FULLER STRETCHES WINS TO FOUR STRAIGHT, Stamberg scores number seven

Date: 8/16/2009 3:35:46 AM

August 16, 2009                             For Immediate Release


Sat, August 22, 2009 (7:00 p.m.)  - Regular Show, Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks + 23rd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby

Sat, August 29, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) – 29th Annual Shorty Bowers Bull Durham Championship 29 Laps Late Models, + Late Model Sportsman and Pure Stocks

Sat, September 5, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) – 24th Annual McBee / Hays Memorial 44 Lap Late Model + Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks + Enduro Dash – Lat Point Race for all divisions  


FULLER STRETCHES WINS TO FOUR STRAIGHT, Stamberg scores number seven

Hagerstown, Md.  – It was another dominating performance by Tim Fuller at Hagerstown Speedway on Saturday night when the World of Outlaws arrived for their second appearance of the season. The night belonged to the Watertown, NY modified veteran and now late model standout as he scored his fourth consecutive WoO triumph which ties the record held by Rick Eckert. Fuller won the $10,000 50-lap event by 2.59 seconds over early leader Josh Richards.  

“To be able to tie Rick Eckert, he’s done so many things in racing,” Fuller said, “Just to think, we started in 2007 and to be here tying him for a record, it’s pretty unbelievable,”

Hans Stamberg of Hedgesville, WV came from the 18th spot to get the lead at the halfway mark in the Ernie D’s pure stock feature and drive on to his seventh victory of the season.

After setting third quick time and winning his heat, Fuller, drew the number one but trailed Josh Richards until taking over on lap eight. From there, Fuller caught traffic by lap 15 and only left 12 cars on the lead lap.

“You have to time good, draw good and anything’s possible, “Fuller said. “Everything’s rolling real good right now. I have to hand it to my guys and my car owner, they’re awesome.  We actually picked the right Hoosier tire here tonight. They said it wouldn’t work here and we made it work. This ranks right up there with accomplishments for me so I’m happy.”

Fuller’s wins began July 25th at Sharon (Ohio) Speedway, continued to Grandview just last Wednesday and then Bedford on Friday. All total, the team has won $37,750 in the events.

Richards made a sweeping wing off the top of turn two to take the lead over Fuller, D. J Myers, Gary Stuhler and Steve Francis. While Richards kept a marginal lead, Fuller then began to close and by lap seven, simply charged into turn three and swept around the top to exit turn four with the lead. In two laps, he was more than a second ahead and still continuing to open the distance on Richards and Francis who took third from Myers on lap six.  

On lap 15, he began to start through the rear of the field continued to keep two to three between himself and Richards. On the 30th circuit, he was 2.69 seconds ahead while Francis was battling with Richards for the runner up spot.    

When it appeared the 50-lap track record could actually be demolished, Francis blew the right rear tire to display the single race caution on lap 44. He pitted and returned to line up 12th on the lead lap.

Fuller took off on the restart and motored away while Richards held to the runner up spot over Covert, who took third from Myers on the 46th circuit. Myers and Shane Clanton completed the front five while Stuhler, Nick Dickson, Austin Hubbard, Vic Coffey and Francis completed the top ten.

“I kept stretching out my lead and looked up there at the scoreboard on that caution and Cat Daddy (Clint Smith) kept giving me signs that we were drawing away, so I really can’t complain,” Fuller said.   

Heat wins for the 43 entries went to Eckert, Stuhler, Fuller and Myers while Coffey and Brady Smith were the B main winners. Richards set fast time of 18.742 seconds around the half mile oval.  

Bobby Franklin started third but had the pure stock lead on the opening lap as Danny Beavers moved into second on the fourth circuit with two and three wide racing through the field. Lap seven saw a caution for third runner Dave Stouffer Jr. as Stamberg was to third. Stamberg got past Beavers in turns one and two and continued around Franklin in the other end to go ahead on lap eight. He stretched his lead to 2.25 seconds over Franklin by the checkered. Mike Warrenfeltz was third with Beavers and Kevin Boyer completing the top five.

“I was worried in the heat race,” Stamberg said. “I didn’t think the track was going to be that sloppy and ended up that far back. I had to take a couple chances there. There wasn’t that much room between any of us. You have to do it. If there’s a hole, you have to get in there and get it done.”

Charlie Pensinger, Franklin and Stouffer were the heat winners.  

The speedway returns Saturday August 22nd for a regular show of late models, late model sportsman and a pure stock program along with the 23rd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: www.hagerstownspeedway.com or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results

World of Outlaws Late Model Series, 50 laps, 43 entries, (Lap Leaders – Josh Richards 1-7, Tim Fuller 8-50) 1.Tim Fuller; 2.Josh Richards; 3.Jason Covert; 4.D.J. Myers; 5.Shane Clanton; 6.Gary Stuhler; 7.Nick Dickson; 8.Austin Hubbard; 9.Vic Coffey; 10.Steve Francis; 11.Frankie Plessinger; 12.Jim Yoder; 13.Brady Smith; 14.Rick Eckert; 15.Jordan Bland; 16.Darryl Hills; 17.Darrell Lanigan; 18.Russell King; 19.Les Hare; 20.Chub Frank; 21.Andy Anderson; 22.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 23.Jeremy Miller; 24.Clint Smith; 25. Roy Deese Jr.; DNQ – Marvin Winters, Brian Booze, Rusty Sites, J.T. Spence, Dan Stone, Harold Dorsey Jr., Al Shawver Jr., Dustin Hapka, Brent Robinson, Tyler Hershey, Scott Cross, Al Cheney, Matt Lux, Tyler Reddick, DNS – Keith Jackson, Mike Lupfer, Bryan Wright


Ernie’s Auto Enterprises Pure Stocks, 15 laps,  23 entries (Lap Leaders – Bobby Franklin 1-7, Hans Stamberg 8-15) 1.Hans Stamberg; 2.Bobby Franklin; 3.Mike Warrenfeltz; 4.Danny Beavers; 5.Kevin Boyer; 6.Steve Lowery; 7.Bobby Taylor; 8.Darrin Younker; 9.Charlie Pensinger; 10.Kevin Keefer; 11.Billy Ecton, Jr. 12.Kevin Koontz; 13.Frank Dibella; 14.Kenny Day; 15.Sherman Lynn; 16.Wayne Hawbaker; 17.Kenny Dillon; 18.Dave Stouffer Jr.; 19.Bill Ecton; 20.Zack Reid; DNS – Justin Snodderly, Tony Stoneberger, Drew Fitzsimmons


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