Date: 9/29/2013 11:19:01 PM

September 29, 2013                                             For  Immediate Release



Hagerstown, Md.: Following a wait of eleven months and one day, Hagerstown Speedway’s Buchanan Auto Stores Brawl in the Fall, which, after qualifying, was Hurricane Sandied out a year ago followed by three additional weather postponements, was finally completed Sunday. Gregg Satterlee, late model (Rochester Mills, Pa), Brett Hearn, big block modified, (Vernon, NJ), Donnie Kreitz Jr, 410 sprint, (Sinking Springs, PA) and Adrian Shaffer, 358 sprint, (York, Pa.) received rewards for the long wait with their individual victories. 

From fifth, Satterlee took the lead from Gary Stuhler on the 16th lap and raced his way through lapped traffic up to the ninth place car and won by 1.718 seconds over Jason Covert. It was his seventh overall win of the season.

Hearn began from the outside pole and sped around Matt Sheppard for the lead on lap eight only to dominate to the finish and win by 4.03 seconds over Sheppard. It was Hearn’s fifth consecutive win of the event and eighth overall.

Kreitz Jr., into second from fourth on the opening lap, led the restart when Logan Schuchart spun on lap five. He won his fourth overall event but for the first time since 1996 by 1.66 seconds over Lance Dewease in a one lap shootout. 

Shaffer began fourth and ran third before squeezing into the lead on lap 17 which went nonstop following an initial lap one restart. Shaffer drove away to score the win by 5.44 seconds over Ryan Wilson.

Gary Stuhler, five time and inaugural event winner and Kenny Moreland were to start on the front row, but Moreland had mechanical issues and wasn’t ready for the green flag. Stuhler pulled out front with Kyle Hardy coming along. On the fifth lap, Hardy was looking inside and after several tries, pulled ahead to lead the 10th lap and start opening the gap on Stuhler until suddenly, smoke billowed from the Hardy racer into the third turn.  

Stuhler led the restart and only three laps before Satterlee charged under to lead the 16th. By the 20th lap, he was all but four seconds ahead when eighth starter, Jason Covert moved into the runner up spot, but in three laps, Satterlee was into rear traffic and took his late model wherever he needed.

Under green, he continued on and lapped the tenth place car of Marvin Winters while maintaining a three and four second lead on Covert. Settling in behind Dylan Yoder, the Pancho‘s Racing Products hard charger, who come from 24th, he rode out the final three laps and won by 1.718 seconds over Covert.

“We were looking to coming here today and try and get this win,” Satterlee said. “The race track was pretty racy, even with hot lap traffic. You could move high or low and I just had a really good car and finally got one. We’ve been close all year here. We worked hard this weekend and finally got it to victory lane. “

Rusty Sites had a solid run after starting ninth and had closed on Covert with Stuhler and Vic Coffey nearly a half lap behind to complete the top five. Jerry Bard, Greg Roberson, David Williams, Yoder and Winters completed the top ten.

Sheppard and Hearn started on the front row with Sheppard taking the lead and Hearn beginning his challenge by the third lap. On the seventh, Hearn was out front and pulling away. He closed on the rear car with a 4.7 second lead on Sheppard and continued to drive effortless through traffic until the first caution came out on lap 34. Two more yellows on the 42nd for a flat on Wight’s racer and 45th laps closed the field but Hearn sped away to 4.03 seconds over Sheppard and J.R. Heffner.

“This was a great win for us,” Hearn said. “We beat Matt and he was right there in the Super DIRT series too. I was just thinking,’ Man I hope I don’t have to buy a late model to come back here again’. I hope they find a way to have the modifieds back again. This place has been so good to me and it’s such a fantastic facility. I’ve had so much success here, I just love the place.”

Wight charged back to finish fourth over Rock Star Energy Drink hard charger Michael Storms who had started 15th.

Logan Schuchart got the drop on pole sitter Blaine Heimbach with Kreitz quickly moving into second from fourth. Schuchart brought out a fifth lap yellow when he spun in turn three with Kreitz in command of the restart and four time event winner Lance Dewease on his tail. 

Kreitz easily charged ahead to pass the first rear car on the 18th lap with Dewease trailing by more than three seconds. 

Three time event winner Greg Hodnett was fifth on the 24th lap when he exited with a flat tire without bringing out the caution but two laps later, the rear tire of Curt Stroup exploded. Kreitz pulled away by more than four seconds until another caution on the final lap of which he sped away to garner the triumph by 1.66 seconds over Dewease. 

“I was glad we finally got it in,” Kreitz said. “We were good last fall in the heat race and really wanted to run that next day but to come back next year, you never know how it’s going to be. I thank management for getting the show in. I appreciate it and just can’t believe it. Davey (Brown) did a great job. We were watching the late model race and had the car set up to go another way and then at the end it changed. The track started getting quicker and he quickly changed a couple things. I didn’t think I’d be able to get to the front that way. We kept it a little loose in the beginning but it worked out pretty good.”

Gerard McIntyre Jr. came from 14th to third and was the Pancho’s Racing Products hard charger with Mark Smith and Heimbach completing the top five and Schuchart coming back to finish sixth. 

After an initial yellow on the 358 sprint start, Mike Bittinger mysteriously rolled on his side entering turn three under caution with Teddy Thomas moving to the pole for the restart and taking the lead over Ryan Wilson. 

Thomas led while Wilson and Shaffer closed in with Shaffer coming thru the pair to grab the lead on the 17th lap. Remaining under green, Shaffer stretched out his lead and ended with 5.44 second separating him from Wilson. Thomas, Mark Smith and Dale Hammaker completed the top five. 

“This is actually only the second time I’ve run here,” Shaffer said. “After it rained out last year, I’m surprised we came back. Things weren’t in our favor, This is a home town track for all my guys and this is what we came here to do.  Friday night at the Grove we got tore up and ended putting a new car together. It was the first day for the race car and on a day like this, I can’t ask for anything more.”

Hagerstown Speedway’s season has concluded. The speedway would like to congratulate Kenny Pettyjohn on his first Buchanan Auto Stores late model championship, Justin Weaver on his first title in the Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic late model sportsman division, Darrin Younker for his first Ernie D’s pure stock title, Gary Proctor, his first in the D & D Auto Recycling hobby stock cruisers and Ryan Laye, a first in the National Speed Supply/Dave Padula Motorsports four cylinders. 

The latest news, results, photos, schedule or rule changes can be on the speedway’s website:  www.hagerstownspeedway.com. Follow the speedway on Twitter and Facebook or contact the speedway office at 301-582-0640 for any additional information.






LATE MODELS: 50 Laps, 36 Entries, (Lap Leaders - Gary Stuhler 1-9, Kyle Hardy 10-12, Stuhler 13-15, Gregg Satterlee 16-50): 1.Gregg Satterlee, 2.Jason Covert, 3.Rusty Sites, 4.Gary Stuhler, 5.Vic Coffey, 6.Jerry Bard, 7.Greg Roberson, 8.David Williams, 9.Dylan Yoder (Pancho’s Racing Products Hard Charger), 10.Marvin Winters, 11.Colby Frye, 12.Mike Lupfer, 13.Jim Yoder, 14.Glenn Elliott, 15.Scott LeBarron, 16.Tim Wilson, 17.Jamie Lathroum, 18.Frankie Plessinger, 19.Lindsay Barton, 20.Dan Stone, 21.Kyle Hardy, 22.Larry Wight, 23.Alan Sagi, DNS – Kenny Moreland,  DNS- Tim McCreadie, Steve Axtell Jr., DNQ-Brian Booze, Tommy Armel, Duane Lawler, Luke Hoffner, Jim McBee Jr., Tom Decker Jr., Tyler Castle, Danny Kientz, Tom Decker III, Mike Mort 


BIG BLOCK MODIFIEDS: 50 Laps, 21 Entries, (Lap Leaders - Matt Sheppard 1-7, Brett Hearn 8-50): 1.Brett Hearn, 2.Matt Sheppard, 3.J.R. Heffner, 4.Larry Wight, 5.Michael Storms (Rock Star Energy Drink/Pepsi Hard Charger), 6.Brian Berger, 7.David Van Horn Jr., 8.Mark Forte, 9.Mark Frankhouser, 10.Jimmy Horton, 11.Alan Johnson, 12.Scott Irwin, 13.Richie Pratt, 14.Ryan Forte, 15.Jim Bobbitt, DNS – Tim McCreadie, Dominic Buffalino, Kevin Hirthler, Adam Roberts, Kyle Burror, Eric Engstrom


410 SPRINTS: 30 Laps, 29 Entries, (Lap Leaders - Logan Schuchart 1-5, Donnie Kreitz Jr. 6-30): 1.Donnie Kreitz Jr., 2.Lance Dewease, 3.Gerard McIntyre Jr.(Pancho’s Racing Products Hard Charger), 4. Mark Smith, 5.Blaine Heimbach, 6.Logan Schuchart, 7.Glendon Forsythe, 8.Daryl Stimeling, 9.Brent Marks, 10.Troy Fraker, 11.Robbie Stillwagon, 12.Curt Stroup, 13.Greg Hodnett, 14.Robbie Kendall, 15.Joey Hershey, 16.Mike Bittinger, 17.Mike Heckman, DNS- Cody Darrah, Daryn Pittman, Chad Layton, Danny Dietrich, John Smith, Lucas Wolfe, Justin Barger, Frank Cozze, Josh Weller, George Suprick Clint Ide, Chris Weiss


358 SPRINTS: 30 Laps. 21 Entries, (Lap Leaders –Teddy Thomas 1-16, Adrian Shaffer 17-30): 1.Adrian Shaffer, 2.Ryan Wilson, 3.Teddy Thomas, 4.Mark Smith, 5.Dale Hammaker, 6.Tim Wagaman, 7.Doug Hammaker, 8.Tyler Ross (Pancho’s Racing Products Hard Charger), 9.Jay Galloway, 10.Jason Cherry, 11.Glendon Forsythe, 12.Scott Fisher, 13.Mike Bittinger, 14.Geroge Streaker DNS – Stan Campbell, Jacob Allen, Kevin Nouse, Joshua Beard, Duane Mausteller, Alex Spalding

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