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September 1, 2013                       For Immediate Release


Friday, Sept 13 (7:00 p.m.) Ledo Pizza 7th Annual Small Car National Qualifying, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stock, Hobby Stock, Four Cylinder Stocks 

Saturday, Sept 14 (7:00 p.m.) 7th Annual Small Car Nationals + 27th Annual Tommy Thompson Demo Derby

Sunday, Sept 29 (2:00 p.m.) – Buchanan Auto Stores Brawl in the Fall, limited warm-up time at 2:00 p.m. followed by big block modifieds and 358 sprint last chance qualifiers. Features will then proceed with Late Models (50 laps), 410 Sprints (30 laps), Big Blocks (50 laps) and 358 Sprints (30 Laps).





HAGERSTOWN, MD – After competing Friday evening in the Three State Flyers McBee/Hays late model event, Justin Weaver was behind the wheel again on Saturday in the Run What You Brung event. The newly crowned 2013 late model sportsman champion from nearby Williamsport battled with Mike Walls until taking control with seven to go and claimed his second win by 2.763 seconds over Walls.  

“It was a good race, we went on strong there towards the middle of the race,” Weaver said. ”Mike definitely had a good piece .I kind of saved and conserved there for awhile and it definitely came in towards the end.”

Chad Myers took the lead on the start with Mike Walls ready to challenge him which he did and grabbed the lead on the third round. Sixth starting Weaver .moved into second on lap four and began to close on Walls.

Walls maintained control with Weaver throwing some challenges and taking the lead on lap eight but Walls regained the point the next lap as Weaver went to work again.

When Weaver ducked under Walls in the second turn, Walls slipped slightly high and Weaver came away with the lead on the 14th lap. He began to stretch out the distance between them and drove on in the non stop event to take the win by 2.763 seconds. Trailing nearly four seconds behind the leaders, Myers battled with Andy Anderson the entire race and rebuffed various challenges. Scott Palmer ended fifth.

Frankie Plessinger was awarded an extra $200 for the most creative racer which included Mike Wagner’s sprint wing. Unfortunately, Plessinger only made it to the first turn in the heat when the car took a hard left into the fence and heavily damaged the front of his race car.

Mike Desch led the pure stocks from the pole in the four car inverted start with third starter Bill Henney taking control on the second lap. Henney was out front more than three seconds when a fifth lap yellow regrouped the field and Pat McNeal was on his bumper for the restart. McNeal looped his car in front of the field in turn two and was towed off. Henney again took off and built up a more than four second lead over Steve Lowery with five to go and stretched it to a margin of 8.458 seconds at the finish. Desch followed Lowery at the finish with Jamie Swank and Kevin Boyer completing the top five. Henney received an additional $200 for the fastest car with a spoiler.

Jamie Zentmyer came from sixth to take the hobby stock lead away from Ed Vagle on the third lap while Danny Beavers arrived in second on the sixth lap after coming from the rear. Following a sixth lap restart, Vagle took the runner up spot as Beavers’ racer began having mechanical problems. The caution was displayed with one lap remaining but Zentmyer held on to claim the win by 1.624 seconds over Brian Neff, Vagle, Dustin Proctor and Gary Proctor. Dylon Welsh received an additional $100 for the wildest race car with a wing.   

Kevin Thomas led the first three four cylinder laps before thee time winner Cody Kershner went by on lap four. Kershner’s lead was short lived as third starter Ryan Laye had his spoiler covered racer on the move and was past Kershner and pulling away. Laye continued to drive away and ended 4.6 seconds ahead of Kershner with Thomas trailing. A half lap behind was Frankie Gordon and Gary Newell. 

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Hagerstown Speedway Results

Run What You Brung


Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 11 entries (Lap Leaders: Chad Myers –1-2. Michael Walls, 3-7, Justin Weaver 8-9, Walls 10-11, Weaver 12-20): 1.Justin Weaver, 2.Michael Walls, 3.Chad Myers, 4.Andy Anderson, 5.Scott Palmer, 6.Tyler Horst, 7.Paul ‘Cursey, 8.James Lichliter, 9.Billy Farmer, 10.Chaz Walls, DNS – Frankie Plessinger


Pure Stocks, 15 Laps, 16 entries (Lap Leaders –Mike Desch 1, Bill Henney 2-15): 1.Bill Henney, 2.Steve Lowery, 3.Mike Desch, 4.Jamie Swank, 5.Kevin Boyer, 6.Scotty Nelson, 7.Walt Lemmen, 8.Wayne Hawbaker, 9.Mike Kratoville, 10.Josh Angle, 11.Kenny Dillon, 12.Tom Wakefield, 13.Pat McNeal, 14.Stephen Quade, 15.Lane Hessong, DNS – J.C.Butts


Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps, 17 entries,  (Lap Leaders – Ed Vagle 1-2, Jamie Zentmeyer 3-15); 1.Jamie Zentmyer, 2.Brian Neff, 3.Ed Vagle, 4.Dustin Proctor, 5.Gary Proctor, 6.Jimmy Moreland, 7.Kenny Thomas, 8.Joe Rodgers, 9.David Green, 10.Danny Beavers, 11.Jeremy Swank, 12.Joe Daywalt, 13.Tony Tumas, 14.William Crook, 15.Justin Hansberger, 16.Dylon Welsh, DNS – Luther Daywalt Jr.


Four Cylinders, 15Laps, 12 entries   (Lap Leaders-Kevin Thomas 1-3,Cody Kershner 4, Ryan Laye 5-15) 1.Ryan Laye, 2.Cody Kershner, 3.Kevin Thomas, 4.Frankie Gordon, 5.Gary Newell, 6.Michael Warrenfeltz, 7.Ronnie Buck, 8.Gary Dehart, 9.Matt Williams,  10.Sonny Williamson, 11.Jason Laman, DNS – Austin Stover

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