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May 26, 2013                                  For Immediate Release

Sat, June 1 (7:00 p.m.) Appalachian Mountain Dirt Late Model Speedweek (Late Model Open) + Pure Stock Special and Pure Stocks PP from May 18
Sat, June 8 (7:00 p.m.) Mayberry Night with Barney Fife impersonator Scott Epperson, Late Model Sportsman + final 24 laps of LMS Bill Bowman Special rained out May 18, Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks with time trials
Sat, June 15 (7:00 p.m.) Hoosier Daddy / Race For Breast Cancer Awareness Night, $2,000 to win, Topless Late Model Sportsman with time trials, Pure Stocks and Hobby Stocks 


HAGERSTOWN, MD – Justin Weaver leads the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman division point standings at Hagerstown Speedway but missed out on standing in victory lane so far but that changed Saturday night when the opportunity came. The second generation driver from nearby Williamsport took over to lead the final five laps when the leaders unfortunately got together.

“It was unfortunate what happened to those guys up front, but we took advantage of it,” Weaver said. “We were in the right place at the right time.” 

Other winners on Fan Appreciation Night included Hagerstown’s Dave Stouffer Jr. in the Ernie D’s pure stocks while Kenny Thomas of Greencastle, PA and Michael Hyatt of Martinsburg. WV split the D&D Auto Recycling hobby stock features, with Hyatt winning the May 18th rained out event. Nick Fogle outlasted the others in the Blue Gray Towing and Recovery four cylinder demo derby

In the Smokey Snellbaker Memorial for the All American Outlaws, Brooks Coleman of Mt. Airy, MD   was in victory lane for the second consecutive year after winning the event to honor Snellbaker, who also previously competed in the Outlaws division.

Chad Myers sat on the pole and stood on the gas at the start of the late model sportsman feature with Scott Palmer taking second over Kyle Lee and Terry Flaherty.

Myers was out front close to three seconds when ninth starting Weaver moved into fifth on lap six while Flaherty got past Palmer the next lap and set his sights on Myers who was approaching the rear of the field.

Myers, Flaherty and Palmer were running nearly bumper to bumper on the 15th lap when Myers suddenly looped his car in the third turn and collected both Flaherty and Palmer with Flaherty able to tag the rear of the field for the restart.

Weaver took over for the restart with rookie Kyle Lee hot on his tail and chasing him to trail by only .760 seconds at the checkered.

“The car was good,” Weaver said. “I have to thank all the guys on the crew. Without Rick Ricker, Travis, Dusty Cody and all the guys that do the tires there’s no way I could make it here week in and week out to compete. I couldn’t do without them.”

Frankie Plessinger was third with Rick Hulson next with James Lichliter coming from 18th to fifth and earn the Liberty Tire and Auto Hard Charger award. Kyle Lear was sixth followed by Wayne Walls Jr., Paul Cursey, Michael Walls (20th) and Billy Farmer.  

Dave Stouffer Jr. took advantage of being on the pole and pulled to the front with Steve Lowery and Kevin Boyer hot on his trail the entire distance but unable to present a challenge. Stouffer won my .544 seconds. Darrin Younker was fourth with Chris Ebersole ending fifth. 

Gary Proctor took over the lead on lap two of the scheduled hobby stock feature but Kenny Thomas kept the pressure on until making the winning pass on the ninth lap and holding on to win his season first by 1.1 seconds in the non-stop feature. In the May 18th make up feature, Proctor hugged the inside and had went all the way to the front from 12th but Michael Hyatt challenged and won the top spot the next lap and led the rest of the way to score his first of the season. 

In the All American Outlaw event, Justin Cullum led from the outside pole while Brooks Coleman drove from seventh to grab the lead on lap five. Randy Doty stuck his nose under him on several occasions, but Coleman rebuffed the challenges as Cullum took the runner up spot with two to go, but Coleman was on his way to victory.

“I raced with Smokey for a little while,” Coleman said. “He was a great guy, enjoyed him, hated to see him leave us but he had too. I miss the man. I kept seeing him (Doty)“right here” and I knew I had to protect it.”

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can be on the speedway’s website:  www.hagerstownspeedway.com. Follow the speedway on Twitter and Facebook. Also check the website for any changes in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.


Hagerstown Speedway Results:

Fan Appreciation Night: Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model Sportsman: 20 Laps, 24 Entries, (Lap Leaders Chad Myers-1-15, Justin Weaver 16-20): 1.Justin Weaver, 2.Kyle Lee, 3.Frankie Plessinger, 4.Rick Hulson, 5.James Lichliter, 6.Kyle Lear, 7.Wayne Walls Jr., 8.Paul Cursey, 9.Michael Walls, 10.Billy Farmer, 11.Courtney Shreiner, 12.Dominic Defino, 13.Tyler Horst, 14.Ryan Walls, 15.Keith Walls, 16.Travis Wilson, 17.Chaz Walls, 18.Kevin Palmer, 19.Elwood Sord, 20.Sean Dawson, 21.Chad Myers, 22.Terry Flaherty, 23.Scott Palmer, 24.John Baker: Heat Winners – Frankie Plessinger, Chad Myers, Terry Flaherty


Ernie D’s Pure Stocks: 15 Laps, 15 Entries, (Lap Leader Dave Stouffer Jr. 1-15): 1.Dave Stouffer Jr., 2.Steve Lowery, 3.Kevn Boyer (Bill Ecton and Son Repair Hard Charger), 4.Darrin Younker, 5.Chris Ebersole, 6.Tony Catlett, 7.Drew Fitzsimmons, 8.Lane Hessong, 9.Nick Dibella, 10.Charlie Pensinger, 11.Jason Leibowitz, 12.Rick Stouffer, 13.Brian Swiger, DSQ – Steve Kent Jr., DNS – Mike Warrenfeltz:  Heat winners – Darrin Younker, Steve Lowery


D & D Auto Recycling Hobby Stocks: 15 Laps, 15 Entries, (Lap Leaders Dave Shatto 1, Gary Proctor 2-7, Kenny Thomas 8-15): 1.Kenny Thomas, 2.Michael Hyatt (Bob Davis Home Improvement Lucky 7) 3.Gary Proctor, 4.Dave Shatto, 5.Dylan Welsh, 6.Joe Rodgers, 7.Tom Caravello, 8.Rick Turner, 9.Joe Daywalt, 10.Rodney Miner, 11.Justin Hansberger, 12.Charles Stambaugh, DNS – Jason Sarver, Gary Cekovich, William Crook: Heat Winners Kenny Thomas, Michael Hyatt   


Hobby Stock, (Rained out May 18): 15 Laps, 13 Entries, (Lap Leaders Dave Shatto 1, Gary Proctor 2, Michael Hyatt 3-15) 1.Michael Hyatt, 2.Gary Proctor, 3.Kenny Thomas (Bob Davis Home Improvement Lucky Seven) 4.Tom Caravello, 5.Joe Rodgers, 6.Kylan Welsh, 7.Joe Daywalt, 8.Dave Shatto, 9.Rich Turner, 10.Justin Hansberger, 11.William Crook, 12.Jason Sarver, 13.Gary Cekovich: Heat winners – Gary Proctor, Tom Caravello 


Smokey Snellbaker Memorial: All American Outlaws: 16 Laps, 17 Entries, (Lap Leaders Justin Cullum 1-4, Brooks Coleman 5-16): 1.Brooks Coleman, 2.Justin Cullum, 3.Randy Doty, 4.Fred Cullum, 5.Bryan Green, 6.Scott Jorda, 7.Brittany Coleman, 8.Ron Ritenour, 9.Darren Eash, 10.Paul Todd, 11.Al Daniels, 12.Hunter Nestor, 13.Jim Chenoweth, 14.Tony Jorda, 15.Phillip Williams, 16.Allen Daniels, 17.Paul Todd: Heat Winners – Fred Cullum, Justin Cullum


Blue Gray Towing and Recovery Four Cylinder Demo Derby: 1.Nick Fogle, 2.Rodney Wolfe, 3.Huston Richard III, 4.John Dahbs, 5.Nick Harshman

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