44th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial

Date: 7/5/2009 1:39:28 PM

July 5, 2009                                    For Immediate Release


Saturday, July 11 (7:00 p.m.)  Ernie D’s 25 Special LM Open, ($2,500 to win), + Late Model Sportsman and Pure Stocks  

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 17-19 Monster Truck Nationals

Saturday, July 25, (6:00 p.m.) 28th Annual Hub City Classic) AMA Grand National Motorcycles

Hagerstown, Md. – With a complete change to a new car owner and equipment, Jeremy Miller’s been struggling to get on track this season, but Gettysburg’s Miller has the talent to make things happen. It all came together on Saturday night as he drove to his third career win of the long running 44th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial. He previously won in 2000 and 2004.  It was his overall 26th career at Hagerstown.

Richard Walls of St. Thomas, Pa scored his first win since April 2008 in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman Clash event after taking the lead on lap 19. Hagerstown’s Mike Warrenfeltz broke through the ice to score his first Ernie D’s pure stock victory since June 2008 after getting the lead with six laps remaining.

Miller started 11th in the lineups and entered the top five on lap 12. Taking second from Billy Wampler on lap 21, he was 3.16 seconds behind six time event winner, Gary Stuhler. Lap by lap, he closed in until ready to challenge just before a caution waved on lap 31 following a 26 lap green stretch. He took control on lap 34 while Josh Richards grabbed second three laps later but Miller stayed focused on the big picture and kept his Moyer Chassis out front to win by 1.22 seconds.

“I was just sitting there running races like I used to run them,” Miller said. “I had something I could maneuver and I could do that. It felt pretty cool that I could just to be able to get out there and drive again. Everything worked out our way tonight. Everyone on this deal has done a way better job than our results have showed this year. We’re just trying to get where we can bring the results up to the equipment we’ve got.”

Steve Gibney took the green flag as Stuhler came from sixth to take the runner up spot from Billy Wampler on lap three. Stuhler went to the inside of Gibney in turn one on the fifth circuit and Gibney spun when some contact was made.    

Stuhler assumed control and caught the rear by lap 15 with Wampler, Devin Friese and Roy Deese Jr. chasing as Miller then joined them to march past the front runners in the all green stretch.

The lap 31 yellow regrouped the field as Miller went in motion. He passed Stuhler while 15th starting Richards also moved into second by lap 37 with Friese following along the next circuit.  

Stuhler rolled to a stop on lap 40 allowing Richards to show his stuff but Miller kept himself to a several car advantage and later reaped the rewards.  

“The cars been built for Hoosier tires and we didn’t take that option at the beginning of the year,” Miller said about the switch to Hoosier’s. ” We’ve had some good runs on American Racers and came close to winning an Outlaw race. It’s going to be back in winners circle, I couldn’t ask for any more from the car. I talked to Billy Moyer this week and he got me back on track. We bolted some Hoosiers on and kind of did the same thing he did and he said ‘sit back and enjoy’ and what a ride it was.”

Friese has a strong third as he wiped out a large deficit to close to Richards’ bumper but ran out of time. Deese and Jim Yoder came from the fifth row to complete the top five. 2006 event winner, Marvin Winters ended sixth with 18th starter Dan Stone, Ronnie DeHaven Jr. (17th), Wampler and Mike Lupfer next. Rick Hulson, Nathan Durboraw, Gibney were the heat winners and Frankie Plessinger won the consolation. Durboraw, a five time winner, gave up his ride to Andy Anderson, who had problems in his heat race.

Courtney Shreiner led the late model sportsman from the pole as Cody Lear quickly took second. Shreiner showed the way through repeated restarts that began on lap four while Walls challenged Lear for three laps before securing the runner up spot on lap ten. Shreiner held Walls at a distance until one push on a lap 18 restart allowed Walls room to quickly grab the point. With a marathon of cautions, the race was checkered following the 24th lap with Wayne Walls Jr. taking the runner up spot from Kyle Lear two laps earlier. Randy Sheaffer ended fourth with Scott Palmer completing the top five. R. Walls, Andy Friese and C. Lear won the heats.

“It’s unbelievable,” Walls said of his career 26th win. “I got with Charlie Laye about two weeks ago and he gave me something to try. It got me in the ball park and it kept getting better and better. I still just need a little more motor.”  

Danny Beavers took over the pure stock feature after passing Tony Catlett on the third lap. Beavers led while Warrenfeltz advanced to second by lap seven and set his sights on Beavers. From a single restart on lap four, Warrenfeltz made the move on Beavers to grab the spot on lap ten and slowly stretched his lead to 1.06 seconds over him as Wayne Hawbaker came on strong for third. Dave Stouffer Jr. and Drew Fitzsimmons completed the top five. Kline, Beavers and Stouffer won the heats.

“There are a lot of young guys that are real good and their cars are real fast,” Warrenfeltz said of his career 73rd win. “We just keep working on this car and it’s getting faster.”

Action resumes Saturday, July 11th with the Ernie D’s Special, a $2,500 to win open late model event. The late model sportsman and pure stocks also join the evening’s program.. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results

44th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial: Late Models, 50 laps, 31 entries, (Lap Leaders – Steve Gibney 1-5, Gary Stuhler 6-33, Jeremy Miller 34-50) 1.Jeremy Miller; 2.Josh Richards; 3.Devin Friese; 4.Roy Deese Jr.; 5.Jim Yoder; 6.Marvin Winters; 7.Dan Stone; 8.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 9.Billy Wampler; 10.Mike Lupfer; 11.Tyler Hershey; 12.Andy Anderson; 13.Frankie Plessinger; 14.Rick Hulson; 15.Scott Cross; 16.Al Shawver Jr.; 17.Steve Gibney; 18.Larry Baer; 19.Larry Baker II; 20.Doug Legum; 21.Tyler Armstrong; 22.Gary Stuhler.; 23.Jamie Lathroum; 24.Brian Booze;, DNQ – Doug Stine, Les Hare, Lindsay Barton, All Cheney, Brian Wright, DNS Charlie Hageage – DSQ – Nathan Durboraw

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman Clash, 24 laps, 24 entries (Lap Leaders – Courtney Shreiner 1-18, Richard Walls 19-24): 1.Richard Walls; 2.Wayne Walls Jr.; 3.Kyle Lear; 4.Randy Shaeffer; 5.Scott Palmer; 6.Pete Weaver; 7.Michael Collins (St. Thomas Towing/Checkered Flag Lube Hard Charger); 8.Brian Lessley; 9.Andy Fries; 10.Jerry Bard; 11.Glenn Elliott; 12.Mike Walls; 13.Chuck Lewis; 14.Chuck Cox; 15.Coutney Shreiner; 16.Chuck Lewis; 17.Cody Lear; 18.Ashley Barrett; 19.Nick Pappas; 20.Justin Hart; 21.Randy Wible; 22.Roy Hornbaker; 23.Barry Miller DSQ –Terry Flaherty


Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 25 entries (Lap Leaders – Danny Beavers 1-9, Mike Warrenfeltz 10-15) 1.Mike Warrenfeltz; 2.Danny Beavers; 3.Wayne Hawbaker; 4.Dave Stouffer Jr.; 5.Drew Fitzsimmons; 6.Randy Kline; 7.Kevin Keefer; 8.Tony Catlett; 9.Charlie Pensinger; 10.Tony Stoneberger; 11.Bill Reitober; 12.Darrin Younker; 13.Kevin Koontz; 14.Kevin Dayhoff; 15.Billy Ecton Jr; 16.Lin Sutphin; 17.Kenny Day; 18.Mike Sanders; 19.Frank Dibella; 20.Dustin Proctor; 21.Bobby Franklin; 22.Dave Mikolajski; DNS – Zach Reid, Steve Lowery 

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