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June 8, 2014                                   For Immediate Release



Wednesday, June 11 (6:00 to 9:00 p.m.) Test and Tune. Any cars from any Track. Free General Admission 


Saturday, June 14, (7:00 p.m.) Hoosier Daddy $1,000 to win TOPLESS Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman with Time Trials (Double Points), Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Models, K. Lynn Management LLC Pure Stocks, Mason  Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks (Double Points), + Kids Bike Race


Saturday, June 21 (7:00 p.m.) Regular Show – Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks (Double Points), Cochran Auctioneers Four Cylinders




Chad Myers Goes The Distance For Late Model Sportsman Season Second



HAGERSTOWN, MD – While having various top finishes all season, Marvin Winters still lacked a win and Saturday night, it all came together for the “Black Bandit” Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model racer from McConnellsburg, Pa. It was his overall career 26th and first triumph since July 2010.  

“I was starting to think I was getting too old to do this anymore, but getting a good race car under you, it makes a big difference,” Winters said. “ It’s Tex Shaffer getting a good car, Curt Hershey building  a good engine, Rocket Chassis are great and Gerry Barges keeps it tuned up for me.”

Chad Myers of Hampstead, Md. was victorious for the second time this season in the Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman event, with Winchester, Va’s Mike Corbin posting win number seven in the K. Lynn Management Pure Stocks, Gary Proctor, Big Pool, Md., driving to win four in the Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks and Ft. Loudon, Pa’s. Ryan Laye, getting his seventh win in the Cochran Auctioneers Four cylinders.

Winner of the first Late Model heat, Winters earlier spun the inversion wheel and got a three which put C. S. Fitzgerald and Allen Brannon on the front row as Brannon charged out front with Fitzgerald into challenge mode on the opening lap. 

Following the only caution on lap three when Roy Deese Jr. rolled to a stop, Fitzgerald continued his assault on Brannon but Winters closed in and by the seventh lap, was bumper to bumper with the leaders.

Winters ducked under Fitzgerald for the runner up spot the next lap and two laps later, used the low side to quickly pass Brannon and then slowly edge away every lap.

With a nearly two second lead, Winters headed into the rear of the field with five to go and actually picked up speed and distance over Brannon in the closing lap to take the win with 3.805 seconds to the good. Fitzgerald had drifted back another two plus seconds with Trevor Feathers and Steve Axtell Jr. next. Jamie Lathroum was sixth over Jerry Bard, Dylan Yoder, Glenn Elliott and Jason Miller. Winters and Brannon were the heat winners. 

“Those guys were gone on the start and I didn’t think I had anything for them,” Winters said. “The tires started to come on a little better and finally I got around them both.”  

Chad Myers spun the wheel and came up with a heads up start and he made good of the position to lead from the onset in the Late Model Sportsman feature as Paul Cursey assumed the runner up position while Kyle Lear was into third.

Myers had more than a two second lead when he headed into the rear of the field on the ninth lap and had three cars stuck between himself and Cursey when the only caution came out on lap 15.

He quickly took off with Cursey trailing and Justin Weaver taking third from Lear but Myers was in control the final circuits to score the win which he dedicated to Huey Wilcoxon (Mastersbilt by Huey) by 1.459 seconds over Cursey and Weaver with Lear and Rick Hulson completing the top five. Myers and Jeff King won the heats.

“The last couple laps, after we had that caution, something happened; it got too tight, but we were good most of the race,” Myers said. “Starting position is everything, especially in this class.”

Starting from third, Darrin Younker quickly grabbed the Pure Stock lead while Mike Corbin sped from seventh to second by the third lap and charged past Younker. A lap ten caution regrouped the field, but Corbin sped away to beat Younker by 3.272 seconds for his seventh win of the season with Brian Miller closely behind. Drew Fitzsimmons and Wayne Hawbaker were next. Corbin and Younker were the heat winners.

It was another night of Gary Proctor going all the way under green after the Hobby Stock driver began from the pole in the Summer Championship event. He held a comfortable lead the entire distance over Jamie Mills and beat him to the line by nearly three seconds as Michael Hyatt was a close third. Hyatt and Proctor were the heat winners.

Sonny Williamson led the Four Cylinders for eight laps with Ryan Laye of Ft. Loudon, Pa. beginning his challenges on the third lap. Laye tried high and low before making an outside pass at the flag stand with two to go. He posted his seventh win by three lengths over Williamson in the Cochran Auctioneers Four Cylinders while Gary Newell trailed in third.  

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Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol LLC Results:


Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Models – 25 Laps, 15 Entries, (Lap Leader – Allen Brannon 1-9, Marvin Winters 10-25): 1.Marvin Winters, 2.Allen Brannon, 3.C.S Fitzgerald, 4.Trever Feathers, 5.Steve Axtell Jr., 6.Jamie Lathroum, 7.Jerry Bard, 8.Dylan Yoder, 9.Glenn Elliott, 10.Jason Miller, 11.Scott Richwine, 12.Wayne Johnson, 13.Roy Deese Jr., DNS-John Baker, Brian Tavenner


Malloy Ford of Winchester, VA Late Model Sportsman, 20 Laps, 19 Entries, (Lap Leaders Chad Myers 1-20): 1.Chad Myers, 2.Paul Cursey, 3.Justin Weaver, 4.Kyle Lear, 5.Rick Hulson, 6.Terry Flaherty, 7.Bobby Beard, 8.Jeff King, 9.Chris Fletcher, 10.Steve Lowery, 11.Barry Lear Sr., 12.John McLanigan, 13.Ray Ciccarelli, 14.Garrett Wall, 15. Scott Cline, 16.Chaz Walls, 17.Mike Walls, DNS – Elwood Sord, Brian Cornett 


K Lynn Management LLC Pure Stock, 15 Laps, 13 Entries, (Lap Leader Darrin Younker 1-3, Mike Corbin 4-20): 1.Mike Corbin, 2.Darrin Younker, 3.Brian Miller, 4.Drew Fitzsimmons, 5.Wayne Hawbaker, 6.Danny Farlling, 7.Frank Dibella, 8.Dickie Tharp, 9.Chris Ebersole, 10.Nick Dibella, 11.Kenny Day, DNS – Ben Morrow, Brandon Churchey


Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks Summer Championship, 20 Laps, 15 Entries, (Lap Leader – Gary Proctor 1-20): 1.Gary Proctor, 2.Jamie Mills, 3.Michael Hyatt, 4.Jason Sarver, 5.William Crook, 6.Bryan Neff, 7.Jeff Dillon, 8.John Catlett, 9.Joe Rodgers, 10.Ralph Hansberger, 11.Brian Ringer, 12.Gary Cekovich, 13.Dylan Welsh, 14. Kenny Thomas, 15.Charles Stambaugh


Cochran Auctioneers Four Cylinders: 10 Laps, 5 Entries, (Lap Leaders Sonny Williamson 1-8, Ryan Laye 9-10).1.Ryan Laye, 2.Sonny Williamson, 3.Gary Newell, 4.Michael Warrenfeltz, 5.Bill Kressler 


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