shreiner  

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