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June 28, 2009                                 For Immediate Release
Wednesday, July 1 (7:30 p.m.) 19th Annual Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek + EMMR 
Saturday, July 4, (7:00 p.m.) 44th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial 50 lap Late Model+ Late Model Sportsman Clash, Fireworks
SUNDAY – Rain Date (6:00 p.m.)
Saturday, July 11 (7:00 p.m.)  Ernie D’s 25 Special LM Open, ($2,500 to win), + Late Model Sportsman and Pure Stocks  


Hagerstown, Md. – The Cornett Tribute has eluded Hans Stamberg of Hedgesville, WV in the past, but no more. Stamberg’s fourth season win on Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway was the double point 14th Annual Cornett event for the Ernie D’s pure stocks. Shippensburg Pa’s Ashley Barrett was victorious for his season second in the double point Hoosier Daddy event for the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman while Andy Anderson of Martinsburg, WV posted his season second late model win in a green to checkered feature.  

Stamberg had to await a second opportunity to take the lead after a spin occurred on lap eight just after he had pulled ahead of Bobby Franklin at the stripe. He came back with an outside pass to go ahead for good on lap 11.  Mike Warrenfeltz, the 2002 event winner, then was on his bumper for the final seven circuits and  through two restarts but Stamberg held on to take the win by .78 seconds.

“I’ve been wanting to win this race for a long time,” Stamberg said. “It just never worked out. It was hard work winning this one…Franklin was up there, Tony was up there, then those last couple laps, it sounded like the old days. Mike was down there and you always have to wonder what’s going to happen, He runs hard.”

Tony Stoneberger led the Cornett race from the outside pole as fourth starter Bobby Franklin was into second by the fourth lap. Stamberg found the openings and was to third as it became a several car battle for the lead with Wayne Hawbaker and Warrenfeltz in the mix with Franklin taking over on lap seven.

Stamberg’s pass on Franklin was negated on lap eight when the caution waved  so he went back to work and secured the top spot on lap 11 and was 1.25 seconds ahead when Warrenfeltz moved to second on lap 13 and got a free pass to Stamberg’s the next lap when another caution waved for a spin. Warrenfeltz kept the pressure on but Stamberg pulled ahead an extra length over the final lap for the prestigious win. Stoneberger ended third ahead of 15th starting Darrin Younker and Franklin. Drew Fitzsimmons, Franklin and Dave Stouffer were the heat winners. Kenny Dillon, a three time and the defending winner, had engine problems in his heat.

Starting third in the Hoosier Daddy event, Barrett made it three wide down the front chute inside Chaz Walls and Cody Lear as Lear powered ahead to lead the first four circuits before Barrett got by.

Ninth starting Terry Flaherty moved into second on lap seven and didn’t give Barrett any time to relax through four restarts from laps 10 to 17. Andy Fries came from 11th to pass Lear on lap ten while 10th starter, Pete Weaver took fourth from him on lap 14.

Following the final restart on lap 17, Barrett slowly pulled ahead to take the win by 1.09 seconds over Flaherty with Fries, Weaver and Michel Collins.

“I like to win from the back more than the front, but we were good enough to hold on tonight,” Barrett said.” I was picking up a pretty good push towards the end. I knew those guys were on me so I was giving it all I had.”

Richard Walls ended sixth from starting 15th with Kyle Lear, (12th), Glenn Elliott (from 21st to earn the St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube hard charger award), C. Lear and Scott Palmer completed the top ten. Barrett, Collins and Weaver were heat winners while Ryan Walls won the consy. 

Devin Friese and Tyler Hershey occupied the front row and split the opening laps until fifth starting Marvin Winters took over on the third circuit while seventh starting Anderson began to close the gap. Winters surrounded the top spot on lap nine while to a length of Anderson by lap 11 and getting to the rear. As those two manipulated traffic, Friese began to close in and made a quick move past Winters and lapped traffic to take over the runner up spot on lap 19. With the green still displayed Friese continued to gain a few lengths each lap but Anderson held on to win by .88 seconds while Gary Stuhler cleared Winters on the final lap to end third after starting tenth. Winters and Roy Deese Jr., from ninth, completed the top five.

“We started slowing down there towards the end,” Anderson said. “I think I went a little too soft on the left rear. It started going away and I could really tell near the end.

I didn’t hear anyone but I was watching my guy…one time I had a couple car lengths, next minute he was on me. When I was passing the lapped cars, I was trying to box them in. I really didn’t know who it was back there”.

Scott Cross, Jim Yoder, Rusty Sites, Frankie Plessinger and Hershey completed the top ten. Plessinger, Anderson and Winters were the heat winners.

The speedway joins the 19th Annual Pennsylvania Sprint Car Speedweek on Wednesday July 1 as the fourth program on the eight race schedule. The EMMR (Eastern Museum of Motor Racing) will join the program with vintage racers. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Late Models, 25 laps, 24 entries, (Lap Leaders – Tyler Hershey 1, Devin Fries 2, Marvin Winters 3-8, Andy Anderson 9-25) 1.Andy Anderson; 2.Devin Friese; 3.Gary Stuhler; 4.Marvin Winters; 5.Roy Deese Jr.; 6.Nathan Durboraw; 7.Jim Yoder; 8.Rusty Sites; 9.Frankie Plessinger;10.Tyler Hershey; 11.Scott Cross; 12.Mike Lupfer; 13.Billy Wampler; 14.Brent Smith; 15.Al Shawver Jr.; 16.Larry Baer; 17.Brian Booze; 18.Steve Gibney; 19.Rick Hulson; 20.Larry Baker II; 21.Doiug Stine; 22..Lindsay Barton; 23.Bryan Wright; 24. Doug Legum 

Hoosier Daddy, Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 25 laps, 26 entries (Lap Leaders – Ashley Barrett 1, 5-25, Cody Lear 2-4): 1.Ashley Barrett; 2.Terry Flaherty; 3.Andy Fries; 4.Pete Weaver; 5.Michael Collins; 6.Richard Walls; 7.Kyle Lear; 8.Glenn Elliott (St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 9.Cody Lear; 10.Scott Palmer; 11.Wayne Walls Jr.; 12.Jerry Bard; 13.Mike Walls; 14.Bruce Kane; 15.Ryan Walls; 16.Randy Schaffer; 17.Robbie Beall; 18.Courtney Shreiner; 19.Dave Dunkle; 20.Chaz Walls; 21.Justin Hart; 22.Mike Walls; 23.Nick Pappas; 24.Brad Houck; DNQ – Anthony Lupini, DNS – Chuck Lewis

14th Annual Cornett Tribute Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, 20 laps, 25 entries (Lap Leaders – Tony Stoneberger 1-6, Bobby Franklin 7-10, Hans Stamberg 11-20) 1.Hans Stamberg; 2.Mike Warrenfeltz; 3.Tony Stoneberger; 4.Darrin Younker; 5.Kevin Keefer; 6.Bobby Franklin; 7.Wayne Hawbaker; 8.Dave Mikolajski; 9.Steve Lowery; 10.Drew Fitzsimmons; 11.Tony Catlett; 12.Kevin Koontz; 13.Randy Kline; 14.Charlie Pensinger; 15.Bill Reitober; 16.Mike Sanders; 17.Billy Ecton Jr.; 18.Tim Monn; 19.Frank Dibella; 20.Rick Durbin; 21.Dave Stouffer; DNS – Kenny Dayhoff, Kenny Dillon, Danny Beavers, Justin Snodderly  

U Cars – 1.Ray Hollingsworth

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