Date: 9/15/2013 9:53:42 PM

September 15, 2013              For Immediate Release



HAGERSTOWN, MD. – The Buchanan Auto Stores Brawl in the Fall several times rescheduled date of Sunday, September 29th is rapidly approaching to finalize Hagerstown Speedway’s 2013 schedule. 

From the last weekend in October 2012 when qualifying was completed but Hurricane Sandy moved into the picture with features in limbo postponed two weeks into November. Even then the damaging effects of Sandy were not only present at the speedway but calls received from participants and others from various locations with resulting damage and other lingering issues. Fast forward to March 17, 2013 and again March 24 when weather still failed to cooperate with those postponed dates.

Following the March 24 loss, suggestions were solicited from fans/drivers/owners and were reviewed hoping to arrange a suitable Sunday not to interfere with another facility’s program for any of the divisions; late models, 410 and 358 sprints or big block modifieds.

Schedules from every possible facility in the northeast were reviewed only to find a few with Saturday evening competition.

Plans are to complete the program as quickly as possible on Sunday and allow all to get on their way home. There will be a 2 p.m. limited warm-up time followed by the big block modifieds and then 358 sprint last chance qualifiers. The features will then proceed with the Late Models (50 laps), 410 Sprints (30 laps), Big Blocks (50 laps) and 358 Sprints (30 Laps).

The rules for those still holding a rain date are as follows:

1. The two day rain checks are good, so DO NOT LOSE them! 

2. The entire race fields are already set to race. If a car owner and driver part ways, the car, not the driver, starts the event. The car owner can allow the driver to take the spot if he/she chooses. Either way the unqualified car/driver will start at the rear of the field.


Feature Line ups:

Late Models: 1.Gary Stuhler, 2.Kenny Moreland, 3.Kyle Hardy, 4.Tim McCreadie, 5.Scott LeBarron, 6.Gregg Satterlee, 7.Vic Coffey, 8.Greg Roberson, 9.Jason Covert, 10.Rusty Sites, 11.Jerry Bard, 12.Frankie Plessinger, 13.David Williams, 14.MarvinWinters, 15.Larry Wight, 16.Jamie Lathroum, 17. Jim Yoder, 18.Colby Frye, 19.Mike Lupfer, 20.Lindsay Barton, 21.Tim Wilson, 22.Dan Stone, 23.Alan Sagi, 24.Steve Axtell,  Alternates: Glenn Elliott and Dylan Yoder 

410 Sprints: 1.Blane Heimbach, 2.Logan Schuchart, 3.Lance Dewease, 4. Donnie Kreitz Jr., 5.Cody Darrah, 6.Brent Marks, 7.Daryn Pittman, 8.Glendon Forsythe, 9.Greg Hodnett, 10.Mark Smith, 11.Chad Layton, 12.Danny Dietrich, 13.Mike Bittinger, 14.John Smith, 15.Lucas Wolfe, 16.Joey Hershey, 17.Robbie Stillwagon, 18.Robbie Kendall, 19.Daryl Stimeling, 20.Gerald McIntyre Jr., 21.Justin Barger, 22.Frank Cozze, 23.Keith Kauffman, 24.Josh Weller, Alternates Troy Fraker and George Suprick

Big Block Modifieds: 1.Matt Sheppard, 2.Brett Hearn, 3.Tim McCreadie, 4.Brain Berger, 5.Larry Wight, 6.Richie Pratt, 7.Dominic Buffalino, 8.Kevin Hirther, 9.David Williams, 10.Alan Johnson, 11.Adam Roberts, 12.J.R. Heffner, 13.James Horton, 14.Scott Irwin, 15.Kyle Burror, 16.Ryan Forte, 17.Mark Forte, 18.Jim Bobbitt, 19.Eric Engstrom, 20-24 To be filled with Last Chance Qualifier 

358 Sprints: 1.Mike Bittinger, 2.Ryan Wilson, 3. Teddy Thomas, 4. Adrian Shaffer, 5.Stan Campbell, 6.Doug Hammaker, 7.Jacob Allen, 8.Tim Wagaman, 9. Mark Smith, 10.Dale Hammaker, 11.Pat Cannon, 12.Scott Fisher, 13.KevinNouse, 14.Joshua Beard, 15.Duane Mausteller, 16.Alex Spalding, 17.George Streaker, 18—24 To be filled with Last Chance Qualifier 


Save on your admission:

Bring a 2013 Rain Check from Hagerstown or any other Dirt Track for

a $5.00 discount. Bring along canned food for the local food bank and received a discount of $1.00 a can, up to a maximum of five cans and discount of $5.00.


Follow the speedway on Twitter and Facebook. The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can found be on the speedway’s website: www.hagerstownspeedway.com.  Also check website for any changes in in weather conditions that may delay or cancel the program or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640.

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