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April 21, 2013                                 For Immediate Release


Sat., April 27 (7:00 p.m.) Steel Block Bandits Late Model Sportsman + Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks

Sat, May 4 (7:00 p.m.) Fire / Rescue Appreciation / ARCH Fan Night – Hoosier Tire/Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman, Ernie D’s Pure Stocks, D & D Auto Recycling Hobby Stocks, + National Speed Supply/Padula Motorsports Four Cylinder Special w/Time Trials 

Sat, May 18 (7:00 p.m.) Student Night/Armed Forces Appreciation Night, Bill Bowman 31 lap Late Model Sportsman $1,000 to win + Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks and 4 cylinders + hear live gospel music of Jacobs Brothers    




Hagerstown, Md. – No more can Jimmy Owens say that Hagerstown Speedway has eluded him.

The defending Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series champion from Newport KY made a sweeping pass around turn two on a fourth lap restart to overtake both Steve Francis and Jamie Lathroum and then dominated the next 45 circuits to  become the eighth different winner in eight Lucas Oil events at Hagerstown with the $10,000 32nd Annual Schetromph Classic.  Earl Pearson Jr. came from seventh to finish 1.914 seconds behind. 

“This is kind of a relief,” Owens said. “This track has been eluding me a little bit. We’ve ran good and ran good and never brought home the win. It’s good to get this win here tonight.”

Twenty six year veteran Rick Singleton of Huntingdon, PA was victorious to the tune of $2,500 in the first ever RUSH Dirt Late Model Series event held at the speedway that went all the way under green.

“I love this crate racing,” Singleton said. “This is great racing for the poor guys. This place is awesome. I won a B main for the Hub City about 15 years ago. That’s the only race I ever won here.”

Jamie Lathroum and Steve Francis occupied the front row for the Schetromph Classic as Francis pulled to the front and led the first four laps as third starter Owens went to the outside on a fourth lap restart to get  past Lathroum and kept going to sweep off the second turn ahead of Francis. He pulled ahead more than four seconds in the next five laps.  

Owens had a six second lead and was into lapped traffic by the 15th lap as Pearson Jr. advanced to third and was making his presence known to Francis.

Pearson moved into second on the 21st lap as Owens was still out of sight and nearly six seconds ahead when a lap 26 yellow regrouped the field.

Nothing happened with Pearson following the restart but fourth starter Vic Coffey who had slipped to sixth, charged past Francis into third.

Owens continued to dominate and was more than two seconds ahead while close to five seconds behind Pearson, Coffey, Francis, Gregg Satterlee, Lathroum, Dan Stone and Steve Shaver were in a battle for the next positions.

Owens began through the rear of the field again on the 42nd lap but had no problem working traffic while Pearson was trying to close but Owens found his way to the checkered flag 1.914 seconds and a lapped car ahead of Pearson.

“This is a new car,” Owens said. ”This is about the fourth or fifth h race on it. I was a little worried about it at first, but we were able to get the kinks worked out of it and it seems to be rolling pretty good right now. I hope we can keep it going.”

“Jimmy was dominant here tonight,” Pearson said. “We really didn't have anything for him. To come here and get second and show that we have a good car feels good and that will help us in the points.”

Coffey held to third over the final five circuits with Francis and 18th starter, Satterlee completing the top five. Stone ended sixth with Shaver, Billy Moyer Jr, John Blankenship and Eddie Carrier Jr. rounding out the top ten. 

Marvin Winter timed in at 19.402 seconds in Group A while Francis had a time of 19.551 in Group B. Lathroum, Owens, Francis and Coffey were the heat winners with D.J.Myers and Satterlee winning the B mains.

Owens win put him atop the point standings by 15 over Don O’Neal heading to West Virginia.

Chad McClellan and Andrew Satterlee were on the front row for the RUSH event following the dash as McClellan went to the front while third starting Singleton overtook Satterlee on the sixth lap and began to close on McClellan to make the pass and come out ahead on the 13th lap.

Singleton got into lapped traffic on the 17th lap but had no problems while Glenn Elliott was into third the next circuit and took until the 24th until he was in position to challenge for second.

Elliott took second two laps later but Singleton had stretched his lead and was 2.28 seconds ahead at the finish. 

“I didn’t know if anyone was behind me or not, “Singleton said. “I was starting to get a little nervous. As long as the lapped traffic holds their line, it’s okay to race with them. It’s just so much fun to show up at a place like Hagerstown Speedway for once in my life and I’ve got the same equipment that everyone else does.”

“I kept looking on the scoreboard,” Elliott said “We gotta be getting close. It seemed like we passed 100 cars. There towards the end, I think the tire, track and car all came together. “

Mike Pegher Jr. came from 12th for third over McClellan and tenth starting Joe Martin.

D.J. Troutman, Elliott, Chad Ruhlman and McClellan were the heat winners while Transton Stoner and Josh Holtgraver won the consolation events.

The Lucas Oil series will return Saturday July 27 for the running of the $10,000 to win 32nd Annual Conococheague 50-lap program while the RUSH Series returns Friday June 21 on Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can be on the speedway’s website:  www.hagerstownspeedway.com. Follow the speedway on Twitter and Facebook. Also check the website for any changes in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results:

32nd Annual Stanley Schetromph Classic, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, 50 Laps, 34 Entries, Lap Leaders Steve Francis 1-4, Jimmy Owens, 5-50) 1.Jimmy Owens, 2.Earl Pearson Jr., 3.Vic Coffey, 4.Steve Francis, 5.Gregg Satterlee, 6.Dan Stone, 7.Steve Shaver, 8.Billy Moyer Jr., 9.John Blankenship, 10.Eddie Carrier Jr., 11.Jamie Lathroum, 12.Marvin Winters, 13.Scott Bloomquist, 14.Nick Dickson, 15.D.J. Myers, 16.Dennis Erb Jr., 17.J.T. Spence, 18.Bobby Pierce, 19.Kenny Pettyjohn, 20.Jared Landers, 21.Don O’Neal, 22.Austin Hubbard, 23.Brian Birkhofer, 24. Gary Stuhler, 25.Jerry Lierly, 26. Brian Tavenner, DNQ – Tyler Hershey, Jerry Bard, Devin Friese, Steve Axtell, Jason McBride, Kenny Moreland, Pancho Lawler, Frankie Plessinger   


RUSH Dirt Late Model Series, “Battle Down the National Pike”, 30 Laps, 36 Entries, Lap Leaders Chad McClellan, 1-12, Rick Singleton 13-30) 1.Rick Singleton, 2.Glenn Elliott, 3.Mike Pegher Jr., 4.Chad McClellan, 5.Joe Martin, 6.D.J. Troutman, 7.Andrew Satterlee, 8.Ryan Montgomery, 9.Darren Peters, 10.Chad Ruhlman, 11.Robbie Black, 12.Bryce Davis, 13.Josh Double, 14.John Over, 15.Josh Holtgraver, 16.Michael Price, 17.John Imler, 18.Justin Tatlow, 19.Butch Lambert, 20.Matt Glanden, 21.Joe Warren, 22.Transtan Stoner. 23.Cody Dawson, 24.Darin Henderson, DNQ – Mike Wharton, Scott Tessman, Kelly Putz, Ben Poliez, Jennae Piper, Eric Wilson, Shane Weaver, Jorden Peters,  

RUSH Non Qualifiers Feature – 1.Randy Wible, 2.Jamie Brown, 3.Trasis Wilson, 4.D. J. Macri

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