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April 7, 2013                                    For Immediate Release


Sat, April 13 (7:00 p.m.) – Small Car National Qualifier (Home Rules) Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks and National Speed Supply/Padula Motorsports Four Cylinder stock
Sat, April 20 (7:00 p.m.) 32nd Annual Stanley Schetrompf Classic, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Buchanan Auto Stores Late Models + Rush Dirt Late Model Series
Sat., April 27 (7:00 p.m.) Steel Block Bandits Late Model Sportsman + Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks



Hagerstown, Md. -- It was number one. Paul Cursey was in the right place at the right time when rear traffic became Robbie Black’s downfall and he was sent to the rear as Cursey led the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman restart with seven laps to go and moments later scored his career first ever win. 

“I can’t believe I just won Hagerstown Speedway,” Cursey of Baltimore said. “I’ve been running for over 25 years and this is my biggest win ever.”

With a six car invert, Sam Gallagher and Black lined up on the front row in the first Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman points race of the season with Kyle Lear and Cursey in the second row.  

Black quickly jumped out front and Cursey was past Gallagher by the second circuit and giving chase as Black was slowly pulling away. Black was nearly two seconds ahead when he approached the rear of the field. After clearing the first obstacle on the 12th lap, a front stretch incident the next circuit sent three cars into the first turn just as Black was quickly approaching and he slid to a stop.  

Cursey took over for the restart with Lear on his bumper but Cursey began pulling away and by the checkered flag had a 1.983 second advantage over Lear. 

“I’d like to dedicate this race to Roger Dorsey,” Cursey said. “He’s my one sponsor’s brother and passed away during the winter. I’d like to thank my crew, sponsors and family that are here tonight to see me make this great accomplishment. We had about 20 people show up here today, usually we’re a crew of four or five.”

Gallagher held onto the third position while Justin Weaver came from 12th and got past Charlie Schaffer for fourth with five to go while Schaffer advanced from tenth to end fifth.

Ryan Walls was sixth after starting 13th with Rick Hulson, Dave Leidy(11th), Mike Walls (15th) and Wayne Walls Jr. who was the Liberty Auto and Tire hard charger after coming from 22nd

Heats for the 29 entries went to Dominic Defino, Terry Flaherty and Cursey while Billy Farmer was the consolation winner.

Another six car inversion put defending Ernie D’s pure stock champion Tony Catlett of Hedgesville, WV on the outside pole for the Bob Davis Memorial feature. Davis was the owner of the Danny Beavers racer and passed away over the winter.   

Catlett pulled to the front as Darrin Younker took second and Steve Kent moved in from sixth. Kent took second following a fifth lap restart and hounded Catlett until the finish to trail by .212 second. Younker held to third with Beavers and previous weeks winner Kevin Boyer ending fifth.

Boyer and Kent were the heat winners for the 20 entries. Eighth finisher Charlie Pensinger was the Ecton and Son hard charger after coming from 15th. 

When the front row was unoccupied for the D & D Auto Recycling hobby stock start, Kenny Thomas took off from the pole with Gary Proctor of Big Pool, Md. chasing. They ran side by side for several laps before Proctor got past at the halfway mark on lap seven to later lead Thomas by .679 seconds at the finish.

Mark Vegh, Jamie Mills and Joe Rodgers were next. Mills was the Kline’s Auto Body and Towing Lucky Seven winner.

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Hoosier Tire-Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 29 entries (Lap Leaders Robbie Black 1-13, Paul Cursey 14-20) 1.Paul Cursey, 2.Kyle Lear, 3.Sam Gallagher, 4.Justin Weaver, 5.Charlie Schaffer, 6.Ryan Walls, 7.Rick Hulson, 8.Dave Leidy, 9.Mike Walls, 10.Wayne Walls Jr., ( Liberty Auto and Tire Hard Charger),11.Doninic Defino, 12.Chad Myers, 13.Sean Dawson, 14.Chris Eaton, 15.Fred Hardin, 16.Devin Frey, 17.Courtney Shreiner, 18.Kyle Lear, 19.Billy Farmer, 20.Scott Palmer, 21. Frankie Plessinger, 22.Robbie Black, 23.Terry Flaherty, 24.Kevin Palmer, DNQ – Larry Baker, Elwood Sord, Dave Freidrich, DNS – Andy Fries, Tyler Horst  

Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, Bob Davis Memorial, 15 Laps, 20 entries, (Lap Leaders –Tony Catlett 1-15) 1.Tony Catlett, 2.Steve Kent, 3.Darrin Younker, 4.Danny Beavers, 5.Kevin Boyer, 6.Drew Fitzsimmons, 7.Charlie Pensinger, (Bill Ecton and Son Hard Charger), 8.Steve Lowery, 9.Rick Stouffer, 10.Bruce Leibowitz, 11.Michael Warrenfeltz, 12.Kenny Dillon, 13.Nick Dibella, 14.Frank Dibella, 15.Kevin Koontz, 16.Dave Stouffer, 17.Brian Swiger, 18.Keith Koontz, 19.Wayne Hawbaker, 20.Kenny Day 

D&D Auto Recycling Hobby Stocks - 15 laps, 11 entries, (Lap Leaders – Kenny Thomas 1-6, Gary Proctor 7-15) 1.Gary Proctor, 2.KennyThomas, 3.Mark Vegh, 4..James Mills (Kline’s Auto Body & Towing Lucky Seven), 5.Joe Rodgers, 6.Tom Caravello, 7.Dylan Welsh, 8.William Crook, 9.Kyle Durboraw, DNS – Charles Stambaugh, Bill Ecton

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