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August 2, 2009                              For Immediate Release 

Sat, August 8, 2009 (7:00 PM) – Small Fry Night – 20 Lap Pure Stock + Late Models, Late Model
Sportsman + Enduro Dash 
Sat, August 15, 2009 (7:00 PM) – World of Outlaw Late Model Series 50 lap + Pure Stock
Sat, August 22, 2009 (7:00 p.m.)  - Regular Show, Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks + 23rd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby


Hagerstown, Md. – To say the least, Saturday night at Hagerstown Speedway turned out to be a neat night for Brad Neat as the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series driver from Dunnville, Ky scored the biggest win of his career, worth $10,000. His first Lucas victory in June was worth $7,500. He also became the fifth different winner in the five Lucas visits to Frank Plessinger’s Maryland oval. The win came by one length over Jacksonville, Fl’s Earl Pearson Jr. who earlier set quick time for the 48 entries.

“First of all I want to thank God for just letting us be here,” Neat said. “These guys work their butts off every day. I really appreciate them and all my sponsors; Red Buck Cigars, they just came on board with us.  It was just a great night.”

Glenn Elliott of Sykesville, MD scored his career first win in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman in June and liked it so much, he returned for a second visit with a 1.13 second win over three time winner, Ashley Barrett. The race was sponsored by the Walls family in memory of Wayne Walls Sr. who passed away last November.

Neat and Pearson occupied the front row as Neat powered into the lead and held off a first lap challenge to pull slightly ahead of Pearson, Jimmy Owens, Steve Francis, and Jason Covert.  He began to stretch the advantage to 1.84 seconds by the 10th lap when he arrived at the rear of the field and things got a little tight as Pearson and Owens both closed in when Neat got held up behind traffic.

With both rear and lead cars racing for position, Owens had the pressure on and got by Pearson for the runner up spot on lap 20. The first of two lap 23 yellows were when Jack Pencil made contact with the third turn fence. 

The second was required as Lucas point leader Scott Bloomquist ended sideways off turn four following contact from Ronnie DeHaven Jr. as Jim Yoder and D.J.Myers also became involved.

On the second attempt, Neat pulled out to just over a second lead and maintained the interval as the leaders again caught up to the rear of the field by lap 38. Once again Owens and Pearson closed in and it became another battle with rear and front cars as Pearson paid Owens back with a pass to retake the runner up spot on lap 47. 

Pearson then had one goal and he closed quickly on Neat but a final lap effort fell short as Neat rushed from the final turn with a one length lead.

“Whenever you beat those guys Earl Pearson and Jimmy Owens; they are two of the best in the business as far as I’m concerned. It was a good night for us” Neat said. “The Mastersbilt car was wonderful. This is just my second race after we just picked it up last week. This thing is awesome.”

 Following Pearson was Owens, Francis and Covert while Austin Hubbard, DeHaven, Jr., Rick Eckert, Josh Richards (from 19th) and Steve Casebolt completed the top ten.

Pearson set quick time of 18.249 seconds while Neat, Owens, Pearson Jr. and Francis were heat winners and Gary Stuhler and John Blankenship won the two B mains. Vic Coffey and Roy Deese Jr. were added to the field as provisionals.

Cody Lear pulled to the front of the late model sportsman field from the outside front row as sixth starter, Elliott quickly moved into second by lap two and two circuits later, he was in front and pulling away.  

Elliott continued to put track space between himself and Lear with every lap until lap 11 and was 5.06 seconds ahead and at the rear of the field. The first of four consecutive cautions for mechanical problems waved on lap 14 which moved everybody forward and later as Barrett powered around Scott Palmer, Lear and then Michael Collins as he landed in second on lap 16. 

Following point leader and brother, Kyle Lear stopping on lap 14, Cody Lear’s was the lap 16 yellow as Elliott held Barrett at bay for the final two restarts and sped away to the several length finish. Wayne Walls Jr. ended third after taking third from Collins on lap 17 and Jerry Bard also got by to take the fourth spot as Collins settled for fifth.

“It’s been an amazing year,” Elliott said. “I felt pretty comfortable those first few restarts and then I looked up at the board and happened to see the 75 in second and knew I had a fight as he’s been terribly fast here lately. I was pretty confident that we could hold onto it and it worked out pretty well.”

Elliott then pulled envelopes with the finishing numbers of positions 7, 10, 12, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23 and 24 which paid each of those drivers an extra $100 courtesy of the Walls family.

The upcoming event will be Small Fry Night featuring a regular show of late models, late model sportsman and a 20 lap pure stock feature plus an Enduro Dash with all the children getting a ride around the speedway in a race car. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640. 

Hagerstown Speedway Results
Hawk Brake First Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Brad Neat, Jason Covert, Jack Pencil, Steve Casebolt, John Blankenship, Nick Dickson, Jamie Lathroum, Les Hare, Roy Deese Jr., Devin Friese, Michael Walker, Dan Schlieper

Hawk Brake Second Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Jimmy Owens, Austin Hubbard, Ronnie DeHaven Jr., DJ Myers, Dale McDowell, Josh Richards, Mike Lupfer, J.T. Spence, Brian Booze, Bob Dunn, Freddy Smith, Al Cheney

AFCO Racing Products Third Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Earl Pearson Jr., Don O’Neal, Ray Cook, Jim Yoder, Kirk Ryan Jr., Vic Coffey, Tommy Armel, David Breazeale, Al Shawver Jr., Eric Jacobsen, Walker Arthur, Booper Bare

Tiger Rear Ends Fourth Heat (10 Laps-Top 4 Advance): Steve Francis, Rick Eckert, Scott Bloomquist, Tyler Armstrong, Gary Stuhler, Jeremy Miller, Daniel Stone, Frank Plessinger, Marvin Winters, Larry Baer, Doug Legum, Bryan Wright-DNS

Mason Racin’ Rebel Shock Dyno First B-Main (12 Laps-Top 3 Advance): John Blankenship, Josh Richards, Dale McDowell, Nick Dickson, J.T. Spence, Les Hare, Jamie Lathroum, Mike Lupfer, Devin Friese, Roy Deese Jr., Bob Dunn, Michael Walker, Freddy Smith, Brian Booze, Al Cheney, Dan Schlieper-DNS

Wiles Drive Shafts Second B-Main (12 Laps-Top 3 Advance): Gary Stuhler, Kirk Ryan Jr., Vic Coffey, Jeremy Miller, Dan Stone, Marvin Winters, Frank Plessinger, Al Shawver Jr., Tommy Armel, Walker Arthur, Eric Jacobsen, David Breazeale, Doug Legum, Larry Baer, Booper Bare-DNS, Bryan Wright-DNS

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, 50 laps, 48 entries, (Lap Leaders – Brad Neat 1-50 ) 1.Brad Neat; 2.Earl Pearson Jr.; 3.Jimmy Owens; 4.Steve Francis; 5.Jason Covert; 6.Austin Hubbard; 7.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 8.Rick Eckert; 9.Josh Richards; 10.Steve Casebolt; 11.Don O’Neal; 12.Ray Cook; 13.D.J. Myers; 14.;John Blankenship 15.Dale McDowell; 16.Scott Bloomquist; 17.Jim Yoder; 18.Eric Jacobsen; 19.David Breazeale; 20.Gary Stuhler; 21.Roy Deese Jr.; 22..Jack Pencil; 23.Tyler Armstrong; 24.Dan Schlieper; 25.Kirk Ryan Jr.; 26.Vic Coffey  

Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman; 20 laps, 26 entries (Lap Leaders – Cody Lear 1-3, Glenn Elliott 4-20) 1.Glenn Elliott; 2.Ashley Barrett; 3.Wayne Walls Jr.; 4.Jerry Bard; 5.Michael Collins; 6.Steve Bailer (Checkered Flag/St.Thomas Towing Hard Charger); 7.Scott Palmer; 8.Steve Axtell Jr.; 9.Derrick Quade; 10.Doug Timmons; 11.Richard Walls; 12.Kyle Wiser; 13.Leon Lloyd; 14.Mike Walls; 15.Chuck Cox; 16.Nick Pappas; 17.Justin Hart; 18.Jamie Lloyd; 19.Roy Hornbaker; 20.Courtney Shreiner; 21.Cody Lear; 22.Tobby Beal; 23.Chad Myers; 24.Kyle Lear; DNQ – Terry Flaherty, Andy Fries

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