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June 20, 2009                                 For Immediate Release


Saturday, June 27, (7:00 p.m.) 14th Annual Cornett Tribute – 20 lap Pure Stocks, + Hoosier Daddy 25 lap Late Model Sportsman + late Models + U Cars

Wednesday, July 1 (7:30 p.m) 19th Annual Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek + EMMR Vintage Cars  

Saturday, July 4, (7:00 p.m.) 44th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial 50 lap Late Model+ Late Model Sportsman Clash  


Hagerstown, Md. – Jason Covert scored another convincing victory Friday night at Hagerstown Speedway when he made it a clean sweep of the Three State Flyers events by winning the 2nd Annual Red Nininger Memorial Shootout II 35-lap event. Covert, of York Haven, Pa, has won all three events plus the Appalachian Speedweek race and remains the only repeat late model winner.

Having a number of good runs so far in his first season, Glenn Elliott of Sykesville, Md put it all together to score his career first victory in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman event.

Covert came from the 13th position in the stellar field to take the lead from Tommy Armel at the halfway mark and following a restart with six to go, was stretching his lead a half second a lap until taking the checkered 4.08 seconds ahead of Armel.

“I appreciate what you do in sponsoring this race, “Covert said to Glenn Nininger. “In remembrance of your dad (Red) and how much a part of racing you were and are, it’s an honor to win this race in his memory.”  

“I appreciate Jason being here and putting on a good show for us. He could have slowed down a little bit though,” Glenn Nininger jokingly said.  

Frankie Plessinger led the opening lap but washed up as pole sitter Tyler Armstrong quickly took over as Jeremy Miller and Armel followed into the next positions. Armstrong was strong on the open track but got to the rear by lap 11 as two cars battled for the final position. Armstrong lost out as Armel closed in and took his spot on lap 18 while Covert has just taken third the lap before and wasn’t ended yet. Covert was past Armstrong and went after Armel, taking the top spot on lap 20.

Tyler Hershey stopped on lap 23 to bring out the first yellow as Covert drove off to a 3.88 second lead by lap 29 when J.T.. Spence came to rest on the track for the only other yellow.

Covert checked out when the green waved, leaving Armel to contend with Gary Stuhler as Stuhler then lost the spot to D.J. Myers on lap 31. Covert was long gone and hammer down every lap to the finish. Armel and Myers were next followed by Stuhler, the inaugural event winner, and Andy Anderson. Jim Yoder came from 11th to end sixth over Plessinger, Armstrong, Darryl Hills and Miller.

 “I didn’t really know who was leading,” Covert said. “I’d just get to a car, get them, go to another, get them and go, but once I got free and didn’t see anyone, I thought I must be in the lead, then the yellow came out and I said, ‘I have to get going again.’”

Plessinger, Stuhler, Myers and Armstrong won the heats for the 36 entries while Nick Dickson was the B main winner.

Justin Hart led the opening laps in the companion feature and got rooted from behind off the fourth turn before a second lap yellow. The rear fender cut his tire while under caution and on the restart, he ended in turn two as Steve Kent assumed the lead but Cody Lear immediately sped under to take over. Elliott, who started fifth, seized the lead on lap five and sped away like Covert did in the late models. Elliott had pulled out to a 6.78 second lead by a 14th lap yellow just as two time winner Andy Fries had taken second after starting 10th.  

With Fries ready to strike, Elliott drove like a veteran and rounded the top to keep Fries at bay. Speeding from the final turn, Elliott ended with a .425 second victory.

“I’m glad we beat Andy, because he’s always tough,” Elliott said. “I knew someone was back there and I started making mistakes in the turns, but to hold onto it, what a feeling.”

Scott Palmer ended third with Kyle Lear and Mike Walls completing the top five. Hart, Palmer and Ryan Walls were heat winners while Richard Walls was the consy winner.

The next scheduled event features the Ernie D’s pure stocks in their premier event, the 14th Annual Cornett Tribute. The Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman event is the 25-lap Hoosier Daddy while late models and the U cars will also be on the program.

Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results

Shootout II , Three State Flyers 2nd Red Nininger Memorial Late Models, 35 laps, 36 entries, (Lap Leaders – Frankie Plessinger 1, Tyler Armstrong 2-17, Tommy Armel 18-20, Jason Covert 21-43 ) 1.Jason Covert; 2.Tomy Armel; 3.D.J.Myers; 4.Gary Stuhler; 5.Andy Anderson; 6.Jim Yoder; 7.Frankie Plessinger; 8.Tyler Armstrong; 9.Darryl Hills; 10.Jeremy Miller; 11.Bo Feathers; 12.Devn Friese; 13.Marvin Winters; 14.Roy Deese Jr.; 15.Greg Fetters; 16.Al Shawver Jr.; 17.Rusty Sites; 18.Billy Wampler; 19.Scott Cross; 20.J.T. Spence; 21.Brent Smith; 22.Nick Dickson; 23.Nathan Durboraw; 24.Tyler Hershey; 25.Booper Bare; 26. Mike Lupfer, DNQ – Cory Houck, Ronnie DeHaven Jr., Tom Decker Jr., Brian Booze, Randy Burkholder, Bryan Wright, Larry Baker II, Lindsay Barton, Tom Decker Sr., Troy Erickson


Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 laps, 27 entries (Lap Leaders – Justin Hart 1-2, Cody Lear 3-5, Glenn Elliott 6-20) 1.Glenn Elliott; 2.Andy Fries; 3.Scott Palmer; 4.Kyle Lear; 5.Mike Walls (1W); 6.Wayne Walls Jr; 7.Robby Beall; 8.Jerry Bard; 9.Ryan Walls; 10.Richard Walls; 11.Mike Walls (99); 12.Barry Miller (St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 13.Terry Flaherty; 14.Pete Weaver; 15.Steve Kent; 16.Fred Harden; 17.Cody Lear; 18.Nick Pappas; 19.Anthony Lupini; 20.Michael Collins; 21.Chaz Walls; 22.Justin Hart; 23.Steve Bailor;  DSQ – Craig Wagaman, DNQ – Courtney Shreiner, Roy Hornbaker, Ashley Barrett

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