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For Immediate Release                           August 17, 2014





Saturday, August 23 (7:00 p.m.) J.G. Cochran Auctioneers Night: Small Car Nationals Qualifier (Hagerstown Rules), Late Model Sportsman, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Four Cylinders Plus Late Models 


Saturday, August 30 (7:00 p.m.) Late Models $3,000 to Win, Late Model Sportsman (No Points), Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks, Four Cylinders


Saturday, September 6 (7:00 p.m.) ARCH Night, $5 off for ARCH Members, Championship Night for ALL Classes, LM $2,500 to win, LMS $1,000 to win, Extra $ for PS, HS, 4C (Double Points Race all Classes)








HAGERSTOWN, MD: For the second consecutive week and third time in four weeks, Kyle Hardy was back in victory lane Saturday evening at Hagerstown Speedway/Dirt Capitol. Hardy has been on a tear in his Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Model and following an eighth lap restart, he pestered Andy Anderson repeatedly until heading off the fourth turn of the 20th lap to grab the lead and drive away to win by just over two seconds. 

Other feature winners included Chad Myers, who became the surprise leader with one to go to post his third triumph in the Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman event. Mike Corbin led all the way in the Pure Stocks with the 1st Annual K. Lynn Management 20 Lap Double Point event being his 11th overall this season. Jason Sarver posted the win in the Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stock while Matt Williamson took over with two to go in the Cochran Associates Four Cylinders for his season second win.

Brian Tavenner and Andy Anderson occupied the Late Model feature’s front row following a two car inversion as Tavenner led the opening lap before Anderson sped by with Kyle Hardy taking second.

Anderson and Hardy separated themselves from Tavenner and Steve Axtell until an eighth lap yellow when Axtell appeared to lose power and came to a stop.

Anderson was on the throttle to retake the lead on the double file restart, but Hardy wasn’t letting him get away. Behind the battle up front, Trever Feathers, Marvin Winters from tenth and Roy Deese were in the next positions. 

Hardy kept the pressure on and pulled alongside several times lap after lap until finally getting a good run on the 20th circuit to charge off the fourth turn with the lead. Hardy didn’t let off until he saw the checkered wave above him and he was just over two seconds ahead of Anderson while Feathers, Winters and Deese held on to complete the top five.

“We got pretty good after that caution came out,” Hardy said.  “He (Anderson) fired off better than we did.  The car came around on the bottom and we pulled it off. The car was good.”

With six inverted for the Late Model Sportsman feature, Terry Flaherty and Mike Walls sat up front with Justin Weaver and Bobby Beard in the second row with Flaherty taking off with Walls and Weaver chasing.

Weaver passed Walls on the sixth lap and then closed on Flaherty to take the lead on the ninth circuit. Following a tenth lap restart, Weaver showed the way until Flaherty pulled past to lead the 14th. Weaver drove into the lead again on the backstretch but Flaherty battled back to retake the spot off the fourth turn and hold on through 16th and 17th lap restarts with Chad Myers and Scott Palmer watching from the third and fourth positions.  

On the 18th circuit, Weaver continued his pursuit as the pair touched in the fourth turn with Chad Myers close enough to take action as he sped around the outside of both and charged down the front stretch as Weaver’s steering broke and past the flagstand, his racer veered left into the fence. 

Myers led Flaherty on the one lap shootout and won by three lengths with Palmer, Walls and Bobby Beard completing the top five.

‘They went into the turn and touched and I went around them,” Myers said. “It was crazy.”

Mike Corbin charged off the outside pole in the 1st Annual K. Lynn Management Pure Stock feature with previous week’s winner Darrin Younker and Jamie Zentmyer following. Younker suddenly went to the pits on a ninth lap caution leaving Brandon Churchey and Dickie Tharp in the next positions. 

Corbin continued unchallenged as Zentmyer had an opportunity in a one shootout, but Corbin pulled away by three lengths for his 11th overall win.

Zentmyer, Tharp, Kenny Dillon and Churchey were next.

Jason Sarver grabbed the Hobby Stock lead with Joe Rodgers quickly into second and challenging. The feature went all the way under green with Rodgers pulling alongside several times however unable to get the lead from Sarver who went on to score his second career win and first since just over a year ago. Rodgers, Michael Hyatt, Kenny Thomas and Tom Caravello were next.

Austin Stover pulled off the pole in the Four Cylinder feature with Matt Williamson in second. Stover led all the way until the 11th lap when the engine went amiss as Williamson took over for the final two laps to beat ten time winner Ryan Laye to the line by three lengths. Michael Warrenfeltz and Charles Shearer were next.

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