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August 23, 2009                             For Immediate Release


Sat, August 29, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) – 29th Annual Shorty Bowers Bull Durham Championship 29 Laps Late Models, + Late Model Sportsman and Pure Stocks

Sat, September 5, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) – 24th Annual McBee / Hays Memorial 44 Lap Late Model + Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks + Enduro Dash – Last Point Race for all divisions 

Sat, September 12, 2009 (7:00 p.m.) – 35th Annual Hub City 100 – 50 laps LM, $5,000 to win, $500 to start + Super Sportsman-50 laps


Hagerstown, Md.   When it appeared Hurricane Bill could have won at Hagerstown Speedway Saturday night, it didn’t but Al Shawver Jr. did. Shawver Jr. of Hampstead, Md. sped to his Hagerstown first in the late model feature. Shawver passed Brian Booze to go ahead on the 12th circuit and then opened up a 1.13 second lead over Jim Yoder in the final three laps. He became the 11th different late model winner.    

Steve Axtell Jr. of Glen Burnie, Md. became the eighth different winner in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman with his victory over Terry Flaherty while Kevin Boyer, Frederick, Md. collected his first ever Ernie D’s pure stock victory. Mike Clinger of Mill Creek, Pa outlasted the others to score the $500 win in the 23rd Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby.  

With a super smooth track coupled with high humidity, Shawver was up on the wheel all night beginning with his heat race, After wheeling by Booze, he had to hold off the challenges of Jeremy Miller and when Miller broke, Jim Yoder had the final shot at him.

“The heat race tonight was incredible,” Shawver said. “That was the fastest I’ve ever gone around here, the fastest ever that they’ve clocked me. I knew we were pretty good, I just hoped we could make the right decision as I’ve been notorious in the past, starting on the front row and falling to the back. Tonight we started in the second row and worked for this one. This wins means a lot to me, I’m just happy that it happened here at Hagerstown finally and I can say I got one.”

Booze jumped out front from the pole as third starting Shawver quickly moved into second while Miller charged to third by the fourth circuit after starting 12th. On the sixth lap Jim Yoder had moved up four spots and into fourth.

Those front four toured the track only a length or two apart while Roy Deese Jr. was behind trying to join them. Shawver made his move and rolled from the fourth turn to go ahead on the 12th as by the 15th, both Miller and Yoder were ahead and Booze was shuffled to fourth.

Back to back yellows on laps 16 and 17 allowed Miller to take a shot, but Shawver had no parts of it or on the 20th lap restart. The 22nd lap caution was then for Miller who rolled up the banking of turn two and came to a stop turning the spot over to Yoder. Again, Shawver wasn’t allowing this one to get away. He opened his lead marginally each lap until the checkered waved.

“It seemed like about a hundred laps with all the cautions,” Shawver said. “It feels good. This is what I’ve worked for a long time. To get this win it means a lot to me, but it means more to my brother and the guys that help me because they’ve seen me struggle, crash the car, have to put it back together the following week and they’re still here with me. I was glad that rain held off tonight. The track was in great condition and we just hit the car on a really good set up. We’ve been fighting it a couple weeks. We were good, we were bad but I think we have it working pretty good now.”

Yoder was 1.13 seconds back with Booze, Deese and Mike Lupfer closely following. Frankie Plessinger ended sixth with Tyler Hershey, Tommy Armel (from 16th), Gary Stuhler (from 14th) and Devin Friese completing the top ten. Booze, Shawver Jr. and Plessinger won the heats while Mike Walls was the consolation winner.

Terry Flaherty took the late model sportsman lead from the outside over Cody Lear and Axtell Jr. while Lear charged ahead on the third lap and Axtell grabbed second. Following a lap five restart, Lear and Axtell rounded the track a length apart while Flaherty battled with Andy Fries.

When Lear nearly jumped the cushion in turn four of the 14th, Axtell was right there in his shadow and had the top spot in a flash and in one lap, was more than a second ahead before a lap 17 caution when Lear suddenly rolled to a stop. Flaherty couldn’t stick with Axtell on the restart and settled for the runner up spot while Jerry Bard held third. Friese and Kyle Lear exchanged fourth in the last few laps but Fries won out for the position. C. Lear, Bard and Axtell were the heat winners.

“Everything was good tonight,” Axtell said. “I have to thank Rob (Beall) as my car blew up two weeks ago.”

Boyer pulled off the pole and by the sixth circuit, led Drew Fitzsimmons by more than two seconds but the single seventh lap caution was for Fitzsimmons who spun. Boyer held to the point while Dave Stouffer and Darrin Younker battled side by side with Stouffer holding the edge at the scoring with Mike Warrenfeltz right there with them. Boyer had plenty of room to get the win over Stouffer and Warrenfeltz who both got past Younker on the final circuit while Bobby Franklin ended fifth. Boyer, Danny Beavers and Stouffer Jr. were the heat winners.

“Three weeks in a row, we’ve had a great track…starting first didn’t hurt either, “Boyer said. “These guys did it, working on the car all week. We’ve been close. This is the third time out this year, so I have to thank everyone that helps.”

With only a few remaining dates left, they include some of the better events. Saturday’s program is the 29th Annual Shorty Bowers Bull Durham Championship 29-lap event for Late Models plus the Late Model Sportsman and Pure Stocks. Check the speedway website for any changes in the weather at: or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

Hagerstown Speedway Results

Late Models, 25 laps, 25 entries, (Lap Leaders – Brian Booze 1-11, Al Shawver Jr. 12-25) 1.Al Shawver Jr.; 2.Jim Yoder; 3.Brian Booze; 4.Roy Deese Jr.; 5.Mike Lupfer; 6.Frankie Plessinger; 7.Tyler Hershey; 8.Tommy Armel; 9.Gary Stuhler; 10.Devin Friese; 11.Marvin Winters; 12.Mike Walls; 13.Rick Hulson; 14.Cory Houck; 15.Bob Dunn; 16.Lindsay Barton; 17.Jeremy Miller; 18.Jimmy McBee Jr.; 19.J.T. Spence; 20.David Williams; 21.Ronnie DeHaven Jr.; 22..Steve Gibney; 23.Alan Sagi; 24.Larry Baker II, DNQ – Don Woodruff


Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 laps, 24 entries (Lap Leaders – Terry Flaherty 1-2, Cody Lear 3-14, Steve Axtell Jr. 15-20): 1.Steve Axtell Jr.; 2.Terry Flaherty; 3.Jerry Bard; 4.Andy Fries; 5.Kyle Lear; 6.Tyler Armstrong; 7.Ashley Barrett; 8.Wayne Walls Jr.; 9.Mike Walls; 10.Scott Palmer; 11.Glenn Elliott; 12.Paul Cursey Jr.; 13.Nick Pappas; 14.Fred Harden; 15.Ronnie Dennis; 16.Courtney Shreiner; 17.Leon Loyd; 18.Pete Weaver; 19.Cody Lear; 20.Steve Bailor; 21.Richard Walls; 22.Dave Dunkle; 23.Elwood Sord; 24.; DNS – Chaz Walls


Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, 15 laps, 23 entries (Lap Leaders – Kevin Boyer 1-25) 1.Kevin Boyer; 2.Dave Stouffer; 3.Mike Warrenfeltz; 4.Darrin Younker; 5.Bobby Franklin; 6.Justin Snoderly; 7.Wayne Hawbaker; 8.Kevin Keefer; 9.Bill Reitober; 10.BillY Ecton Jr.; 11.Kevin Koontz; 12.Steve Lowery; 13.Frank Dibella; 14.Dave Rice Jr.; 15.Richard Durbin; 16.Drew Fitzsimmons; 17.Danny Beavers; 18.Zack Reid; DNS– Bill Ecton, Charlie Pensinger, Kenny Dillon, Bobby Taylor, Tony Stoneberger

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