Date: 6/14/2009 2:13:34 PM

June 14, 2009                       For Immediate Release  

Friday, June 19, (7.00 p.m.) Shootout II, 2nd Annual Red Nininger Memorial Three State Flyers,
35 Laps, + Late Model Sportsman
Saturday, June 27, (7:00 p.m.) 14th Annual Cornett Tribute – 20 lap Pure Stocks, + Hoosier
Daddy 25 lap Late Model Sportsman + late Models + U Cars
Wednesday, July 1 (7:30 p.m) 19th Annual Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek + EMMR 


Hagerstown, Md. – Jim Yoder’s first trip to Hagerstown Speedway victory lane was in March 2008 just after beginning to make the weekly trek from Selinsgrove. He’s not given up in his quest to get that second win and continually has put his best foot forward every time he’s on the track. His second reward finally arrived Saturday night in the late model feature.

Wayne Walls Jr., St.Thomas, Pa, had an exceptionally stout car after starting seventh and continued to his 45th career triumph in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman feature. Hanover, Pa’s Kenny Dillon returned to victory lane for the second time in the Ernie D’s pure stocks to score his career 20th victory and Krazy Kenny Thomas of Keedesville, Md came from the back row to win his third Enduro Dash of the season. 

Starting third, Yoder saw the opportunity on the opening lap to go for the lead and once ahead, his only concerns were from behind. Six time champion and current point leader Roy Deese Jr. moved into second but Yoder remained in control through two restarts. Then it was Frankie Plessinger, trailing Deese by only five points, gave it his best, but Yoder pulled out to a 1.75 second lead at the checkered.

“I knew Deese was behind me and he’s a real, real good hard racer. We’ve been struggling all year with this new race car and think we’ve finally figured it out,” Yoder said. “We had a good car all week (in the Appalachian Mountain Speedweek) but we didn’t get any good finishes. Tonight we definitely got one, finally.”

When the green waved, Marvin Winters and Mike Lupfer took off but Yoder saw the opening and went for it to put him in control but Deese was quickly past Winters by the fourth lap. Yoder held his own through restarts on laps seven and nine and then stretched his lead to more than two seconds by a lap 16 yellow.

By then, Plessinger had worked his way into third and he went around the top to get past Deese on lap 18 and try his luck. Another restart on the 19th circuit gave him the opportunity, but Yoder didn’t allow him any as he showed more muscle and gradually increased his lead every lap until zipping under the flag stand with 1.75 seconds to spare.

“I didn’t know how far I was getting out there ahead of him,” Yoder said. “I was just trying to keep it nice and easy and keep it rolling around. That’s the biggest thing here.”

Plessinger and Deese were next followed by Andy Anderson and Lupfer. Winters ended sixth with Brent Smith, rejoining the field for the first time since last August next in line with D.J.Myers, Ronnie DeHaven Jr., and Billy Wampler following.

Winters, Plessinger and Anderson won the qualifying heats with Rusty Sites taking the consolation for the 27 entries. 

One lap was recorded in the late model sportsman feature when Justin Hart crashed on the back stretch when Steve Kent was going around the outside for the lead. Kent then took over with Bruce Kane chasing. The red flag was displayed when Terry Flaherty crashed hard into the fence entering turn three.

Resuming the race, Kent led while Walls took to the top to get around him to lead the 11th circuit. Three time champion Andy Fries was into second in another two laps, but previous week’s winner, Ashley Barrett joined him from 12th and took the runner up spot on lap 16. Ducking low, Barrett couldn’t make his racer beat Walls’ momentum on the top. A lap 19 restart allowed Walls to regroup his thoughts as he sped to the checkered by a one length win over Barrett and Fries

“The car was real good at the beginning but then started getting a little tight on me,” Walls said after dedicating the race to his father Wayne Sr. who passed away in November. “I knew the 75 (Barrett) was coming, I could see the yellow under me.”

Pete Weaver came from the rear to end fourth following a several car incident on the opening lap. Kane ended fifth. Kent, Hart and Barrett won the heats with Craig Wagaman taking the consolation win for the 32 entries. .  

Three consecutive cautions in the opening pure stock laps occurred as Frank Dibella led the opener from the pole before Kevin Keefer took over looking for his first ever win, Dillon was knocking on the door by lap four and went top side to make the pass as the race remained under green. Dillon continued to leave the field and dashed to the checkered by 3.2 seconds ahead of Keefer and two time winner Darrin Younker.

“I’m not very good on a slick track but Mark (Plessinger) did a good job on the rack and I ended up on the top and that’s where I wanted to be,” Dillon said.

Bobby Franklin and Dave Mikolajski completed the top five. Mikolajski, Younker and Dillon won the heats and the consolation went to Justin Snodderly

Andy Holmes led the enduro dash for 13 laps until Kenny Thomas took over while Krazy Kenny Thomas arrived in second by lap 20. It was a battle of the Thomas’ as lapped traffic became the deciding factor as Krazy Kenny went around the top to get the lead with two to go and later win by two lengths. Holmes held to third with previous winner Mark Vegh ending fourth from the rear and 21st starter Chris Ebersole finishing fifth.

Krazy Kenny dedicated the win to a friend and former competitor, Derek Riley, who lost his life in a motorcycle just two weeks ago.

“This nights for him, I know he’s up there watching over us,” Thomas said.

Racing resumes and switches to Friday this week for the 2nd Annual Red Nininger Memorial, Shootout II and Three State Flyers 35-lap event along with the Late Model Sportsman. Warmups begin at 7:00 p.m.

Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640. 

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Late Models, 25 laps, entries, (Lap Leaders – Jim Yoder 1-25) 1.Jimy Yoder; 2.Frankie Plessinger; 3.Roy Deese Jr.; 4.Andy Anderson; 5.Mike Lupfer; 6.Marvin Winters; 7.Brent Smith; 8.D.J.Myers; 9.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 10.Billy Wampler; 11.Harold Dorsey Jr.; 12.Rusty Sites; 13.Tyler Hershey; 14.Larry Baker II 15.Rick Hulson; 16.Cory Houck; 17.Roland Mann; 18.Scott Cross; 19.Brian Wright; 20.Doug Legum; 21.Doug Stine; 22.Charlie Hageage.; 24.Devin Friese; DNQ – Troy Erickson, Brian Booze, Rick Stouffer, Steve Gibney

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 laps, 33 entries (Lap Leaders –Justin Hart – 1; Steve Kent 2-10, Wayne Walls Jr. 11-20): 1.Wayne Walls Jr.; 2.Ashley Barrett; 3.Andy Fries; 4.Bruce Kane; 5.Kyle Lear; 6.Pete Weaver; 7.Craig Wagaman (St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 8.Steve Kent; 9.Glenn Elliott; 10.Richard Walls; 11.Mike Walls; 12.Barry Miller; 13.James Myers; 14.Matt Cosner; 15.Nick Pappas; 16.Paul Cursey Jr.; 17.Randy Shaffer; 18.Robby Beall; 19.Ryan Walls; 20.Jerry Bard; 21.Terry Flaherty; 22.Justin Hart; 23.Courtney Shreiner; DQ – Mike Walls-Light. DNQ – Scott Lupfer, Cody Lear, Michael Collins, Scott Fisher, DNS – Scott Palmer, Chaz Walls, Gary Hendershot, Roy Hornbaker, A.J. Triplett

Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 25 entries (Lap Leaders – Frank Dibella -1, Kevin Keefer 2-4, Kenny Dillon 5-15) 1.Kenny Dillon; 2.Kevin Keefer; 3.Darrin Younker; 4.Bobby Franklin; 5.Dave Mikolajski; 6.Dave Stouffer Jr.; 7.Mike Warrenfeltz; 8.Hans Stamberg; 9.Tony Stoneberger; 10.Frank Dibella; 11.Wayne Hawbaker; 12.Randy Kline; 13.Charlie Pensinger; 14.Justin Snodderly; 15.Dustin Proctor; 16.Danny Beavers; 17.Steve Lowery; 18.Danny Main; 19.Billy Ecton Jr.; DNS – Kevin Koontz;  Zack Reid, Bobby Taylor, Drew Fitzsimmons, Mike Sanders.  DQ – Sherman Lynn   

Enduro Dash, 30 laps 26 entries ( Lap Leaders Danny Holmes 1-13; Kenny Thomas 143-27, Crazy Kenny Thomas 28-30) 1.Krazy Kenny Thomas; 2.Kenny Thomas; 3.Danny Holmes; 4.Mark Vegh; 5.Chris Ebersole; 6.Jim Speelman; 7.J.R.Butts; 8.Robin Koogler; 9.Gary Proctor; 10.Eric Myers; 11.Bryan Green; 12.William Crook; 13.Larry Hurley Jr; 14.Jamie Mills; 15.Bill Hargett; 16.Rob Keller; 17.Rodney Miner; 18.John Poole; 19.J.T. Conrad; 20.Matt Smith; 21.Dave Shatto; 22.James Clark; 23.Larry McCowan; 24.Richard Tracey; 25.Gary Breeden; DNS- Charlie Stambaugh

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