SATERLEE TAKES HAGERSTOWN’S FIRECRACKER 40, Ralph Morgan Jr. Posts a Track First in Late Model Sportsman

Date: 7/5/2015 7:49:03 AM

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Ralph Morgan Jr. Posts a Track First in Late Model Sportsman


HAGERSTOWN, MD – When Gregg Satterlee shows up, other drivers need to have everything in order as he’s likely going to be the driver to beat that night. Such was the case Saturday at Hagerstown Speedway /Dirt Capitol for the Firecracker 40 by the Appalachian Mountain Late Model Speedweek crew as Indiana, PA.s Satterlee took advantage of a lap 29 restart to pass Brad Omps who had enjoyed a more than four second lead and several lapped car advantage. Satterlee sped away to a nearly three second lead to make it a $4,000 payday. 

“We really had a good car,” Satterlee said. ”We had to make some changes tonight than what we normally do as the track was a little bit different. Brad had a really good car. I was trying to find him out there when I was racing with Austin (Hubbard) and Keith (Jackson) and I couldn’t see him. I knew he checked out and was gone, so I was lucky to get the caution when we did. I got a really good restart and was able to go around him and on a clean race track was able to run my line, keep my speed up and get going a little bit better. The track was awesome tonight.”

With the top three from the three heats drawing for position, Omps and Bo Feathers occupied the front row for the Late Model 40-lap feature. When the green flag waved, Omps, Feathers and Austin Hubbard went into the first turns three wide while the next group was four wide. The trio came off the fourth turn three wide with Omps gaining the lead on the opening lap but Feathers kept the pressure on to get a trip out front but Omps came back to grab the front position and begin distancing himself from the field.    

By the tenth lap, he was all but four seconds ahead of Keith Jackson, Hubbard and eighth starting Satterlee. Omps held to the lead following a 23rd lap yellow when Kyle Hardy rolled to a stop but as Satterlee got past Jackson just before the 29th lap caution when Jerry Bard stopped regrouped the field, Satterlee flat out powered around Omps and checked out, pulling away to a 2.95 second advantage at the finish. Omps held to strong runner up finish while Jackson and Tyler Hershey battled over the final ten laps with Marvin Winters holding to fifth after passing Hubbard following the last restart.  

“This was just like a win to being beat by Gregg Satterlee,” Omps said.
“He’s a good racer all through the country. Most of the guys behind me were catching me but this thing was pretty good but I’m just glad to be here.”

Hershey, Jackson and Satterlee were the heat winners while Gary Stuhler was the DirtonDirt hard charger after starting 19th and finishing eighth.

Charlie Schaffer took off from the pole in the Late Model Sportsman feature as third starter Robbie Black grabbed second over Ralph Morgan Jr.

Morgan got past Black just before the red flag came out on the fifth when Kyle Lee (third in points) and point leader Scott Palmer came together on the front stretch with Lee ending high in turn one and Palmer bouncing off the inside rail into oncoming traffic and being T Boned by Jake Jones with Paul Cursey also involved.

On the restart, Morgan powered around Schaffer while Justin Weaver followed along into second but Morgan was on the pedal and stretched his lead to a straightaway advantage over Weaver at the finish for his first ever Hagerstown win with Black, Schaffer and Cody Kershner completing the top five. .

“This thing has been terrible on restarts,” Morgan said. “I think I had a little bit of carburetor problems on take-off so I thought I’d keep it cleaned out. I was able to keep up with him (Schaffer) that time and able to take it in there a little harder and get around him on the outside. “

A three car invert put Mike Corbin on the pole for the Pure Stock feature as he pulled ahead of Jamie Zentmyer. Zentmyer had an eighth lap restart attempt to get the lead but Corbin continued his pace and posted his season fifth win by three lengths. Chris Ebersole slowed to deep in the field on the opening lap but rebounded to third over Brian Miller and Craig Parrill. 

Marshall McMullen led the Hobby Stocks with Gary Proctor moving into second on lap two. Proctor used a fourth lap restart to speed around the top of McMullen in turn two to gain the lead and take it all the way to the checkered by one length over him.

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Hoosier Tire Mid Atlantic Late Models Firecracker 40, Appalachian Mountain Speedweek: 40 Laps: 1.Gregg Satterlee, 2.Brad Omps, 3.Keith Jackson, 4.Tyler Hershey, 5.Marvin Winters, 6.Austin Hubbard, 7.Jamie Lathroum, 8.Gary Stuhler, 9.Jim Yoder, 10.Allen Brannon, 11.Bryan Bernheisel, 12.Trever Feathers, 13.Brian Tavenner, 14.Steve Axtell Jr.. 15.Lindsay Barton, 16.Barry Miller, 17.Jerry Bard, 18.Kyle Hardy, 19.Bo Feathers, 20.Jeff Rine, 21.Blenn Elliott, 22.Wayne Johnson, 23.Matt Cosner, 24.Roy Deese Jr., 25.Jason Gilliland, 26.Andy Anderson, 27.Shaun Jones  


Hoosier Daddy Malloy Ford Late Model Sportsman:  20 Laps: 1.Ralph Morgan Jr., 2.Justin Weaver, 3.Robbie Black, 4.Charlie Schaffer, 5.Cody Kershner, 6.Eric Irvin, 7.Wayne Dillman, 8.Rodney Walls, 9.Bobby Beard, 10.Mike Walls, 11.Chaz Walls, 12.Chad Julius, 13.Eddie Cornett, 14.Bailey Johnson, 15.Elwood Sord, 16.Brayden Anderson, 17.Jason Nace, 18.Kyle Lee, 19.Scott Palmer, 20.Jake Jones, 21.Paul Cursey, 22.Garrett Walls, 23.Keith Walls, 24.Larry Neiderer, 25.Tyler Emory


K-Lynn Management Pure Stocks, 15 Laps: 1.Mike Corbin, 2.Jamie Zentmyer, 3.Chris Ebersole, 4.Brian Miller, 5.Crain Parrill, 6.David Kaiser, 7.Sean Dawson, 8.Michelle Walls, 9.Rick Stouffer, 10.Mike Desch, 11.Frank Dibella, 12.Brian Swiger, 13.Wayne Hawbaker, 14.Jeremy Mills, 15.Keith Koontz, 16.Darrin Younker, 17.Kevin Koontz, 18.Nick Dibella


Mason Dixon Auto Auction Hobby Stocks, 15 Laps:

1.Gary Proctor, 2.Marshall McMullen, 3.Jason Sarver, 4.Tom Caravello, 5.Kenny Thomas, 6.Ralph Hansberger, 7.William Crook


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